Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter to D

Dear D,
Our meeting at starbucks was very revealing to me.

I am going to finish my thoughts now, because at the time I was forced to listen to your believes, just like an immature authoritarian parent forces their small children to listen to them and I then I took the role of the tolerant parent and listen to both of you and after we run out of time and we had to leave and I never had the opportunity to finish my thoughts and observations, so I will do it now in writing.

At the moment I was forced to listen I was saying: that I don’t have expectations what the project I am working on will bring me in return. I am doing this project out of love and is my gift to the world and if my gift is well received and gives me back compensation for my hard work, of course I will enjoy it. This project is my baby to the world and like every parent should have children for love and not for what their children might give them or do for them some day.

What I see happening with you guys is that you all split from People Unlimited, Inc cult not because you all came to recognize the illusions for what they were, but because you all became a powerful mirror of the leaders of People Unlimited, inc. and the reflection came to be so strong that the leaders at People Unlimited, Inc. and you guys could not handle it and became a power struggle and you guys had to leave, split, but still carry inside the same illusions and now you all are trying to rebuild a new cult based on the same believes and illusions of People Unlimited, inc, the only difference now is that you guys will be the leaders.

I wish you all much courage and strength to get through it when all the illusions you all chasing burst.