Friday, October 5, 2012

Last weekend someone got mad at me for voting!

Last weekend someone got mad at me for voting!

I posted the link above on my Facebook page and this guy a “libertarian” made comments trying to persuade me not to vote and when he saw that he could not persuade me not to vote, got mad and deleted all his comments and of course my comments without his comments made no sense and I deleted all my comments also and then he took the discussion to private, trying to bully me in to not to vote and when he efforts did not work, got even more mad and blocked me in anger! Someone please tell me who is the crazy one here? I know the answer, but would be nice to hear it from someone else! :-) I have his comments from the private mail box, but first here are some of my comments to his comments from the public post above, so people can see how some libertarians out there can be so crazy! They preach freedom, but they are so far away from it, because he wanted to take my freedom away of voting!

Yes it sad… but I can’t change that and some republicans are even worse in starting and instigating wars and no matter what, always going to be a government, like it or not, and no matter who is in charge will be doing things driven by the death hand of their own repression, but if women are free to choose to reproduce or not then if she is in a place where she is not safe to reproduce she can choose not to bring a new being into her crazy world and will give her a chance at finding freedom and liberate herself.

the libertarian are just another group of repressed people that will do other crazy things driven by the dead hand over their own repression and the name they call themselves “libertarians” is just to allure people in, it’s just another political cult that call themselves “libertarians”, but are no different.

You think the libertarians are better! You are emotionally blind, because as long as people are repressed they will unconsciously and compulsively pass into others what is repressed in them in one way or another, so don’t fool yourself.

I don't have control over other people's repression and the sad part is that I have to work and try to communicate with repressed people the best way I can and we never know what might soften a little bit their repression. You do what you think is best and I will do what I think it might help soften people’s repression.

Do you think by not taking action you are not contributing to violence? People that refuse to participate are being passive aggressive and in your last comment your repressed anger is coming out very clear directed at me, but I am not the cause of your anger and you are making me your scapegoat. Anger cannot ever be resolved by scapegoating, it only can be resolved when seen and consciously felt in the context of your own childhood. I hate to inform you but will always going to be a government like it or not and we have a responsibility to vote for the one that we think is not going to cause as much damage and I do think Mitt is more repressed and a bigger sociopath than Obama.

Maybe one of us don't get it, but have you thought that maybe it's you that don't get it! The most important person to question in this world is ourselves.

Now from the private mail box

Justin: You claim to be against religion and brainwashing... but the State has become your god/religion and you've fallen for the brainwashing of politicians and they've convinced you that supporting violence is acceptable. I suggest that you seriously reexamine your ideas.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: I am not attached to any group, political cult or not political, I just vote for the one that I think is going to be less harmful, because it does not matter if I vote or not, someone is going to be in charge of government. Just let it go and try to go feel and understand your anger in the context of your own childhood, because I am just the trigger and not the cause of your anger, so you don’t unconsciously and compulsively pass it into your child that’s the most important thing you can do at the moment.

Justin: Voting for the lesser of two evils, which is very debatable, is still supporting evil.

And I'm not "attached" to any group.. especially not any "cult".

Anger is simply an emotion. It's not evil. A person who isn't angry about injustice and criminality around them is only living in denial and deeply confused.

Quit trying to act like you're taking the moral high ground when just the opposite is true.

Claiming to support non-violence while supporting a violent politician only makes you a hypocrite and discredits your work.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: Let it go… are you going to force yourself on your child like you are doing to me when you don’t agree with him?

Justin: You let it go. Let go of your hypocrisy and support of violence. I'm not "forcing" anything onto you. Quit playing victim here. This is a voluntary exchange through a website.

What you are supporting is unethical. I will teach my children about non-aggression.. and I will also model that by not supporting the aggression of others. You can't say the same.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: You are trying to control me, coercing me not to vote, so who is the hypocrite here? You are not different than government that wants to control others, but sadly this is how you going to be with your child and the vicious circle will continue into the next generation endless.

Justin: Once again, you're playing victim and being completely irrational. I haven't threatened any kind of force against you. Claiming that I'm trying to control you is absurd. Exposing someone's hypocrisy and support of aggression is NOT forcing anything onto them.

It is YOU who is continuing the vicious cycle of violence. We can end it by NOT supporting violence as you are and instead by supporting voluntary interaction.
I am raising my children peacefully without coercion and force.. not personally and not by using government force as you are.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: You are projecting yourself into me.

Justin: I'm not projecting anything. I am simply accepting the reality of what you're doing and explaining it to you.

You claim to support non-violence but you are doing just the opposite. That's a fact. Government is violence.

It's so sad that reasons people will come up with to continue supporting aggression. It's just really discouraging to see someone like you doing just that.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: you are being violent right now by forcing your views on to me. Are you going to force yourself on your children when you don’t agree with them too, it seems it has to be your way or the high way.

Justin: Absolutely not. I have not used or threatened any force. You are now lying.

Justin: You accuse me of the very thing that you are doing by promoting a violence politician who is guilty of mass murder. Your vote truly is forcing that onto others. And then you accuse me of something that I'm not even doing. You should be ashamed of your actions and words.


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  1. Glad to see someone out there can see how crazy some libertarians are.
    P: Sylvie, are you there?
    Sylvie Imelda Shene: Yes, but not for long I have an appointment in 30 minutes
    P: ok, I just wanted to tell you I just read your entry about the thread with Justin the only thing that I can say is....don't waste your energy with this sort of people it's not worth it
    P: I had a similar experience in a thread today...I'll send you in a private message
    Sylvie Imelda Shene: I know! it's crazy! He blocked me, so I don't have to worry about him, these libertarians are totally crazy, FDR cult is misguiding so many people!
    P: yes, when I see that there's no way to make them understand the point I really want to make I just leave them and don't go on with the discussion, these people are simple blind and blocked, but try to convince you of their own limited viewpoint and accuse you of things that you have never said
    Sylvie Imelda Shene: I try to stay away, but when they come to my page, it's hard not to respond or delete their ignorant comments, I know, they are so sad.