Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Psychoanalysis and most therapies hinder people’s liberation and autonomy


Thank you for writing back and for telling me the sad painful truth. I had the feeling that Martin Miller might not have arrived at a place of true liberation, understanding, and compassion for himself and his mother, but I guess I needed to have validation from you too, that my feelings were correct. This must be painful for you too, not, to have Martin Miller on your side to help take the insights and the very important discoveries Alice Miller made, to other people with courage to face and feel, but are alone waiting for someone like Alice Miller to help them clarify and understand their feelings in the context of their own childhood, like I was all my life, so they can liberate themselves and more people can be saved and stop the ignorance from continuing into the next generation. 

My story is a witness and confirmation of Alice Miller’s insights and discoveries to be correct because I experienced it and tested on myself. Reading your words and seeing how Martin Miller is deceiving himself by collaborating with a person that has no genuine feelings to write a biography about his mother that is going to exploit his weakness to the maxim and be a feast to her and all psychopaths like her, psychopaths prey on people’s weakness, it is just one more proof to me that Alice Miller’s discoveries are correct and psychoanalysis and most therapies out there don’t work, but repeat endless people’s childhood drama and hinder people’s liberation. 

Alice Miller liberated herself from the labyrinth of the psychoanalysis world in her fifties. Now I understand when Alice shared in one of her books that her intense discussions with her son helped her stop her compulsions, because of these intense discussions with her son, she was able to see clear and confirmed how psychoanalysis keeps people stuck in their childhood drama and seeing her son lost in the labyrinth of psychoanalysis had to be hard for Alice. 

Also confirms Barbara Rogers IFS therapy does not work either, because if it worked she would not be stuck in her childhood drama anymore and would not be reenacting her childhood drama endless by exploiting others the same way she was exploited when she was a defenseless child. Just like Alice said: it takes courage to face and feel our painful truths, intelligence alone is not enough, but it rather helps create a lot of seductive lies.



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