Sunday, February 24, 2013

Religion is an Emotional Prison

They use religion as an excuse to own us.
They use religion as an excuse to the existence of a patriarchal society.
They use it to hide their crimes and sadism.
They use it for power and manipulation.
Religion has been one of the reasons of why women are being treated less than a man.
You say it's not the case.
I tell you go check your holy books.
I tell you I have done my research. I have done job. I have figured it out. Isn't it time for you to break the chains placed on you. To break the silence. To break the lies, and speak for once the truth which will set us all free! Why are you so afraid of knowing the truth about this supreme being you are worshiping? Why are you denying the fact that you have been treated as a sheep, and as a slave? Do you like the feeling of slavery? Do you like to obey? Have you been taught that this is the feeling which brings you pleasure and happiness? Well, I shall speak my mind whether you agree or disagree.
I speak my mind based on research, evidence, facts, and books I have read.
And so my religion is love, peace, and freedom.
That's where I get my morals from.
They are not being written out for me.
I am not obliged to follow anyone.
I shall not follow anyone.
I am a free woman.
I chose to be.
And so I shall be!

- Xena Amro

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