Monday, November 10, 2014

The Past Always Catches up with Us

People that preach that focusing on the past is a waste of time and unhealthy and  we only need is to forgive and forget, they don’t realize that we can’t live in the present and look forward into the future without first looking into our past and face and feel the repressed feelings of the child we once were. As long our repressed feelings of our painful past remain repressed, we will be driven by them to unconsciously and compulsively reenact the painful dramas of the past. They are clueless that they have fell into a trap that makes them feel better temporally and superficially. And now unconsciously are alluring others into their traps, so they can feel superior and be in power over others to protect them from having to face and feel their painful past.  They don't realize they are stuck in the past. This is how cult leaders are born. Until we face our past, the past will keep catching up with us in our relationship with others, especially with our children, if we have children.

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