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Sadly the World is Full of Charlatans that Keep us Distracted and Numb

Self-help guru Wayne W. Dyer dies at 75

"He was born Wayne Walter Dyer in Detroit and grew up in a series of foster care homes. His father was an alcoholic who left the family when Dyer was 3.” Quote from the article in the link above.

I didn’t know much about his childhood, but I am not one bit surprised to learn he was abandoned as a child, he escaped his pain with the aid of his sharp intellect to recycle and package the same old seductive lies and disconnected half-truths that have been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time, to numb his childhood pain, it helped him survive in his emotional prison for 75 years without becoming a violent criminal and with his books numbed also millions of people from their own pain, helped people survive in their emotional prisons, but didn’t free them. I too for years was distracted from feeling my own childhood pain with his books and Deepak’s books. I remember going to listen to him and Deepak in the nineties when they would come to Phoenix, Arizona and totally felt hi from listening to their seductive feel-good speeches; it was like taking a drug! I wasted so many years with these charlatans and the 12 steps! Sorry if charlatan is too hard of a word but that’s exactly what they are. He was a cult leader and the world are full of cult leaders like him that keep people numb and distracted from their own painful truths. They pass on to others their own unresolved childhood repression under the illusion of love.

Just I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom, page 126 and 127 “Ultimately, I realized that self-help books and 12-step programs offer a false hope at best. I’m convinced that people who put their faith in these types of things — or in psychologists, psychiatrists or any cult leader for that matter — are avoiding the real causes of their problems and are just masking their symptoms instead. The seductiveness of the quick fixes offered by traditional treatments and therapies is very powerful, and even if they don’t work they offer at least temporary relief from the fear and pain of our abused younger selves. In the best of cases, groups like Al-Anon can momentarily help people cope with unhealthy situations and survive another day inside their emotional prisons, but they can’t resolve people’s problems. Everyone I encountered in Al-Anon was just reenacting his or her childhood drama like everyone else. The unhealthy, cult-like devotion they invested in the group was actually getting in the way of their true happiness because the group was just filling in for their parents and keeping them blind to the truth. In an email to a reader, Alice Miller writes that “even smart people become stuck in confusion for years if the ‘healers’ demand from them the same as the parents did from the child: to stay blind, to forgive, to make amends, not to make troubles. The fear of the parents, stored up in the body, can make a person obedient and sick forever. I hope that you can overcome this fear by seeing through the hypocrisy of your helpers.”62 “It is a great mistake to imagine that one can resolve traumas in a symbolic fashion,” Alice Miller writes in The Drama of the Gifted Child. “If that were possible, poets, painters, and other artists would be able to resolve their pain through creativity. This is not the case, however. Creativity helps us channel the pain of trauma into symbolic acts; it doesn’t help us resolve it. If symbolic revenge for maltreatment received in childhood were effective, then dictators would eventually stop humiliating and torturing their fellow human beings. As long as they choose to deceive themselves about who really deserves their hatred, however, and as long as they go on feeding that hatred in symbolic form instead of experiencing and resolving it within the context of their own childhood, their hunger for revenge will remain insatiable.”63

The question to Alice Miller and her answer below came to mind:

Borut Petrovic Jesenovec: Human blindness to abuse can be astonishing. Even when confronted with their own obvious abuse, people still believe in the myth of being loved, and keep abusing their children (and children of others). How would you most effectively "open their eyes" to what they are doing? Is this possible at all?

Alice Miller: I can’t open the eyes of others; they will quickly close them again, and they don’t want to see – or they are afraid to see – the truth because they expect to be punished by their parents or by God who represents them. I can only open my own eyes and say what I am seeing. And sometimes people feel encouraged to open one eye or even both. They are then surprised that they were not punished, that they feel even relief since they have stopped betraying themselves.

Above excerpt from How to combat denial

Interview given by Alice Miller to Borut Petrovic Jesenovec in July 2005

Monica's facebook comment Cannot, not agree with you. I would like to think he is different from Deepak and Osho type of illusionists i.e. he was genuine and believed what he 'prescribed' in his books to help people even though they were 'aspirins' not 'antibiotics' unlike money making machines like Osho, Tony Robins, Deepak's who exploit desperate human beings.

Sylvie Imelda Shene They used to be my favorite charlatans! I loved listening to them both! They were my medication for many years!!! They are both the same, selling an illusion, maybe just packaged differently and you just liked his package better.

Monica Chelagat If he sold his product knowing they are illusions that is charlatanism and is unforgivable.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Even if he believes his own illusions and seductive lies, they still are illusions and a charlatan, just because people believe their own seductive lies. it doesn't make them less of a fraud.

More comments from the sharing of this post on Facebook:

Donald Warner Parker "Resolving childhood repression is the vaccine against the charlatans of the world who exploit those who are still emotionally blinded by the unresolved, repressed emotions of the children they once were." --Sylvie Imelda Shene quote from her book A Dance to Freedom: Your Guide to Liberation from Lies and Illusions page 172

Sylvie Imelda Shene Yes Donald, resolving our childhood repression is the vaccine against the lies of the charlatans of the world who exploit those who are still emotionally blinded by the unresolved, repressed emotions of the child they once were.
I have no doubt if I ha
d not resolved my childhood repression, I would not have survived the mob of psychopaths at my last job attacking me with their lies and methodical orchestrated smear campaign to destroy me, so they could go on as usual with their pretty facades that hide their true evil self. I can only imagine how many souls they have destroyed murdered in their lifetime. I’m probably the only one they set out to destroy and they were not able to. I guess they didn’t believe what I wrote in my book and they were confident they could destroy me like all the people they have destroyed in their past that had confronted and challenged them.

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