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The Roots of Sexism and the Hate for Women

Comments on Lawrence R. Gelber facebook post

Lawrence R. Gelber If you have negative feelings about Mrs. Clinton based on Benghazi, you have allowed yourself to be manipulated by a concerted political effort (at YOUR financial expense if you are an American taxpayer) to manipulate your thinking. Congratulations.

Carol Kay Mazerolle My negative feelings about her are unrelated to Benghazi. Are they permissible?

Larry D. Epstein Carol Kay Mazerolle Kay beat me to that comment.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Most people negative feelings towards Hillary come from the unresolved repressed feelings of the child they once were towards their own mothers, NOW, transferred into other women in power positions symbolizing their own mothers. Here are the roots of sexism and hate for women in our society start.

Carol Kay Mazerolle So what are the people who like HRC repressing?

Sylvie Imelda Shene Maybe the people that like Hillary had an understanding, caring, loving and protective mother and don't feel threatened by women in general.

Lawrence R. Gelber Carol Kay Mazerolle Everybody is free to like or dislike whomever they please. And of course, we can like or dislike whomever we please for any or no reason. However, if someone premises a like or dislike based upon a particular fact and that fact is shown to be inaccurate, it serves everyone to have it pointed out.

Carol Kay Mazerolle I just disagree with the implication that only those who dislike her are being manipulated as well as acting out repressed feelings. We are all manipulated in one way or another and to some extent, we all have repressed feelings that influence our behavior. My sister and I have the same mother. My sister is an enthusiastic HRC supporter and I do not care for her. We also both adore Bernie and dislike Trump intensely. I don't place much credence in psychoanalyzing strangers based on their political inclinations toward just one candidate ... especially in a race that pits two candidates with such high negativity ratings.

Lawrence R. Gelber Of course. The question always exists as to why negativity ratings are there. The Benghazi investigation was a complete sham, particularly in light of all the embassy and consulate deaths ( a far far far far greater number) under the Bush administration that did not raise one congressional eyebrow. Many people dislike Hillary just because of Benghazi. I certainly do not agree with all her policies, and I especially hate her (and Obama's) embrace of fracking. But voting is a strategic game. The GOP played Benghazi very well and to great advantage. But it was a sham.

Sylvie Imelda Shene I feel the repressed hate coming from Carol! Maybe you liked Bernie, because you're unconsciously looking for a father figure to finally save you. Because there is no much difference between Hillary and Bernie! 

Carol Kay Mazerolle There is a huge difference between HRC and Sanders.

Sylvie Imelda Shene He has a dick and she doesn't...

Carol Kay Mazerolle You are very offensive.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Yes, i have learned the truth in our society is offensive...

Lawrence R. Gelber Not really; the difference is more in spin than anything else. Jill Stein recently took one of those online quizzes that test your political convergence with the various candidates. She was 99% aligned with Bernie and 91% aligned with Hillary. Not a vast difference at all. If you look at Bernie's voting record, while it is true he voted not to give leeway to George Bush in Iraq, he in fact previously voted twice for Iraqi regime change. And if you read Hil's speech when she, as a freshman senator joined 71 others to in fact give Bush that leeway, she was very clear that she was opposed to war, trusted Bush (big mistake) [or believed he was entitled to the benefit of the doubt] and thought that the vote would provide room for a diplomatic resolution. The only difference between Bernie and Hillary on Syria is her preference for a no fly zone. Bernie is against fracking; she is not. Bernie, however, is FOR drones bombing and has been lobbying Saudi Arabia to step up its bombing of ISIS positions.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Thank you, Lawrence! For the detailed comment illustrating that there's no much difference between Hillary and Bernie. I personally find Bernie a weak person and Hillary a much stronger person --- making her more qualified to be president.

Lawrence R. Gelber Sylvie Imelda Shene Hillary is far more qualified. Bernie has become adept at inspiring rhetoric - Hillary is a policy wonk. But she clearly demonstrated her courage, balance, intelligence and presidential demeanor when she submitted to the marathon Benghazi deposition. When she spoke of women's right's as human rights in Beijing in 1995, she demonstrated for the world how inspiring she could actually be. In fact, some of her speeches after the recent primaries were also quite inspiring. It's kind of "cool" to jump on the "she's not likable" bandwagon, but the fact is, she is quite likable. She's a politician, so that carries its own negativity, but that's not a substantive reason to like or dislike her candidacy, because once you run for office, you are a politician too. Bernie's "revolution now" is far more exciting in a certain way than Hillary's "incremental change". But the former is not realistic and the latter is not only realistic but in the hands of an experienced leader, doable. Importantly, Hillary is donating to down-ballot candidates and her coattail will be much longer than Bernie's ever will.

Sylvie Imelda Shene I agree with every word you wrote, Lawrence

Lawrence R. Gelber You're kind. Thank you Sylvie.

Larry D. Epstein Carol Kay Mazerolle whom I know and love as Kay, you simply cannot compete with Sylvie Imelda Shene in knowledge. You are ONLY a retired government lawyer. She is an author and a former veteran of a different trade. I got this from an Italian site promoting her book. "As a topless dancer, Sylvie Imelda Shene was the consummate professional. She was in it for the money and the fitness benefits and had one important rule - never date the customers. Life was great until she succumbed to the charms of a man she couldn't resist." I'm searching near and far to uncover her credentials as a psychologist. So far, I haven't. It seems that the source of her infinite knowledge is her affiliation with Alice Miller, Ph.D., a Swiss Psychologist. Kay, you better repress that hate "camping" (?) from you and quit seeking a father figure. That attack on you was vicious, unwarranted, and unknowledgeable.

Teresa Spoone Larry D. Epstein - again I must call foul. You of ALL people should not be castigating anyone for "vicious, unwarranted, and unknowledgeable " attacks. You specialize in several of those particular categories and take great delight in making attacks like those you disclaim on a daily basis. My only beef here is with your feigned sense of offense. Now I will return my nose to my own business.

Lawrence R. Gelber It's fascinating to me that you are willing to lacerate people for their lesser evolved pasts, but not willing to give any credit for overcoming obstacles and correcting their path. How does lifting yourself up deserve mockery?

Larry D. Epstein Teresa Spoone I was defending a dear friend honorably retired from the practice of Law against "vicious, unwarranted, and unknowledgeable" attacks by a woman with very light credentials if any at all. That's just a fact. I admit to making vicious attacks on my own behalf and on behalf of my dearest friends. I contend that my attacks are never "unwarranted" and are rarely "unknowledgeable."

Larry D. Epstein Lawrence R. Gelber Are you blind? That woman was playing psychologist giving her unsolicited opinion of what's wrong with Kay Mazerolle's ideas. Believe it or not, if some lunatic came after you without justification and without proper credentials, Iwould kick some ass on your behalf. The only person you ever discipline on your timeline is me. That author needed to be put in her place. And, don't even try to call that a sexist remark!

Larry D. Epstein Furthermore, you had a responsibility to defend Kay who was so shocked that she could only retort "You are offensive."

Cynthia Backlund Alice Miller's work and writings have helped to change millions of lives for the better. I, for one, will always be grateful for her insights. How sad it is here, for one who cultivates no kindness from strangers, and who does not appear to value self-reflection or restraint. How lonely it must be where he is.

Larry D. Epstein Cynthia Backlund, you are not a careful reader. I was not bashing Alice Miller. And, madame, I am not a lonely man. My brilliance draws big crowds.

Teresa Spoone Larry D. Epstein while I admire your loyalty to our friend - I'm not sure your trotting out personal information you glean from your researching of others is warranted. Kay is brilliant and does a mighty fine job of defending her OWN positions. Contrary to what you and I both (have a tendency in deluding ourselves to) believe, we are not the gatekeepers to the fount of wisdom.

Cynthia Backlund I read every word of yours with utmost care. I am always hoping there might be even one small indication of kindness.

Teresa Spoone Kay Mazerolle is a brilliant woman who (although she may appreciate the intentions) doesn't NEED you Larry D. Epstein,Lawrence R. Gelber, or anyone ELSE to "defend" her. When it comes to intellect she could probably teach ALL of us a thing or two.

Lawrence R. Gelber Larry D. Epstein please do not ever act on my behalf or kick some ass on my behalf. You can agree with me or disagree with me, but like Kay, I can take care of myself.

Sylvie Imelda Shene I’m used to people trying to put me in my place! First of all, I’m not ashamed of my past. I was an honest and a clean dancer. I enjoyed dancing, having a fit body from all the dancing and of course enjoyed the extra money! If dancing was still clean like it was in the mid-80s and 90s and I was still young! I would be doing it right NOW! I was a lot safer working as a dancer than I was in my so-called “real” job of nine and half years. While I was a dancer, I never was emotionally harassed by a mob of sociopaths like I was in my so-called “real” job!

My credentials are from my personal experiences and not from memorized abstract information from a university. Education alone is just another illusion. Just like Alice Miller, my enlightened witness, wrote to one of her readers: “I think that if you want to help children you need to work with parents on THEIR HISTORIES and to help them to find out what hinders them to be the parents their children need so that they could feel protected, respected, and loved. To do this work with a clear knowledge of your own history could help you more than a university degree.”

If a degree from a university freed people from their own emotional prisons, then Larry would be happy joyous and free and not dependent on substances like nicotine. He is unconsciously and compulsively showing us how he was treated as a child. Just like Petra Helm wrote in the foreword of my book: “Sylvie Imelda Shene can see what happened to people as small children. She can also predict their futures. She’s not psychic or clairvoyant, but she knows that people unconsciously and compulsively tell the true and traumatic stories of their childhoods by repeating, reenacting and recreating them in the present moment.

Sylvie realized this was happening to her, and to everyone around her when she became a devotee of Alice Miller in the year 2000 at the age of 41. Miller, a Swiss psychologist, achieved worldwide renown in the 1980s and 1990s for her books about how the repressed emotions of childhood traumas can have a huge influence on the course of our lives, forcing people into a state of compulsive repetition that keeps them stuck in childhood without knowing it.

Miller’s writings intrigued Sylvie from the day she started reading them. And ultimately, Miller’s work became the only thing that could free Sylvie from her emotional prison and save her from an abusive relationship with a man named Marty. Marty was a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike who Sylvie met when she was a topless dancer in the 1990s — a job she turned into a lucrative career that spanned nearly 18 years.

Unlike the typical guy who approached Sylvie at the strip club where she worked, Marty forced Sylvie to break all her rules. And he triggered all the painful feelings from her early years of being unwanted, emotionally abandoned and neglected by the people closest to her.

Sylvie did everything she could to win Marty’s love and affection, from forgiving his affairs and feeding his drug habits to buying him a $7,000 Honda VFR750F sport touring motorcycle. She knew she was in a sick place, but Marty had gained complete control over her.

Sylvie turned to self-help books and a 12-step program for guidance, hoping to become the loving person who could get Marty to change. It was a reference in a book Sylvie was reading — Codependents’ Guide to the 12 Steps by Melody Beattie — that led Sylvie to Alice Miller’s Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society’s Betrayal of the Child. Sylvie knew just from the subtitle that she had found something important. Sylvie read the book and liked it, but set it aside because she was hoping to get a quick fix from her Al-Anon group.

Four or five years later, when Sylvie and Marty’s relationship was at its worst, Sylvie was brought to her knees — not to be taken to God as her 12-step program prescribed, but to finally confront the reality of the repressed child she once was. Sylvie returned to the works of Alice Miller, refusing to be distracted by groups that only gave the illusion of love and an empty promise of salvation. She read Thou Shalt Not Be Aware again, along with all of Alice Miller’s other books.

This time, Sylvie realized how she was unconsciously and compulsively reenacting her childhood drama — not only with Marty but also with members of her 12-step group and just about everyone else she had relationships with. Alice Miller became Sylvie’s “enlightened witness,” — in the sense of truly knowing how to heal — and helped Sylvie truly feel the intense feelings of the repressed child she once was for the first time in her life.”

Cynthia Backlund Sylvie Imelda Shene I thank you for your honesty and courage.

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