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From Harvey Weinstein To Charlie Rose, Are Daily Sexual Misconduct Revelations The New Normal?

"Almost every day since sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein were published, another woman has come forward with accusations about awful things that were said or done to them by men in positions of power. The latest high-profile case is that of Charlie Rose, who was fired from CBS News and his contract with PBS was terminated, after the Washington Post reported eight women who either worked with or wanted to work with Rose accused him of sexual assault and harassment." 
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Will the women of Portugal  and the media there find the Courage also to Report the prestigious Dr. Julio Machado Vaz Sexual Abuse? I'm sure without a doubt I'm not the only woman he sexually abused. Read more HERE

"A former producer for veteran journalist Charlie Rose's canceled PBS show says that racism and sexism were "inherent" to the behind-the-scenes atmosphere at the show.

Producer Rebecca Carroll, who now works at Shonda Rhimes' production company ShondaLand, tweeted Wednesday evening that Rose would regularly belittle her and that she was punished for speaking out about "casual racism" at the show.

"As a young black woman starting out as a producer for the prestigious Charlie Rose show, I had to gauge every day whether to respond to casual racism or sexually predatory behavior," Carroll tweeted.

"I spoke out about racialized or micro-aggressive racism and was punished for it. The predatory behavior was ignored or accepted or laughed off -- it was inherent to our daily culture," she continued." Read more HERE

Me too I was punished at my job of nine and half years for writing a book about the effects of childhood repression in our society. Speaking the truth and exposing the lies of malignant narcissists or sociopaths can be very dangerous.

This is why it's so hard to get the mainstream media to pay attention to my story, because mainstream media is run by malignant narcissists or sociopaths. Also this is why I was the target of a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine of half years -- after I published my book -- because my book removes the pretty masks people wear and triggers their fears of exposure.  They rather destroy others than look in the mirror and face themselves.

Hi E,

Thank you for editing for me the letter to the local news producer.
I have not heard, yet from Mark Rodman. The silence from the media is deafening, they are so afraid of the truth of connected stories and are all about protecting the status quo.
Yes, people can be very weird, especially in the media. These words by Alice Miller are so true: “… Rather than take the risk, they prefer to forgo information that might be of life-death importance for coming generations. So in order not to have to call their own parents into question for a single moment, they cling to outdated, destructive opinions. …Clearly, the prospect of confronting one’s own personal history in this case is an alarming experience. And, as always, the fear of facts is stilled by a fascination with intellectual terms and abstractions aimed at concealing and masking the truth—the truth of facts that appear so threatening… At every attempt to share the new discoveries I made with the public, I ran up against the most determined resistance on the part of the media. It is true I can go on publishing these discoveries in my books, because my publishers are already aware of the growing interest in this topic. But there are other people who have important things to say, and they are dependent on the press. They and their readers rely on essential information not being torpedoed. All too often, however, the media buttress the wall of silence against which all those who have begun to confront their own childhood rebound.”
I have to figure out a way of how to break through the media’s very thick wall of silence. It seems the media only pays attention when there is violence and spilled blood, in our society most people feed on violence and are like vultures looking for dead bodies, especially those in the media. The media only pays attention to violence for pure sensationalism and ratings. It seems violence is the only language they understand and pay attention to, so it going to be hard to penetrate through the media’s wall of silence.
Also read the Open Letter to the Media of June 27, 2015
I got the response below from the producer
“Dear Sylvie,
I apologize for the delayed to your letter. While we appreciate the offer to tell your story, as a matter of editorial policy we do not cover individual employment disputes.
Thanks for thinking of us. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Mark Rodman”
Below is my response to the producer’s dismissal letter:
Dear Mark,
Thank you for replying to my letter, but I don’t think you understood what I was asking you for.
I’m not looking for coverage to get back at a particular company for firing me unjustly—my message goes way beyond that.
My goal is to raise awareness of the dangers unresolved childhood trauma inflicts on our whole society. The sooner people understand that if they work through their deep repression—and the resulting compulsion to repeat the damage that was done to them by hurting others—the less likely we’ll have to live and work with sociopaths. Our world will be less consumed by the awful things that make news every day, from celebrity sexual harassment charges and ideological fighting to terrorist attacks and nuclear threats from the world’s dictators.
Alice Miller was a courageous thinker who understood what it takes to heal humanity. Her teachings healed me, and my goal is to spread her message to as many people courageous enough to listen.
Maybe what I have to offer isn’t a hard news story, but I’m hoping you can help me find an appropriate lifestyle platform at your station. Or perhaps you know some journalists who want to explore a proven way to change human behavior for the better.
Alice Miller ran into great resistance from the media, so it’s no surprise that I’m running into the same problems. All I need is one champion, who will understand the power of her incredible message of hope. If you can’t be that person for me, perhaps you can introduce me to someone who will.
I’d love to discuss this with you further at your earliest convenience.
Sylvie Shene  

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What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

Reading the article in the link above the quotes below by Alice Miller come to mind:

It is a great mistake to imagine that one can resolve traumas in a symbolic fashion. If that were possible, poets, painters, and other artists would be able to resolve their pain through creativity. This is not the case, however. Creativity helps us channel the pain of trauma into symbolic acts; it doesn't help us resolve it. If symbolic revenge for maltreatment received in childhood were effective, then dictators would eventually stop humiliating and torturing their fellow human beings. As long as they choose to deceive themselves about who really deserves their hatred, however, and as long as they go on feeding that hatred in symbolic form instead of experiencing and resolving it within the context of their own childhood, their hunger for revenge will remain insatiable (see Miller 1990a).” read more here

7. You have also related the works of famous writers like Schiller, Nietzsche, Proust, Rimbaud, Kafka etc. to their childhood experiences, concluding that the books they produced were encrypted accounts of suppressed childhood dramas. This is a new and unusual perspective on literary production. Have you identified such links between other kinds of artist and their works?
7. Yes, I find them in all the biographies I have come across so far. After all, it’s an entirely logical thing. Children learn at a very early stage what their parents instill into them. So if they experience violence, that’s what they learn. As they are prohibited from actually demonstrating what they have learned, they may initially be incredibly obedient and remarkably “good” children, as the Auschwitz commander Rudolf Höss reveals. It is only later that they demonstrate the brutality they have learned from their parents. Artists often express unconsciously what they survived in childhood and later repressed. They do it mostly in a coded manner. Unfortunately. this still appears to be forbidden knowledge, so far no one has cued in to my research. When individuals run amok, EVERYONE insists without a second thought that they have ABSOLUTELY no idea what can have prompted an adolescent to do so, and in the press no reference is ever made to their childhood. In all cases the parents are spared this kind of inquiry. So how can readers understand how violence is learned, if no one helps them?

8. You yourself are a painter, and you have engaged with your childhood experiences in your pictures, published in the book Bilder meines Lebens (Pictures of My Life, Suhrkamp 2006) and on your internet site. How has the art world responded to this overt way of coming to terms with childhood?
8.It has been ignored altogether. I have merely been praised for my artistic achievements. It is as if there was some conspiracy prohibiting any mention of childhood. What I believe is behind this attitude is the childhood fear we all have inside us, the fear that our parents would punish us if we dared to query what they have done. read more HERE

  1. The fantasies expressed in literature, art, fairy tales, and dreams often unconsciously convey early childhood experiences in a symbolic way.
  2. This symbolic testimony is tolerated in our culture thanks to society’s chronic ignorance of the truth concerning childhood; if the import of these fantasies were understood, they would be rejected.
  3. A past crime cannot be undone by our understanding of the perpetrator’s blindness and unfulfilled needs.
  4. New crimes, however, can be prevented, if the victims begin to see and be aware of what has been done to them.
  5. Therefore, the reports of victims will be able to bring about more awareness, consciousness, and sense of responsibility in society at large.  Read more Here
Children who have sensed in such exchanges that their injuries and their feelings are taken seriously by their parents and that their dignity is respected are also more immune to the detrimental effects of television than those who harbor unconscious, suppressed desires for revenge on their parents and for that reason identify with scenes of violence on the screen. Politicians may envisage the prohibition of violence on television as a remedy, but this is unlikely to unlikely to have much effect.
By contrast, children who have been informed about the early injuries inflicted on them will be much more critical of brutal movies or quickly lose interest in them altogether. They may even find it easier to see through the dissociated sadism of the movie-makers than do the many adults who are unwilling to face up to the suffering of the maltreated children they once were. Such adults may be fascinated by scenes of violence without suspecting that they are being forced to consume the emotional trash peddled as “art” by filmmakers who are unaware that they are in fact parading their own histories.
This was forcibly brought home to me by an interview with a respected American film directed fond of including repulsive monsters and sadistic sex scenes in his movies. He said that modern film technology had made it possible for him to demonstrate that love has many faces and that sadistic sex is one of them. He appeared completely oblivious of where, when, and from whom he was forced to adopt this confusing philosophy as a small child, and this ignorance is quite likely to accompany him to the end of his days. His self-styled “art” enables him both to tell his own story and to erase it from his memory at the same time. Naturally, such blindness has severe social consequences. Read more HERE
Not every victim becomes an abuser, but every abuser was once a victim of abuse and no matter what anyone says this is a fact. Violence is not genetic, it’s learned.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Out Your Pig

#MeToo #OutYourPig 

Instead of #MeToo, French Women Say 'Out Your Pig'

Portugal like France is a culture of silence. ""France has had a culture of silence," says Laetitia Cesar-Franquet, a sociologist with the Regional Institute of Social Work, an organization that helps train professionals who work to ensure fair treatment in the workplace." Read more here

I have been outing my pig, Dr. Julio Machado Vaz, since the year 2000, but the silence from the #media and everyone else is deafening.

Público Semanário SOL Jornal do Brasil BBC News

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Raped By Carl Jung, Then Murdered by the Nazis

Raped By Carl Jung, Then Murdered by the Nazis
But the theft and erasure of Sabina Spielrein’s intellectual legacy by the psychoanalytic establishment may be an even more troubling crime By Phyllis Chesler

I'm not surprised one bit by what I read in the article above by Phyllis Chesler.  I have learned most people in the health care profession are the most repressed people I know transferring their own unresolved repression into their patients -- under the disguise of help -- making them more confused than they already are. 

"It even had a chapter that was hailed by other feminists as a “pioneering” exposé of sex between patient and therapist. Yet I had no idea that Spielrein’s analyst, Carl Gustav Jung, had deflowered her when she was one of his hospitalized patients and most needed his help." 

I had a similar experience with a psychiatric doctor in Portugal when I was  a confused vulnerable 17 years old. I have been trying to tell my story since the year 2000, but so far no one is listening and paying attention! I'm sure I was not the only one!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Am Always Hoping to be Proved Wrong

Hi E,

Remember me discussing LC an author that adopted a young boy. I wish I was wrong, but once again I'm proved that I'm right. I'm always hoping to be wrong for once, but it's always a matter of time that I get proof that my perceptions are correct all along. 

I  saw a post on Facebook that her adopted son committed suicide. Just like I wrote in my e-mail to you in 2013. "Anyway I have seen all the red flags that this women is very sick, I never tried to confront her directly before, but my posts must have made her feel uncomfortable and she unfriended me like a year or so ago, she adopted a child, he is now a teenager and I can see all the signs she having incestuous relationship with her son hiding behind the theory of “attachment parenting” if is not physical, is without a doubt emotional, and you can see this young man is confused beyond measure. Women that can’t have children usually are against abortion, is like they want other women to have the children they can’t for them to unconsciously use and exploit to satisfy their unconscious needs." 

People get mad at me for trying to reveal the real state of affairs that they work so hard to try to hide behind pretty veils, theories, masks, facades, pretty lies and illusions, but everyday I'm getting used to it more and more. 

I know the chances of me meeting people with courage to become 100% real are very slim. This young man had a better chance to come to terms with his painful truths in the foster care system and survive to be able to live with his painful truth of being an unwanted child of coming into this world without love and never have been loved than having this lady coming to his life casting herself in the mother role and savior masquerading with the illusion of love confusing him completely preventing him from ever breaking free from his emotional prison. 

We need the truth more than anything else in this world to be truly free. Sadly he was only 23, but he did not leave this world without reenacting his childhood drama, because he left a young girl pregnant and is abandoning his baby like he was abandoned as a small baby. 

It's very hard to break free from the chains of compulsion repetition and he is leaving a baby behind that most like will continue reenacting this painful scenario and the chains of compulsion repetition will go on endless... 

"B had told his mother he was confused and dizzy ... L said Wednesday she believed B’s death was connected to his childhood traumaOf course he was confused and dizzy with her illusion of love. She is right his childhood trauma had to do with his suicide, but her illusion of love  pussed him over the edge. 


On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 9:45 PM, Sylvie Shene <sylvies> wrote:

Hi E,

R just called me! But I didn’t take the call and he did not leave a message. I am not calling him back, because I know he is looking for a fight, so he can project his anger at me and have me express his disowned anger and then accuse me of being angry and then shame me for being angry so he can also transfer his repressed shame into me.

He thinks I am stupid, but I am not playing his game, I refuse to go there with him, I tried in 2008 and if he has not learned anything since 2008, he is not going to and I am moving on. All these years I kept a distance, because I felt something not right about him and never felt completely safe with him and now I got the proof that my gut feeling has been right all along! 

Isn’t interesting that the best way to find out who your real friends are is when you are down or when you are about to create something great. R’s intense repressed jealousy being triggered is a sign that I ma about to do something great! And if he had the courage to face and feel his own repression he could be part of it, but instead he letting his unresolved repressed emotions sabotage it to keep his idealized mother and childhood intact, he rather be a sociopath and destroy me, so can feel superior over me. His jealousy being triggered like this is the best compliment  he could give me! Because if it was bad he wouldn’t be this worried that my book might make it and to try to destroy me. He is showing all the signs of a sociopath/psychopath.

Sociopaths/psychopaths will go to any lengths to achieve what they want, if they have children they will even use their own children to achieve their means.

While the average person spends a good portion of the day thinking about those she loves (children, husband, parents, friends), a sociopath doesn't have these emotional ties with anyone. Instead, she will spend all that time plotting to take you down and destroy you either literally or figuratively. Even removing yourself from the sphere of the sociopath's influence may only work for a while. You must remain consistent. Do not let the sociopath fool you a second time with his or her charm. Do not believe the person has changed. Most therapists agree that sociopaths cannot be treated effectively. Instead, take steps to protect yourself and your family. Consider drastic solutions like moving, changing jobs and making new friends. Remember that it is all a game to the sociopath. She or he does not care if you're hurt. The only goal they have is winning. The only way you can beat a sociopath is to get away from a sociopath. Accept the harsh reality. Sociopaths do not change. Perhaps you've come to the conclusion that you are dealing with a sociopath. You've read the key symptoms and they describe this person perfectly. You've read the True Lovefraud stories, and you recognize the behaviors. So what do you do now? Accept the reality that a sociopath will never change.” 

I don’t know if I share with you the comments I made while back in W’s post. This LC is the author of the book I of M and P, I bought her book when I just met her on facebook three years ago, but I did not finished reading it and I threw it in the garbage. She preaching home schooling as the answer to protecting children and I am sure home school might be the best course for some children, if their parents are healthy and balances the child life with social activities with other children, but when parents are unhealthy a child going to school might be the only break from parents’ insanity and the chance to explore other ways of being.
 I have seen the worst cases of child abuse by parents that home school their children. Anyway I have seen all the red flags that this women is very sick, I never tried to confront her directly before, but my posts must have made her feel uncomfortable and she unfriended me like a year or so ago, she adopted a child, he is now a teenager and I can see all the signs she having incestuous relationship with her son hiding behind the theory of “attachment parenting” if is not physical, is without a doubt emotional, and you can see this young man is confused beyond measure. Women that can’t have children usually are against abortion is like they want other women to have the children they can’t for them to unconsciously use and exploit to satisfy their unconscious needs.
Anyway here are my comments in reaction to her comments in W'’s post:

 Sylvie Imelda Shene: I have tried to stay out of discussions and commenting on other people’s posts, because I have a tendency to trigger people’s repressed anger and then they delete me in anger, but I can’t help myself and have to make this comment. I don’t consider myself a feminist per se, but I am for women’s rights, children rights and men’s rights, I am for every breathing living beings' rights. I know a lot of feminists are too afraid to go to the roots why some men and women try so hard to repress them, but I am grateful for a lot of the accomplishments some feminists were able to do before me and I have come to enjoy thanks to their hard work. Even though I wished the feminists had the courage to go deeper, because as long we refuse to go to the roots causes, will always going to be oppressors trying to repress us. 

I totally understand their fears. L accuses the feminists being a hate group, but I see L’s anger very clear being transferred at the feminists groups also. Until people really consciously feel the fears and anger of the child they once were within the context of their own childhood, they will unconsciously and compulsively look for a scapegoat to relieve pen up anger and it seems the feminists have come to be the perfect scapegoat for L.

These words below Alice Miller wrote to me before she passed come truer every day: “AM: I have learned over the years of my work on the internet that there are readers who SEEM to understand SOME of what I have written, at least intellectually, but they are still so afraid of their very cruel parents and of their repressed FEELINGS of rage towards them that they are constantly looking for scapegoats. They thus live in a continual confusion pretending that they are healed and even offering help and empathy to others. But eventually they use unconsciously other people (even the ones who are quite friendly to them) as a poisonous container like their parents did to them, and if the offended people begin to defend themselves they can become very mean. I can only urge you to trust your feelings and to NOT offer your empathy and interest to everybody just because they say they read and understood everything I have written. In most of the cases it is a lie. To understand my books means to overcome the fear of one’s parents, to honestly feel the justified rage TOWARD THEM and to no longer use others to getting free from the accumulated rage.”

Sylvie Imelda Shene: What makes me the saddest is when women masquerading with their illusion of love for men and even unborn children oppress or stand in the way of other women’s body autonomy and freedom.

Even though I understand why some women hate women and want to take revenge on other women for the wrongs done to them when they were defenseless little children by their own mothers or other woman caregivers in their lives, my biggest oppressors in my childhood were also women, but directing this latent hate at other women makes them no different of the men that take revenge on other women for what their mothers did to them when were defenseless little boys.

Hate will always be insatiable and until is understood and felt within the context of our childhood will  endless look for new victims to take revenge for the wrongs done to them when they were little, because hate cannot ever be resolved by scapegoating, but only when is seen and consciously felt and understood within the context our own childhood.

Until women are free to make their own choices without external pressures, they will sadly oppress others overtly or covertly, under the mask of the illusion of love, especially their children.

These words by Alice Miller just came to mind: ““We cannot really love if we are forbidden to know our truth, the truth about our parents and caregivers as well as about ourselves. We can only try to behave as if we were loving, but this hypocritical behavior is the opposite of love. It is confusing and deceptive, and it produces much helpless rage in the deceived person. This rage must be repressed in the presence of the pretended “love,” especially if one is dependent, as a child is, on the person who is masquerading in this illusion of love.” (The Drama of the Gifted Child: The search for the True Self) Page 23 

So if we really like and care about men and children, we have to do what we can to aid women’s liberation so they can carry pregnancies to term and give birth to children by choice and love and raise children in freedom and not by external manipulations and coerced to carry pregnancies to term and give birth to new beings by force, because anything done by force or manipulations never has a good outcome.

Until women are truly free to make their own decisions, no one around them will be truly free either, especially their children, raising a new generation of oppressors continuing the vicious circle endless. 

Alice Miller says best: “It is a great mistake to imagine that one can resolve traumas in a symbolic fashion. If that were possible, poets, painters, and other artists would be able to resolve their pain through creativity. This is not the case, however. Creativity helps us channel the pain of trauma into symbolic acts; it doesn't help us resolve it. If symbolic revenge for maltreatment received in childhood were effective, then dictators would eventually stop humiliating and torturing their fellow human beings. As long as they choose to deceive themselves about who really deserves their hatred, however, and as long as they go on feeding that hatred in symbolic form instead of experiencing and resolving it within the context of their own childhood, their hunger for revenge will remain insatiable” 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Half Truths

Thought this may be of interest to you.

Hi C,

The article has a lot of nuggets of truth or half truths to get people's attention, but is misleading, probably written by a psychopath with a lot of intellectual knowledge trying to show that  in the right context can be good in psychopaths too, that's a lie, they might achieve material success with their lies, half truths and destroying all those that stand in their way, but at the end they end up destroying themselves, everything else and have a sad end... he says psychopaths don't feel fear, yes true to an extent, but only because they have mastered the art of repression to perfection, but if someone like me crosses their path and triggers their fears of exposure, that's when their true colors come out and will gather all their forces  at their command to destroy the person they fear, like we witnessed with the sociopaths at the community where I worked for nine and half years that they tried every trick up their sleeve to destroy me, and don't care who else they destroy to get to their target, everyone else they destroy to get to their targets is collateral damage in their eyes, keeping their illusions alive and good image at any cost, nothing else matters to them. And yes there's such a thing as pure evil. I have stared it in the face many times! 

You might like reading the blogs below I wrote long time ago. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Why People in Germany Love to Celebrate Alice Miller’s Son Martin Miller

Dear H,

Thank you for the well wishes.

I think about writing you every day! But every day ends without having the chance to write you.

I hope you are not as stressed at work anymore. My place of work has good and bad days, but for now I think I’m not being targeted by sociopaths and I feel safe for NOW! 

“And this thing with Martin Miller is so sad... here in Germany people love to "celebrate" him, and they seem to like the "fact", that Alice Miller was not perfect this is, because so they can justify themselves from really facing their wounds...”

Yes, you are right this thing with Martin Miller is very sad. Most people in our society are too scared to face the fear of their childhood pain and live in denial hiding themselves behind a cloth of “perfection” and  seeing themselves as superior and better than others -- exploiting the humanness of others -- I have come to the conclusion that most people in our society are sociopaths or malignant narcissist to a degree.

This why I’m not surprised to hear most people in Germany seem to like the ‘fact” that Alice Miller was not a perfect mother. Like I wrote you in an earlier e-mail:  “You know what I think that makes the sociopaths more afraid of me and hope my book never breaks through it’s that they can’t find a weak link in me.

That’s nothing in me they can get to grab on to try to discredit me and my book and that’s why all walk away and stay very silent in hope that my story never breaks through.

Alice Miller's weak link is her son and we all know how all the sociopaths including Martin Miller try to use this weak link to make a name for themselves by standing on Alice Miller's head.

I am so glad I didn’t have children; otherwise the sociopaths out there might try to use my children to get to me, to try to discredit me and my book, like they do with Alice Miller, because if I had children without resolving my childhood repression, me too, I would not have been a perfect “mother” and without a doubt my children would have been wounded TOO and vulnerable to be exploited by sociopaths like Martin Miller is being used to stand on Alice Miller’s head, so they don’t have to face and feel the painful repressed feelings of the child they once were. When we have children without resolving our childhood repression we will unconsciously transfer into our children our internalized childhood abusers and then we face all over again our childhood abusers in our children. Oh I'm so grateful I didn't repeat this vicious circle. 

They have nothing on me and that’s why they are so afraid of me.  And that's why also sociopaths target me at first, because they are pretty sure, confident, they can manipulate my emotions to act against myself interest, so they can point their finger at me and accuse me of being mental unstable to silence me forever to manage their fears of exposure, but in the moment they discover they can’t manipulate me and that I see them clear as they real are, they walk away and leave me alone.

In most of these articles about sociopaths we see published online, the authors tell their readers to stop all contact and cut all forms of communication, but if we really have resolved our childhood repression there’s no need for us to stop all contact, because they are the ones running away from us scared.

Before I had resolved my childhood repression I was the one running from people to keep myself safe. Now, it’s them running away from me. Nice place to be in!  What differentiates between me and the sociopaths, psychopaths and malignant narcissists, is that I truly liberated myself from the repressed emotions of the child I once was and I no longer can be manipulated and used, and the sociopaths, psychopaths malignant narcissists  have mastered the art of repressing to perfection and cannot feel anything, and also have mastered the art of projecting their painful feelings into others,  that's why they always look compose, by transferring their repressed painful emotions into others, they manipulate others to act out their insanity, so they can appear to be the sane ones, when in reality they are the crazy ones!  When they figure out I cannot be manipulated or used for this effect, they just walk away and leave me alone.    

This quote I just read in the article  6 Signs You're Arguing With A Psychopath is so true: "In professional environments, they want you to blow up so that coworkers and superiors see you as unstable. In romantic settings, they want you to lash out so that they can use your “hysterical” reactions to show potential partners and exes how crazy you’ve become. Until we understand this, we’ll continue to fall into their trap So next time someone you're arguing with uses these tactics to draw you in, try a different strategy: simply smile, nod, and go live your life. They don’t deserve another second of your time" That's exactly what I do! I might lose money, because of sociopaths in the work place, but I no longer fall into their traps and I stay free! 

Sociopaths know they can’t change and believe others can’t change either and this is why I keep getting targeted, because they don’t believe me that I truly liberated myself and are confident they can bring me back to the emotional prison to be manipulated and used as their scapegoat or poison container to temporally and superficially alleviate their disowned pen up painful repressed emotions.

I have to be constantly on the lookout for new sociopaths, psychopaths and malignant narcissists.

I hope you are feeling better and take good care in this crazy world full of sociopaths and psychopaths.

Hugs from Arizona,


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