Thursday, April 19, 2018

If You’re Not Making Enemies, You’re Doing It Wrong

If You’re Not Making Enemies, You’re Doing It Wrong

I guess I'm doing it right because since I published my book I'm making a few enemies!

"If your communications involve walking on eggshells and you’re afraid you might make an enemy or upset someone, you’re not really embracing the social web. Making enemies is a natural byproduct of being a part of our society, and thus if you’re truly being social this will happen on the web. If not, how much personality are you really injecting?

This is not a negative thing so don’t take it as such. The web and the world itself involve balance: between enemies and allies, friends and strangers, supporters and defectors. We need enemies to push us to the next level, challenge us and cause us to think and improve. They give us perspective and remind us of our purpose.
Embrace the full range of emotion and possibility in your content and interactions even if it might involve creating an enemy. Letting that stop you inevitably means falling short of your potential as a creative." read more HERE

Yes, constantly being targeted by trolls or malignant narcissists or sociopaths, they do push me to keep on writing, which I guess is good for me. 

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