Friday, August 18, 2017

Charlatans Help Promote Each Other’s BS

Hi A,

The poem you shared with me, don’t take me wrong! It’s beautiful, but it expresses a dependent love because a mature conscious adult can always survive without the love from others. We might be sad if someone we love leaves us, but we can always survive. Only children depend on the love from others to survive. When adults are dependent on someone else’s love for survival can become very dangerous and destructive. It’s just a poem, so no big deal! Still beautiful!

I checked X’s book on Amazon and read the preview.  The moment I read the line that he decided to sit next to the man wearing a Rolex turned me off right way, it reminded of the dancers/prostitutes that instead of dancing/working would be standing at the entrance of Bourbon Street looking at men’s shoes, because they could tell by what shoes they were wearing, if they were rich or not, and then follow them into their tables and try to get as much money they could from them, even if they had to sell their bodies and soul to get to their money.

I am interested in what kind of soul people have and I look into their eyes, the soul’s window! Not into what they wear. Looks Likes he is just motivated by money! I like to help people free their souls and it doesn’t look like he is interested in no one’s soul.  So no he doesn’t look like someone I would like to make a connection with.

During our chat, I shared that would be very hard to point the finger at the deep-seated trauma that might take place in past generations that are manifesting in A’s body now. The body never lies. It is trying to tell the truth in A’s body. Diet might help her condition, but I think what would help more than anything else is to pay attention and be honest with one’s feelings and be open and willing to explore our history and try to understand what A’s condition is trying to show everyone.

I don’t think I’m a little hard on X. It is what it is! Yes, I met him at the Ball and he didn’t try to make a connection with me! Why?! Because he didn’t see in me as a step on the ladder to financial success?! 

His fiancé the same, she was friendly with me and we were supposed to meet for coffee, but she never followed through, why? Because she didn’t see someone in me that would help her advance in her career?!

The reality is: if I played along with the sociopaths in S and have written a book telling people what they like to hear, didn’t challenge them in any way, didn’t require them to look in the mirror to question themselves, they all most like would be supportive of me and probably write great reviews. They would not have come after me so viciously like they did to try to destroy me to silence me to protect their own lies and illusions.

Charlatans promote each other’s illusions and lies, that’s why the books of so many charlatans become best sellers.  And I most likely would be doing very well financially NOW, but to me, true success is to be healthy, free, happy and most important have peace of mind.

It’s nothing wrong with wanting to succeed financially, but I like to succeed by telling people the truth and not what they like to hear and if I can’t make money speaking the truth I rather not make a lot of money at all. I don’t need a lot of money anyway! Having a peace of mind is more important to me! I totally accept where he is and I wish him success with his book and I hope his wishes come true, but we have to be honest with ourselves, at least in private, and see the reality and don’t fall for the pretty seductive lies and illusions that pretty much everyone in our society is trying to sell us and shove down our throats.

Like I told my sister Elza at the airport in 2005 when I was coming back to America: Belief in lies and you will be surrounded by liars, and she is surrounded by people that tell her the pretty lies that she likes to hear and she is paying a high price for believing these lies. Most people in our society are like my sister Elza, they believe in pretty seductive lies and illusions and this is why the books of so many charlatans become best sellers and society is paying a very high price for believing the charlatans seductive lies and illusions

 I don’t expect for everyone to gather the courage to let go of their masks in public and become real. 

Being real in public is a risk, a risk I was willing to take. And I don’t expect everyone to take this risk, because you have to be ready to take such a dangerous risk.

I understand he is one of your friends and you like him and is in your best interest to be publicly supportive of him, but in private is important that you see his true motivations and the truth for what it is, because if you confuse illusions for reality you are just confusing yourself, especially A that is too young to distinguish illusions from reality and is looking to you and S for guidance.

Believing in lies and illusions will keep you all permanently living in the state of confusion and is not good for anyone’s health. This quote by Alice Miller could not be truer: “Children who are told the truth and are not brought up to tolerate lies and cruelty can develop as freely as a plant whose roots have not been attacked by pests (in our case, lies)

It seems you keep falling for everyone’s illusions and it was, especially, very sad to see you fall for the illusion of Donald Trump.

Believing in lies and illusions is not good for our psychical and mental health and for society as a whole. 

Have a great week,


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