Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lies My Doctor Told me

Someone left this book at my desk at work for someone to pick up. It has a lot of truths in it... and gives credibility to what I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom that having a DR in front of one's name or Ph.D. at the end of a person's name it doesn't mean they are in a position to help or guide anyone. 

This is one of the reasons some retired doctors, a professor and so-called professionals at my job of nine and a half years became uncomfortable with me after I published my book, because my book exposes theirs and society's lies and they thought if they could manipulate me to self destruct then they would discredit my book and go on with their  lies and illusions as usual. 

And then all probably all go on TV talking about how disturbed the little woman was making a name for themselves by standing on my head. I could see their games and traps so clearly. I was their target to destroy, but when was one of them to self destruct, all became silent and now is a big cover-up that involves the FBI, the US Marshals and the assholes at the community where I worked for nine and a half years

How dare of me! An ex-dancer and a gate attendant manager to criticize the medical community and the helping professions.

Like I have been saying for a very long time: "The Helpers are helping themselves". They were confident that they could get me to self destruct with their very well orchestrated psychological warfare, but backfired on them big time! And they planted the seeds for my next book/baby. I guess they didn't believe me what I wrote in my book that I am free from lies and illusions and NOW no one can play with me and fool me!

Below are some good quotes I found inside the book.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I have accomplished the greatest accomplishment ever

I love this quote by Ralph Emerson: "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." I have accomplished the greatest accomplishment ever! Not even a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine and a half years were able to change me!

Sociopaths Love a Challenge

I'm a challenge! That's why since I published my book A Dance to Freedom I'm constantly targeted by sociopaths

They can't break me, they either look in the mirror and face their own repression or they can keep on running looking for new targets to destroy to boost their egos and keep their own repression intact. Never going to ignore the red flags again. 

Hurting and destroying others lives is the sociopaths and psychopaths painkilling drug. It's an addiction that keeps their own childhood repression intact. Just like I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom page 118: "... as long our pain remains repressed we will unconsciously and compulsively do to others what was once done to us."

"This is because abusers are attracted to someone they think will be a "challenge" to break.

 ... Victims of psychological abuse are most often the kind of people you wouldn't think would be vulnerable to such a thing. According to Shannon Thomas, a therapist, and author of the book "Healing from Hidden Abuse," success and strength are actually what attract abusive narcissists and psychopaths to their targets.

"Psychological abusers are attracted to what is going on within the person's life that is shiny, glamorous, or exciting, or successful, or dynamic, or vibrant," she told Business Insider. "That's what is attracting, kind of like a moth to a light, this kind of psychological perpetrators because they want to initially get something positive from that person."

Once the perpetrator is attached to that relationship, whether it's in a work environment or a romantic relationship, Thomas says they will then start to try to tear down the qualities and success that drew them there to begin with." Read more in the link below. Great article.

Also like  Marie France Hirigoyen wrote in her book Stalking the Soul 
Contrary to what their aggressors have others believe, victims are not, at the outset, particularly weak or mentally unhealthy individuals. Quite the opposite: harassment is often set in motion when a victim refuses to give in to a boss’s authoritarian procedures. She is targeted because of her capacity to resist authority, even under pressure. …" Read more HERE

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

'Secrets will eat you up' – inside the shocking Michael Jackson documentary

Comments on Facebook from sharing the article 'Secrets will eat you up' – inside the shocking Michael Jackson documentary

Sylvie Imelda Shene Michael Jackson was a very disturbed man acting out his childhood drama until the very end of his life. One more proof that talent, fame, and money alone will not liberate anyone from the emotional prison of childhood

ES: Sylvie Imelda Shene pedophilia is to do with brain lesions.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Brain damage/lesions are caused by childhood abuse. He is acting out unconsciously and compulsively the abuse he suffered in childhood.

This quote by Alice Miller comes to mind: "It is a great mistake to imagine that one can resolve traumas in a symbolic fashion. If that were possible, poets, painters, and other artists would be able to resolve their pain through creativity. This is not the case, however. Creativity helps us channel the pain of trauma into symbolic acts; it doesn't help us resolve it. If symbolic revenge for maltreatment received in childhood were effective, then dictators would eventually stop humiliating and torturing their fellow human beings. As long as they choose to deceive themselves about who really deserves their hatred, however, and as long as they go on feeding that hatred in symbolic form instead of experiencing and resolving it within the context of their own childhood, their hunger for revenge will remain insatiable (see Miller 1990a).” 

MG: He was conscious about his stolen childhood. He said it several times himself. Most humanity is. What makes the difference is if we are conscious and consequently how we deal and compensate with the void it creates inside us. No one recovers totally from trauma but we can develop coping mechanisms aware not to hurt others who have nothing to do with it. He explained in one of the several interviews why he created Neverland and it has nothing to do with sex. I do not believe that every traumatised person in entertainment job should be suspected of abuse or prostitution as some may be accused of in show business. I recently listened to an interview by a mature Culkin when he testified for sexual abuse in defence to Michael. There were video clips of him playing at the ranch and he looked so happy. Children being sexually abused cannot pretend to be joyous. America is a terribly dangerous world if you have too much money. They will kill you and kill your memory. Here is the interview if you are interested in further analysis. https://youtu.be/QeQFGT5Jbgo

Macaulay's interview doesn't prove Michael Jackson didn't have a sexual perversion and didn't molest children. Every child molester proclaims to love children. Macaulay maybe has not dealt with his trauma and is still repressing it and might still feel guilt and shame about it and keeping it as a secret. I know I blamed myself and I kept it as a secret for over two decades the sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of the prestigious Portuguese doctor, Julio Machado Vaz.

All child molesters proclaim to love children. Being intellectually aware of his stolen childhood doesn't mean he was able to stop his compulsion to molest children. The only way to break free from the chains of repetition compulsion is to mourn the loss of childhood and consciously feel the repressed emotions within the context of our childhood. As long people go on repressing their emotions they will be driven by them sooner or later in one form or another to repeat the traumas they once suffered. Hilter too admitted of being beaten by his father.

"Out of the Prison of Confusion
“Even Adolf Hitler never denied that he had been beaten. What he denied was that these beatings were painful. And by totally falsifying his feelings, he would become a mass murderer. That would never have occurred had he been capable of feeling, and weeping about, his situation and had he not repressed his justifiable hatred of those responsible for his distress but consciously experienced and comprehended it. Instead, he perverted this hatred into ideology. The same hold for Stalin, Ceausescu, and all the other beaten and humiliated children who later turn into tyrants and criminals.

The return of the truth only begins to announce itself in the moment that we turn the tables and the word “spanked” condemns itself as heartless testimony to the disrespect and humiliation inflicted on the child. Only once we have become capable of empathizing with the feelings of the abused child we once were, and rejection the mockery and cynicism of our adult selves, do we begin to open the gates to the truth. Only then can we also stop being a danger to others.” From the book “Breaking Down the Wall of Silence” Alice Miller page 15, 16

MG: Sylvie Imelda Shene. In response to your comment that "Every child molester proclaims to love children " , May I also say that ' not every man that claims to love children is a suspected molester?' First of all there is no record of MJ being sexually abused to have the repetition compulsion to sexually abuse. MJ grew up in big family with several siblings which makes a difference than an only star child. All of them were in the same boat because of their popularity. On his love for children, why is the media not giving much importance to the contributions in millions of dollars he made to the deprived and unfortunate children? I recall the We are the World Project and his video with children in Brazil. Another unforgetable event several years ago and long before the sexual invented scandal was his concert in Rome. I recall the huge cubital newspaper headlines demonizing his image as the negro who was bleaching his skin to be white, It was so bad, it shocked to date. What had it to do with his art? Despite all, the stadium was all sold out and the concert was a real success.. Many learned later he had vitiligine My children who were around 9-10 were shocked too, they were ashamed 'like MJ, to be of colour (I had to work on them for sometime to neutralize the trauma). It was the music industry here protecting their competition interests, I was disgusted. how they didn't give a f**** about the impact on children. I already had read Alice Miller some 5-6 years earlier. I recall how they were ashamed to be associated with him particularly because they are of colour too. It was the first time I woke up to what the establishment media is (the Guardian is one of them too). I have witnessed the constant character assassination MJ was subjected to for his entire career until his death. Macaulin seems to have captured the essense of his personality well. I conclude by saying that when we suffer certain phases in our lives, one of the frequent reactions is also embrasing a cause to what we missed out on. Like traumatised parents, some repeat the trauma, some become over protective. What makes the difference is gaining insight and being conscious. All the historical personalities you have cited were mass murderers too, and I am not saying the sexual abuse is any less violent. I do not think any of them cared about improving the lives of the poor, any promises was a tactic to control them.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Of course, every person that proclaims to love children is not a child molester, but I have not seen a molester that didn’t proclaim to love children.

I’m not saying MJ was a child molester, I don’t know! I would have to study his case much closer, but some signs are there and we need to listen to the voices that are coming out and believe them. 

There is no doubt MJ had a lot of issues and he died prematurely because of it. 

I like MJ and always felt sorry for him, because everyone around him was just exploiting him, and the parents were the ones that exploited him the most when he was a defenseless little child, for his talents and no one ever offered him real help. -- It was a tragic life -- We live in a society that just admires a person’s talents and don’t care about the person’s suffering. They just want to be entertained and distracted from their own painful truths. 

It has been proved that spanking a child in the private area is sexual abuse and can cause sexual deviance on his adult life

It’s a well-known fact MJ was spanked as a child. As the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses, he was raised in, it teaches to spank children to make them obedient. 

A few years ago I saw his mother on a TV show, while I was cat sitting at the community where I worked for nine and a half years, MJ’s mother ignorance was so sickening, saying that nowadays, children don’t get enough spanking and that is why the world is in such a mess and that the end of the world is near, because children don’t get enough spanking and discipline! It brought to mind the quote below by Alice Miller because it could not be truer!
“Emotional blindness can be well studied by examining the careers of sect members, Jehovah’s Witness, for example, are in favor of corporal punishment and constantly warn that the end of the world is near. They are not aware that they bear within themselves the abused children they once were, and that they already experienced the end of the world when they loving parents beat them. What could be worse than that? But the Jehovah’s Witnesses learned very early not recall their pain and to tell their children that hitting doesn’t hurt. The reality of the end of the world is constantly on their minds, but they do not know why.”Alice Miller, taken from the book “The Truth Will Set you free” page, 141

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Who comes first the egg or the chicken?

Yes, if I had acted like this when I was the target of a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine and a half years - I would have been put in handcuffs and taken to jail. 

The other day someone found my blog with the keyword "tackleberry bandit az", so out of curiosity I googled the keyword and I found the FBI's wanted poster of my ex-boss, a middle-aged white man and an ex-sheriff! They treated me like a criminal and they accused me of making threats, but look who was the criminal and going around making threats to kill people if they didn't comply with his commands! 

If it was me, the little woman to commit a crime my name and face would have been splashed all over the news stations! But now everyone is silent and no one cares that these criminals with their projections and lies -- I lost my job and more than half of my income -- AND they could have destroyed my life completely. 

There is no humanity! Most people are all fake and pretenders -- acting as if personality pretending to be good people -- but are wolves in sheep's clothing. I'm done with humanity! 

FB: I wonder which of his significant other taught him that ?

Sylvie Imelda Shene Who comes first the egg or the chicken? In most cases, either man or women learned these abusive behaviors from their own mothers, but as adults men or women are responsible for their own repression and I don’t want to be targeted more by these very repressed people, just because I’m a woman! I don’t want to pay the price for the wrongs their own mothers did to them when they were defenseless little children. It's not my fault! 

Just like Alice Miller wrote: "Are women Less Aggressive than Men?
In my view, women are by no means less aggressive than men. Of course, they are victimized and disadvantaged by men avenging themselves for the beating they received from their mothers. But women avenge themselves for such victimization and physical cruelty by taking it out on their little children, thus breeding new generations of avengers who consciously love and honor their parents.

I see no real difference between the cruelty of women and that of men, because both sexes have learned such sadism at the hands of their parents and caregivers at the time when their brains were still in the process of formation. As children, they were subjected to cruelty and even perversion, but they not allowed to defend themselves. So later take out their repressed anger on other defenseless people, frequently in the same way their parents treated them when they were small. Women frequently vent this acquired sadism on their children. While men also give free rein to it by victimizing employees at work or lower military ranks, or else participating in orgies of violence like genocide or terrorist attacks. The causes invariable lie in the repressed and totally denied suffering of their childhood (though most of them will insist that they had wonderful parents). People who were not humiliated, tormented, or beaten in their early years are incapable of sadism.

Women can live out all kinds of covert perversion on their children and torment them impunity as long as they call this behavior “good parenting.” Society idealizes mothers because people have never consciously realized that their own mothers treated them cruelly when they were small. Accordingly, women normally enjoy total immunity.

I see no sex-specific differences in the suicide bombers. I understand terrorism as an attempt to compensate for the humiliations these people were subjected to , but have never consciously perceived as such, by means of a “magnificent deed” (such as sacrificing their own lives for the sake of a group).

Though it is not difficult to understand this dynamic, there are not many people who would allow themselves to give up their denial and look the truth in the face. The fear felt by the tormented children they once were can prevent this all their lives."
From the book “Free from Lies: Discovering your true needs” By Alice Miller Page 140


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Power of Willful Ignorance Cannot be Overstated

No, you can't overstate the power of willful ignorance. And how those in power, especially in the media block the information that would inform the masses of these manipulation techniques.

People that try to throw sand in my eyes love to use the word innovation. And I have come to hate this pretty word people love to use because I know this systematic abuse is what is trying to hide. 

We live in a world of puppets and puppeteers and this is why the puppeteers hate me because I shine the light on them.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

We don't need more advances in technology

We don't need more advances in technology! But we are in dire need to heal the human mind and reading my book together with Alice Miller"s books is a good start, otherwise, with the aid of technology, we are going to destroy ourselves much faster! Technology alone without healing the human mind will only change the world for the worst, not for the better!