Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sign the Circumcision Authorization Papers Young Lady

“Is this anything even close to what nearly 3 million US dead and wounded soldiers, sailors and airmen since the Revolution had in mind?” Steve Thomas

Mom signs consent for son's circumcision to get out of jail — but now faces new criminal charge

Yes, body autonomy and freedom of speech in America is an illusion, a farce, and a sham. All wars we have is to make sure people remain slaves of the state and don't even try to liberate yourself, because they will mobilize all forces at their command to put you back in your place. You saw what happened to me at my last job, as long they thought I was a good slave, they all were very nice to me, but the moment they found out I was a liberated soul, they started mobilizing all the forces at their command to bring me down and put me in my place of the good silent servant  slave. The publishing of my book it shuttered their illusion of being superior to me and they rather see me dead than face their own repression, they were pure evil, so they could keep their own repression intact and their illusion of grandiosity by hiring someone new that they could feel superior to and wouldn't challenge them.

Breaking Their Will

Why does this happen?
The judge must be a sociopath that was circumcised and now wants others to have the same fate as him. “Their consciousness, however, has not registered the realities of their situation. By repressing not only the pain but also their anger and desire for revenge, they have managed to banish consciousness, even idealizing the custom. Today, as a result of their repression, they can justify the procedure as harmless and necessary. They cannot recall their repressed anger and have never grieved about what happened to them. Consequently, they inflict the same ordeal on their children without wishing to acknowledge what they're doing to them.” Alice Miller Read more here


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