Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Beauty Stealer

Good day Sylvie,

Thank you for your last email and for taking a great chunk of your time writing and sharing with me about real stuff.

Today I want to take it a little lightly since it’s Friday.

I saw your post on FB about not wasting any more of yourself on ''obtuse'' and senseless beings. Congratulations!  Basically, I find that all this hard work is paying off in the simple fact that you know who you are and you are only looking for soul connections to share your precious time, energy and spirited being with. Point final!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, very few individuals are worth this special kind of attention and dedication that, as a loving and available and free person, you are opened to share and give. But at no cost will you settle for less and pretend that you feel fulfilled by a shallow relationship.  That's how I interpret what you are dealing with lately.

More time for yourself, your work, your correspondence, and your purpose!!!

I feel the same and I have felt like this pretty much all my life.  Maybe that's what saved me from drowning in my own drama or from associating and reproducing with dangerous people.  I call them as my title says: Beauty stealers.  If your soul is poisoned, your body will also suffer.  I have become an expert at identifying these people and consequently, my social life is very minimal.  I have a strong aversion for anything or anyone that makes me feel like I'm wasting my precious life away.  Don't get me wrong here; I am not keeping myself from spending time with people who challenge my comfort zone and I can totally recognize and appreciate adversity. It's pure growth. In my utopian world, we could all benefit from exchanging point of views and differences with wide opened eyes and free from judgment.  When your soul is healthy you don't need religion, gurus, gangs, politics, drugs and all the soul-wrecking addictions out there to know what's right and what's wrong.  Not only for you as an individual but for all the living things on this planet.  You have respect for yourself and for your surroundings.  You seek harmony and constructiveness. Not possession, control and destruction.  I think I was born on the wrong planet.:).

As I want to keep it light, I want you to know that I'm grateful for our communication and feel that I'm expanding since I've started to write my story to you.  I'm looking forward to deepening my liberating journey and for sharing more experiences in our letters.  The emails are very convenient after all and even if you feel bad about not answering fast enough I know you are willing to.  Time is always running out. Like money. Like quality...

Have a great weekend and I'll send you my reply to your last message.

Keep following your guts, Sylvie! Self-preservation and pure animalistic instinct in the jungle will keep us alive and well.
Have some fun!
Dear M, 

Thank you for your very encouraging and thoughtful letter. I agree with everything you wrote. I felt the same as you all of my life and that is probably why I was able to eventually break free and I too like you not drown in all the drama and reproduce with unconscious men.
Once we resolve our repression and liberate ourselves, we can't go on as if, and at no cost, we will settle for less and pretend that we feel fulfilled by a shallow relationship. I always say it's better to be alone and to know that I am alone than to be with someone and nevertheless to be alone. I don't feel lonely when I am alone, but I feel lonely sometimes when I am with people.

You are a breath of fresh air because I don’t come across many people that communicate at the emotional level as clear as you. Congratulations! Most people I know are lost in their sharp intellect and totally disconnected from their true authentic feelings deceiving themselves and others, incapable of understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others.

 So true, if we take others poisons, our body will suffer. Congratulations in no longer be willing to take others poisons. You are so right when our soul is free or healthy and we are autonomous human beings, we don't need drugs, religion, gurus, gangs, politics, to teach us what is wrong or right for us, we naturally know it and we are not interested in possessions, manipulations, control, and destruction. Me too I think I was born on the wrong planet.

Enjoy your new found freedom,


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