Friday, May 22, 2015

Interesting that Doris Day's Husband was also Marty

Very interesting that Doris Day's husband was also Marty!!! Having fame and money before liberating yourself from the emotional prison of your childhood can make you a perfect target and vulnerable to sociopaths. Very sad she never encountered a true enlightened witness in her life to help her understand the real roots of her troubles and that her husband was just a substitute figure standing in symbolizing her childhood abusers probably her dad.

How Doris Day's third husband cost her sanity - and her £66million fortune 

"Doris Day was one of Hollywood's biggest names, starring in more than 40 films during the Fifties and Sixties.
But a compelling new biography reveals that, behind her girl-next-door image, lay a fatal weakness for violent and unsuitable men. In part one of our serialisation we told how one lover planned to shoot her dead. Here, in the concluding part, another man drives her towards mental breakdown...
Married for the third time and aged just 27, Doris Day desperately wanted to be the wholesome housewife she so often portrayed in her movies. But, once again, it wasn't to be."
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