Sunday, April 30, 2017

They do Have Blood on their Hands

Hi E,

Yes, L is real and fun! I enjoyed talking to her. She is an ex Mormon! I'm happy for her that she broke free from the cult she was born into. 

You know my ex-boss that killed himself on my birthday last year was a Mormon too! 

I was the target of the sociopaths in Sxxxxxxxr because was me they were hoping to mess up and make me lose my mind to self-destruct, but was my ex-boss that lost his mind -- it's not a coincidence that exactly a year later of their plot to destroy me, he kills himself. 

When a mob of sociopaths gets together to conspire, plan the destruction of a person -- with so much evil energy together -- it's like a cyclone and always someone gets hurt or dies! He was collateral damage. Religion had messed him up really bad, just like I give the example of Justin in my book that when he did something wrong by the teachings of his religion, like drinking a beer with friends -- then he would think that he was going to hell --  so might as well go out and be really bad and this what happened to my boss, because he went along with the sociopaths in Sxxxxxxxr and Sxxxxxxxs in the plot against me that he thought NOW was going to hell and might as well go out and be really bad, like robbing banks. The only reason I survived was that I was in the eye of the storm -- thanks to my own therapy with Alice Miller's books as my enlightened witness --- now I see clear and when I'm caught in a storm, I can ride in the eye of the storm. Free at last!

The sociopaths in Sxxxxxxxr do have blood on their hands...  It's very ironic that these sociopaths hiding behind religion and god were so sure they could get me to self-destruct and then -- I am certain -- they all would go on TV saying I was a person without god and give my life as an example how a person can't live without god to scare the masses and manipulate them to join their cults, but I proved to them the opposite was true, because the religious person with god was the one to self-destruct. Just like I wrote in my book page 137: "Everything we become as an adult is connected to our childhood: Our experiences are a chain of events that bring us to the present moment, for better or worse. A criminal is never guilty just by himself. If society at large could ever find the courage to learn from the chain of events that occurred in each criminal’s life from day one, we could prevent many future crimes and a lot of unnecessary suffering." The sociopath, the property manager, her accomplices, and enablers didn't go out robbing banks and didn't pull the trigger to kill my ex-boss, but are just as guilty and they all have blood on their hands.  

If it was me losing my mind, they all be talking about it, but because was one of them to lose their mind. Now everyone is silent and tries to cover up his crime and all them being accomplices. The media refuse to give me a voice because I expose everyone's lies, illusions and the big lie that religion is. We don't need religion. What we need is more people to break free and stand on their own two feet without crutches.

Yesterday when I told L that my ex-boss was a Mormon and he had killed himself in a police standoff after robbing a bank in Chandler, on my birthday! She was shocked and confirmed what I thought that when a Mormon goes bad it goes really bad, just like she said: "Mormon is all or nothing" because if they are going to hell might as well go all out! Just like Justin when he went back to the church, he would be all goody-goody, but if he was out with friends and slip and had a beer then would think was going to hell and they might as well go all the way and get really fxxxed up!! 

These words from the book  Stripping the gurus by Geoffrey D. Falk are so true: “…. For, that in no way offsets the blind belief inherent in the claimed necessity of keeping the guru-disciple vow, where the punishment for breaking that vow is to be cast into Vajra hell or the like. East or West, southern U.S. or northern India/Tibet, agrarian or postindustrial, all makes absolutely no difference. Rather, the fear of long-term punishment will produce exactly the same rigid reactions, and inability to walk away from toxic situations, in the East as in the West.  The universal nature of known psychological structures and dynamics throughout the human species guarantees this.

When [alleged] cult leaders tell the public. Members are free to leave any time they want; the door is open,” they give the impression that members have free will and simply choosing to stay. Actually, members may not have a real choice, because they have been indoctrinated to have a phobia of the outside world. Induced phobias eliminate the psychological possibility of a person choosing to leave the group merely because he is unhappy or wants to do something else (Hassan,1990) That is, individuals in so-called cults who have been taught that bad things will happen to them should they leave will be no more “free” to exit those environments than someone who is petrified of water would be “free” to go swimming.”

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