Friday, October 2, 2015

Mass Shootings: We are all responsible

It’s very annoying to listen to all the talking heads discussing the mental health of the gunman, but no one is discussing the collective mental health of our society that produces and breeds disturbed young people that hurt themselves, others or both. Of course, questioning society would require all of us to look in the mirror and who wants to do that!? That’s why some people at my last job attempted to murder my soul, before reading my book they liked me because they only saw their own false images reflected back at them, but after reading my book they saw their true image and they didn't like their own reflections! They thought if they destroyed me, they could get rid of the mirror and go on with their facades, false images, lies and illusions as usual.

When society is going to wake up that in the long run medication doesn't help people resolve childhood repression, but actually, in the long run, makes it worse. Just as Alice Miller wrote in an answer to one of her readers about the Virginia tech shooting: “The Virginia Tech story is a flight from the own history with the help of drugs. They only help to flee and not to see. I am so glad for you that you dared to feel.”

Usually, you don’t find a true enlightened witness within the so-called “mental health professionals” in most cases, they are the most repressed people I know hiding behind their degrees, seductive theories and illusions deceiving themselves and others and aggravating their patients' conditions contributing for these extreme acts of violence to continue endlessly.

“I’ve touched on this a lot in this chapter and elsewhere in this book, particularly in the section about Dr. Julio Machado Vaz — the psychologist who used me for sex — but I really want to reinforce the idea that so-called therapists and gurus only substitute one dangerous illusion for another. As Alice Miller writes, “What can happen when a doctor doesn’t stop at self-deception in his flight from pain, but deceives his patients, even founding dogmatic institutions in which further ‘helpers’ are recruited to a faith advertised as scientific ‘truth,’ can be catastrophic.” 

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