Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Avoidance of Truth In Medicine and the Media

Instead of handling feelings by having an opportunity to talk about them, we are given medication to quieten their effects. Therapies have been around for a long time which allow patients to experience the early repressed feelings driving their symptoms, yet we never hear about them from the media. It is as though these findings are unimportant. 

Dr. Miller believes that one reason is because of the blame which the publicity would place on parents. Because of this taboo, many seeking help are not receiving it.

Even if empathetic physicians had the time to listen to their patients, most lack the understanding of the "language of emotions." Doctors have an unconscious fear of uncovering their own childhood hurts which keeps them from being as useful to their patients as they could be.

She believes that in order to heal what is needed is an inner confrontation of the early repressed abuse and the uncovering of the defenses encasing those memories. Miller believes that if physicians were at least interested in hearing about their patient's personal histories that this could help. Even recognition of one's own limitations and some knowledge of psychosomatic medicine can be of some benefit. The widespread knowledge of the reality of the childhood of most people should be incorporated in medical training. Currently, to the patient's detriment, this information is more or less completely ignored.
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