Wednesday, December 18, 2013


You're afraid ... so afraid of loneliness ... to point you into the arms of slavery.
It is true that the younger ages are conducive to blackmail. Since any alleged education is after all, a common training. We do everything for our children to reproduce the same designs ... the same figures ... even the pure reason.
Remember the first injunction or you give yourself or we'll give you up. You have the choice between servitude or solitude. We must submit or cease to be ... we are all here, to reproduce the same mechanism , authoritarian , safe, sectarian .
Woe to him who rebels or escapes ... he will be left to himself , neglected , ignored or mocked by all.
You were taught to be servile, you were ordered to serve, to suffer the most coercive for emotional security measures. It is not only to obey the order, but it is mainly to reproduce it. Unchanged. Of copy-pasted not to let go.
No ... you're not yourself. You are what was made of you ... one that looks like all the others.
Pale copy of an old model.
The same monkey which learns the same grimaces and falls in love with the same female monkeys.
Same universe where you must go through the same galleys ... because freedom is a little bit too expensive ... loneliness, anguish and decay.

Why I redo the story ?
Because you always have stubbornly to be right ... and do you know why?
Because you're like everyone else, unable to hear any reason other than yours because like everyone you know, you do not know it is not yours.
This is the reason of your teachers and your ancestors that you seek to impose on everyone, you are only a watchdog that ensures and monitors the reason for his master... being confident that it is his.
To be a man or free woman is not trying to be right but to know the reasons of others.
Alone and free instead of being chained to the same rock, that of a society that is afraid to live and afraid to die ... 

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  1. Super Sylvie,
    I'm proud of my little translation and flattered you enjoyed it.