Friday, July 14, 2017

Secret Followers

I have many of these people that follow me in secret!
Facebook original post

Lately, most of my readers come from Russia! I wonder why they are so interested in me!? And why don't I have any readers from Portugal?! There is an old saying in Portugal that says: saints from the same land don't make miracles! I guess is true, because very rarely I get any readers from my old country and if I ever do is just a few! 

Entry Pageviews
Russia 1545
United States 968
France 757
Germany 646
United Kingdom 636
Ireland 595
Canada 594
Spain 453
Italy 332
Netherlands 382

Facebook post of July 14 

Facebook post  Jul 24, 2016 7:15am from when the Russians found me! 
Usually, most people reading my blog are from America, but today most of my readers come from Russia!!! I wonder what kind of people in Russia are reading my blog?! The Russians have found me!!!

Russia 997
United States 739
United Kingdom 519
Germany 318
Canada 215
France 114
Netherlands 88
Australia 74
Portugal 64
Sweden 54

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