Thursday, December 10, 2015

Scott Weiland's Ex-wife Letter

Scott Weiland's Family: 'Don't Glorify This Tragedy'

Very sad... the public is very selfish! Because only cares about the artist's talent, how much they can profit off him and being entertained, and not one bit interested how much he is suffering and making those close to him, especially his children suffer also. He told the true story of the nightmare of his childhood by unconsciously and compulsively reenacting it in the present moment. Very sad that he never broke free from the emotional prison of his childhood and died a prisoner. Hopefully, his children can break free from their father's emotional prison.

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Monica Chelagat The mother of his two children has written a brilliant letter. All parents o rather the one that has more integrity should do this. I have her children were not damaged. It is unlikely they were not affected but perhaps no trauma as she seems protective.

James Warren Wholeness, not perfection.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Yes, she wrote a nice letter, but she doesn't mention about his and her childhood. She needs to explore why would she be attracted to such messed up partner and have children with him?

Monica Chelagat Right Sylvie. We will only make responsible choices if we are aware early enough before having children (me included!). But we just don't realize and make our choices based on tradition of having a family as an objective of our existence but once the children arrive compulsions of our unmet childhood needs kick in. With these conditions it is almost guaranteed that one screws their life and those of the children. This will continue until someone wakes up along the line to break the cycle.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Monica, I feel very lucky that I didn't fall in the traps of tradition like most people! I think I was saved by my dyslexia because I was aware I could not perform to the level of most people and would not be easy for me to get a college degree and a good job to support children and I made sure not to bring children into the world and kept my life simple. Most people fall into the illusion that just because they have a college degree, a nice home, and a good job, they have all they need to have children and are totally clueless, that these things alone are nothing, but big illusions and that, they will be driven by the repressed emotions of the child they once were into the state of compulsion repetition of reenacting their childhood drama with their partners and children and not any amount of money and formal education will save them from the chains of compulsion repetition, most people are stuck in a bubble. Alice Miller also fell into these traps and took her almost all of her life to wake up and free her self from society's lies and illusions.My dyslexia was a gift in disguise because it kept me safe from falling into these illusions.

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