Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How the Use of Information is Abused

“However, I witness day by day how the use of information is abused.” Totally and that is exactly what cult leaders do like for example the cult leader D.M. is doing with his followers, he is abusing already very wounded and vulnerable people by twisting the information he read in Alice Miller’s books to manipulate and exploit his followers with half-truths he memorized like a parrot. The title of his new book should have been: “Break up with Your Parents and Join my Cult” Telling people to break up with their parents before they are ready to make such a move is irresponsible and dangerous, because people need to heal their traumas by confronting their internalized parents with the help of a true enlightened witness, develop their inner child to truly grow and leave the parents and become autonomous independent adults. Otherwise is just like leaving one cult to join another. How can I make it clear that until we feel the repressed emotions within the context of our own childhood, we will never leave the prison of our childhood and doesn't matter if we never talk to our family of origin again, because we just keep endless reenacting our childhood drama with substitute mothers and fathers’ figures in one form or another?  


  1. dear sylvie.
    thanks for your clear words. as i wrote earlier i grew up in an religious cult, and when my cult- world- view got shaky through meeting people outside the cult, i felt very irritated and "accidently" met a woman, who turned out to be kind of a "therapist", having "integrated" all kinds of psycho/ spiritual/ esoteric issues... and what happend: i got totally "addicted" on her, almost immediately...i didnt know anything else but complete symbiosis...she pulled me apart from my family, on behalf of the idea, that i have to be away from them to even feel my true self... i quit contact for years...after freeing myself from the relationship to this therapist, i felt worse than ever, because i had destroyed everything, i were/ had before meeting her...
    and: it didn't help to free me at all...but make it even more confusing and strange, to find myself.
    i am very aware, that this therapist was only one variation of my childhood- experience, but she abused me, with the idea of helping myself to break free.
    i can't figure out, that this was the idea of my parents, too...
    pain and confusion gets bigger through recommendations like breaking up or forgiveness...its somehow the same, it keeps us from consciousness...
    but i am afraid, that we abused people will use any opportunity to flee from truth; this sounds strange, but it feels like it.
    just wanted to share my experience...
    split- brain

    1. Dear split-brain, nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment validating what I wrote to be true, that writing books telling people to break up with their parents is dangerous and irresponsible. Separating from the parents is a decision for each person to make, at their own time, if they feel it is something they need to do, and when they are ready to do so, and should never be coerced or manipulated by others. Manipulating people is never good therapy.
      Congratulations for having the courage to see!