Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Dark Chamber in Our Soul

“It's a dark, cool, quiet place. A basement in your soul. And that place can sometimes be dangerous to the human mind. I can open the door and enter that darkness, but I have to be very careful. I can find my story there. Then I bring that thing to the surface, into the real world. ” ― Haruki Murakami

Going into the dark chamber of our soul alone or with the wrong witness it can be sometimes very dangerous because sometimes we can kill ourselves, others or both, like many celebrities that commit suicide and mass shootersWe need a true enlightened witness like Alice Miller to help us navigate through the dark chambers of our soul, so we can face and feeling the true story and bring it to the surface safely without putting ourselves and others in danger with unconscious disastrous enactments

Many celebrities that commit suicide and mass shooters were under of psychiatric care, but obviously, the doctors were not able to see clear how much trouble these young people were in. Some mass shooters don't have problems killing others but are cowards to kill themselves and very sadly, they lose forever the opportunity to break free from their childhood drama, now the prison guards playing the substitute parents figures and they stay in the role of the child for eternity and the people they killed also will never have a chance to find true freedom. I witness constantly around me so many lives go to waste. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Know Your Enemy.

Missing Link

"Through the network of think tanks that Koch and other billionaires have sponsored, through their transformation of the Republican Party, and the hundreds of millions they have poured into state congressional and judicial races, through the mass colonisation of Trump’s administration by members of this network and lethally effective campaigns against everything from public health to action on climate change, it would be fair to say that Buchanan’s vision is maturing in the USA.
But not just there. Reading this book felt like a demisting of the window through which I see British politics. The bonfire of regulations highlighted by the Grenfell Tower disaster, the destruction of state architecture through austerity, the budgeting rules, the dismantling of public services, tuition fees and the control of schools: all these measures follow Buchanan’s programme to the letter. I wonder how many people are aware that David Cameron’s free schools project originated with an attempt to hamper racial desegregation in the American South. In one respect, Buchanan was right: there is an inherent conflict between what he called “economic freedom” and political liberty. Complete freedom for billionaires means poverty, insecurity, pollution and collapsing public services for everyone else. Because we will not vote for this, it can be delivered only through deception and authoritarian control. The choice we face is between unfettered capitalism and democracy. You cannot have both.
Buchanan’s programme amounts to a prescription for totalitarian capitalism. And his disciples have only begun to implement it. But at least, thanks to Maclean’s discoveries, we can now apprehend the agenda. One of the first rules of politics is know your enemy. We’re getting there." Read the whole article here

Know your enemy. How the super-rich is screwing up the world. They just want freedom for themselves to gather more power and money over others and want everyone else down. This is why the sociopaths at my job of nine and half years came after me after I published my book because my book is a threat to their power and exposes their lies and how sick they are. So they gathered all the forces at their command to destroy this threat, ME! I got know this enemy very well. First hand! 

I don't think that the residents, of S, fit the category of the Super Rich, by any means.
It's a nice community, with average people, They might be sociopathic, but certainly not Super Rich. The Super Rich don't live in gated communities, They 
have their own, gates and servants, and people who answer to them.
I am not critiquing your writing just trying to make sure, that you are correct in your assumptions.

M. I almost wrote in the last text that the sad part is: the sociopaths in S are not even that rich, but next to me they are and they dream of being super-rich. They want to make sure all those they see below them stay below them.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We Women Are not Allowed to Express Anger

A memory of a Facebook post that shows how women are put down for expressing anger at things that oppresses us.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: It really pisses me off is when men that want to be with me say they respect my right to choose if I want to carry a pregnancy to term or not, but they vote for politicians that would take my right away, they say that the reason they vote for those politicians, is because they are better for the economy, but the truth is both parties waste money on illusions, but even if those politicians were better for the economy what I hear is that money is more important to them than me! And they would throw me under the bus just to keep extra money in their pockets. I can’t be with a man that will throw me under the bus just to keep extra money in their pockets! And really pisses me off is when women throw other women under the bus just to secure their own survival.

Anja Gustafsson And who's economy are they "good" for?

Roger Weber Sylvie, what mechanism is going to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

Sylvie Imelda Shene Good question Anja.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Roger, You might choose to keep your eyes closed to keep your illusions that these politicians going to keep you extra money in your bank account, but I see all the restrictions being put in place by ignorant politicians around many states that hurt poor vulnerable young women, I once was one of those women, that Roe vs. Wade comes to be just a symbolic thing that works just for rich people, because if the barriers are too high for poor vulnerable young women to jump over what good Roe vs. Wade does for them?! Nothing at all! Believe me if your politicians are obsessed with controlling women’s bodies and health decisions, they will not be good for the economy, because all their energy is being spent in their obsession with women’s bodies. The Supreme Court’s Next Big Abortion Decision

Roger Weber My eyes are wide open. I don't have any illusions about politicians of either party. Each party exploits emotional issues to get votes. I know your history and why you feel so strongly about your reproductive health. Roe V Wade in effect overrode many of the states' laws regarding abortion. As far as money being a motivation for me to vote for someone you are wrong.

Sylvie Imelda Shene
 Then don’t vote for people that are obsessed with women’s health care decisions

Roger Weber I vote for candidates that believe that all people can be successful in life and that big over-reaching government is the greatest threat to individual liberty. You stated that you don't vote for politicians that are going to take your a way your right that has been granted via Roe V Wade. That court ruling is not symbolic. My question is still the same. What is the process for over riding that decision? It is much more difficult than the politicians that you vote for are telling you. At least it will take a reversal of that decision. A reversal of that decision will require a totally new case. Other than that it will take a constitutional amendment to take away that decision. That process requires that each state ratifies the amendment.

Sylvie Imelda Shene If you vote for people that want small government and freedom for all, but then in the other hand they want to have the government in a woman's body, then you are believing a lie! You think government dictating in women’s body is not government over-reaching!? Because small government should stay out of women’s body or they want the government so small that fits in my vagina. If women are not free to make their own personal healthcare and life decisions. I hate to break it to you, but no one will ever be truly free until women are free.

Roger Weber Small government should stay out of people's lives period. The majority of current Democrats have no problem supporting more invasion of peoples freedoms than any Republican. We could argue this for years and probably will, but I think the current Democrats are more dangerous to individual freedom than any Republican. Women have more influence and power than you give them credit. All of my married friends, their wife runs the show period. It doesn't matter how they vote, Republican or Democrat, the women run the show. So far you have avoided my original question and the underlying point. You keep implying that I can not tell when I am being manipulated by outside influences. Are you immune from being manipulated? Do you understand the processes that need to take place in order reverse Roe v Wade? It is not as easy as Republicans and Democrats imply. Your right to your personal health choices won't be affected without significant political upheaval regardless of what politicians say.

Sylvie Imelda Shene I ran my own show too and now I am free from any government to hurt me no matter who is in power. The women you know might be running their own show too, but I see young vulnerable poor women being hurt and their lives ruin forever by the restrictions people you vote for put in place, like for example the gag rule below Republicans put in place every time they are in power. Maybe the women you know are free and running their own show, feeling good about themselves and don’t give a f about vulnerable women around the world and vote for people they think will protect their show, but I rather lose my show and help other women to have a chance at freedom also, I once was one of those vulnerable women that was very lucky to manage to break free from a repressed government and family. And a person that truly is free will want others to be free too. 
“Politicians should never come between women and their doctors—no matter where they are in the world. 

The global gag rule is a harmful policy that limits women’s access to health care, restricts foreign aid, and undercuts US development interests abroad. So why are we still having to fight against this rule?” 

 Me too like Rosa Parks, "I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free... so other people would be also free"

Richard Bistany pardon me, but aren't you often heard saying "when you let others make you angry, they control you" xo

Sylvie Imelda Shene Who's anger are you seeing?!

Richard Bistany It really pisses me off is when....... no actally who's anger arent

Sylvie Imelda Shene

Richard Bistany 'It really pisses me off is when men that want to be with me say....' such anger

Sylvie Imelda Shene “Men and women tend to react to childhood abuse very differently, partly due to cultural conditioning and to biological hardwiring. Boys are still given more permission to feel and express anger than girls, and girls are given far more permission to cry, while males are viewed as being weak if they do. Women will be more inclined to suppress their anger and men will suppress their feelings of fear and sadness.” The Emotionally Abusive Relationship by Beverly Engle

Sylvie Imelda Shene Here are extreme examples of shaming women in our society.

Lyle Ford I am going to alert the public transit authorities to ensure they watch out for people being thrown under buses up there!

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Secret Followers

I have many of these people that follow me in secret!
Facebook original post

Lately, most of my readers come from Russia! I wonder why they are so interested in me!? And why don't I have any readers from Portugal?! There is an old saying in Portugal that says: saints from the same land don't make miracles! I guess is true, because very rarely I get any readers from my old country and if I ever do is just a few! 

Entry Pageviews
Russia 1545
United States 968
France 757
Germany 646
United Kingdom 636
Ireland 595
Canada 594
Spain 453
Italy 332
Netherlands 382

Facebook post of July 14 

Facebook post  Jul 24, 2016 7:15am from when the Russians found me! 
Usually, most people reading my blog are from America, but today most of my readers come from Russia!!! I wonder what kind of people in Russia are reading my blog?! The Russians have found me!!!

Russia 997
United States 739
United Kingdom 519
Germany 318
Canada 215
France 114
Netherlands 88
Australia 74
Portugal 64
Sweden 54

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Terrorism is the War of the Poor and War is the Terrorism of the Rich

This blog was triggered by the video below posted on Facebook.

All religions are poison - in some the poison is stronger than in others -- these words by Alice Miller come to mind: "Children who are told the truth and are not brought up to tolerate lies and cruelty can develop as freely as plant whose roots have not been attacked by pests (in our case, lies)"
James Warren Terrorism is always political and can easily dress up in the cloak of religion. And Islam has gotten a bad break, thanks to those who like to create enemies to get their people all riled up and terrified. Terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Totally James! Terrorism is the war of the poor that are too emotionally blind to see the traps the rich sociopaths put in front of them and war is the terrorism of the rich sociopaths that also are too emotionally blind to see that the destructive games they play, in the end, will destroy everyone. When society is too emotionally blind and lets sociopaths win -- everyone loses.

Some comments at YouTube says the translation in the video above is fake, but anyway, either way, all religions are poison. After my experience with the sociopaths at my job of nine and half years; I see very clear how terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich. The true terrorists are in boardrooms around the world -- plotting and manipulating the poor to retaliate to their lies and injustices --- so they have a reason to pick up their guns and give the illusion that they have to fight in self-defense and to keep everyone safe from the terrorists and thugs, like they like to call them. These words from the book Staking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity by Marie - France Hirigoven come to mind: "...Physical violence can be testified to be outside evidence: eyewitness, police and medical reports. With emotional abuse, there is no proof. It's a clean violence. Nobody sees anything. 

During the ascendancy of control phase, the emotional abuser essentially acted to inhibit his victim’s powers of reasoning and critical judgment. In the next phase, through a strategic series of commands, he provokes feelings, acts, and reactions.
If the opponent can “outdo” his rival in abusive defense strategies, the battle can only end in the surrender of the less perverse of the two.

The abuser tries to make the victim act against him so he can denounce her as “evil.” What’s crucial is that she seems responsible for what happened. He uses a weakness---a depressive, hysterical, or temperamental tendency--- over-exaggerates this trait, and then leads the victim on to discredit herself. Pushing the other into making mistakes allows the abuser to criticize and tear her down, but even more, reinforces her poor self-image and guilt.

When the victim loses control, the abuser simply injects a small dose of provocation and contempt to obtain a reaction and later reproaches her for it. If, for example, the reaction is anger, he makes sure that everyone sees it. On occasion, an outsider might even feel compelled to call the police. ... It’s easy after that for the abuser to make the victim a mental case.

The victim needs to act, but because she is blocked by the hold over her, she can only find her freedom in an extreme gesture. To an outsider, any impulsive action, especially a violent one, is considered pathological. The person reaction to provocation seems responsible for the crises. Guilt in the eyes of the abuser; she appears like the aggressor to outsiders, who don’t understand that she can no longer live trapped in a horrible situation. Whatever she does, she can’t set herself free: if reacts, she is responsible for starting the conflict and is she doesn’t react, the deadly stalking of her soul continues.

As he drives his victim to destruction, the abuser gets that much more pleasure from pointing out her weakness… …the abuser benefits from the situation, making sure to cast himself as the victim.
Justification becomes impossible when nothing is said and no reproach is made. Desperate to find a solution to this horrifying impasse, the victim may be tempted in turn to use innuendo and manipulation. The relationship then becomes ambiguous: who is the abuser and who the victim.
The ideal outcome for the abuser is to succeed in making the other “evil,” which transforms the evil into something more normal because it is now shared. He wants to inject the other with what is bad in him. To corrupt is the ultimate goal.

His greatest satisfaction lies in driving his target to destructive acts or, in a larger framework, leading several individuals to finish each other off.

All abusers, sexual or emotional, try to drag others into their orbit and distort the rules. Their destructive capability depends on the propaganda they disseminate among victims’ families, friends, and associates, showing to what extent the victims are “evil” and that it is, therefore, normal to blame them. Sometimes they succeed and seduce allies by ridiculing and scorning moral values. Not leading others into a circle of violence means failure for abusers and, therefore, becomes the only way to stop the spread of the abusive process.

...Emotional abusers, in order to prove the victims are bad, will go so far to arouse violent reactions in them, in the movie Passage A L'Acte (1996) by Francis, Girod, a perverse abuser makes his psychiatrist kill him. He has played the game out to its fullest extent. Sometimes the victim turns the violence against himself and commits suicide because it is the only way to get rid of his aggressor.
...Once abuse has taken root, however: the victim departure is the only solution. ..During the separation process, abusers always consider themselves the wronged party and become litigious, taking advantage of the fact the victim, hurrying to end the ordeal, is still ready to make concessions. ... …It's not unusual for victims to be sued in an organizational framework, because they are always considered guilty. Either way, the abuser claims injury, where the victim is the one who loses everything. ...One never wins against an abuser. But one can learn something about oneself.

The temptation is great for victims, in order to defend themselves, to resort to the same devices as their aggressors. Nevertheless, as victim, one is less perverse, and it is difficult to see how the situation could be reversed. One is strongly advised against using the same tactics: basically, legal intervention is the only recourse." But sadly the legal system has a tendency to side with abusers and the true victims rarely ever get justice. The sociopaths at my job of nine and half years were hoping I would become one of them and be able to point the finger at me, making me appear the evil one! They wanted me in jail, dead or in a mental hospital. I lost my job and money, but they didn’t succeed in making me one of them! And when one of them turned out to be a bank robber and kill himself in a police standoff. They all have become silent part of a big cover-up. They treated me like I was the criminal – projecting themselves into me --- in hopes I would become a criminal like them.

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