Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Donald Trump Provides the Scapegoats People Desperately Need

Donald Trump Provides the Scapegoats people desperately need and this is another reason he won.

Comments on the video What Everyone who Voted for Trump Needs to Hear published on YouTube. 

Sylvie Shene: The real root of Hillary’s loss lies in the repressed hate of the children they once were at their own mothers, NOW, transferred into all other women, their mothers are protected from their hatred, but all other women will have to pay the price for the wrongs done to them when defenseless little boys and girls. Unless people become conscious of their repressed hatred at their own mothers and consciously feel it within the context of their own childhood --- no matter what woman runs for the highest office of the land --- will never be the right woman and people will always say: not that woman!! Here are the roots of sexism and misogyny. Read more here

MSW From LuskinSylvie Shene thanks for sharing another perspective on this!

Greg LindsayWho has repressed hatred for their mother? Is this some kind of opposite Oedipus complex?  I don't follow.

Sylvie SheneFreud was on the right track at first, but could not deal with society's backlash and created the theory of oedipal complex that blames the child instead of the parents in order to be accepted by the masses. Read more here

Robert LeisHow about the fact that Hillary is the most corrupt person to run for President. She is a lying, hateful, pos....just look how Arkansas voted....you know the State the Corrupt Clinton's governed and where from.

Sylvie SheneHow about the fact that the most corrupt person might be staring at you in the mirror and you’re projecting yourself into Hillary! All politicians have to lie to an extent and tell the lies, people like you like to hear, otherwise, they would not get anywhere. Trump is a much bigger lie, but he gets a pass because he has a penis!? Trump provides the scapegoats, people like you desperately need, to take revenge for the wrongs done to them when defenseless little boys and girls.

“Every ideology offers its adherents the opportunity to discharge their pent-up effect collectively while retaining the idealized primary object, which is transferred to new leader figures or to the group in order to make up for the lack of a satisfying symbiosis with the mother. Idealization of a narcissistically cathected group guarantees collective grandiosity. Since every ideology provides a scapegoat outside the confines of its own splendid group, the weak and scorned child who is part of the total self but has been split off and never acknowledge can now be openly scorned and assailed in this scapegoat. The reference in Himmler’s speech to the “bacillus” of weakness which is to be exterminated and cauterized demonstrates very clearly the role assigned to the Jews by someone suffering from grandiosity who attempts to split off the unwelcome elements of his own psyche. In the same way that analytic familiarity with the mechanisms of splitting off and projection can help us to understand the phenomenon of the Holocaust, acknowledge of the history of the Third Reich helps us to see the consequences of “poisonous pedagogy” more clearly. Against the backdrop of the rejection of childishness instilled by our training, it becomes easier to understand why men and women had little difficulty leading a million children, whom they regarded as the bearers of the feared portions of their own psyche, into the gas chambers. One can even imagine that by shouting at them, beating them, or photographing them, they were finally able to release the hatred going back to early childhood. From the start, it had been the aim of their upbringing to stifle childish, playful, and life-affirming side. The cruelty inflicted on them, the psychic murder of the child they once were, had to be passed on in the same way: each time they sent another Jewish child to the gas ovens, they were, in essence, murdering the child within themselves.” Read more here Me too, just like Hillary on the stage of the world, I was the target of a smear campaign in an upscale gated community I worked for nine and a half years. after I published my book speaking the truth about the human mind. This community is a micro of the world, so I know any truly genuine person will be attacked and forced out of the job, just like me, and replaced with a mindless shill/crony sociopath. Read more here
Sylvie: Hi J, are you as sad as i am that Donald Trump won the elections? I'm worried about the world when a man triggers people's repressed emotions to manipulate them to vote for him and get elected. I'm afraid we might be starting world war 3.

J: Oh Sylvie I am beyond sad - he has spread so much hatred and preyed on people's fears and gave them validation.  I am also so very sad that so many people voted for him - how could any woman stand up for this man?  It is beyond my comprehension.
Sylvie: The hatred for women from other women is what makes me the most sad. Read more here
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