Friday, October 13, 2017

Open Letter to Jimmy Kimmel

Last week I sent the letter below to Jimmy Kimmel along with a copy of my book.  I hope his staff brought it to his attention!

Dear Jimmy,

I saw a video on the internet of your emotional reaction to the Las Vegas Massacre.  I am surprised what we witnessed happening in Las Vegas doesn't happen more often.

The question is: how can we defuse these time bombs in people’s brains from exploding in the future?

If your emotions are genuine and you would really like to help prevent these senseless acts of violence from happening in the future then we must find the courage to face our own personal painful truths.

The real evil in our society is society’s collective childhood repression. And if we want to stop being a danger to ourselves, others or both we must face childhood repression.

I’m all for gun control, but all it prevents is the number of people they hurt at one time and these very sick or repressed people will still go on hurting others on a smaller scale. Even if they only hurt one person or one animal at a time, it’s still bad.  Why do we only pay attention when it’s a mass shooting!?  Society needs to ask why some men are so angry and where this anger comes from and why!?

Anger is not a dangerous emotion, it only becomes dangerous when it’s repressed and directed at scapegoats.

Like my enlightened witness, Alice Miller wrote to me before her passing in 2010: “Thank you for your thoughtful letter. I agree with you that there is a difference between the powerless, legitimate rage of a desperate child that reacts to the cruelty of their parents and the rage of the adult who is attacking others out of denial of their history by imitating the behavior of their own parents from the position of “power” (even grandiosity). The first rage (of the child) should be felt and expressed in therapy, it can then be RESOLVED. The second one (of the adult), directed toward scapegoats, can NEVER be resolved (see dictators). If therapists see it as an endpoint of their therapies and don’t enable the patients to confront the early parents and the feelings of that time, then they do much HARM to them. Staying trapped in the hatred toward scapegoats can’t be the successful end of a therapy. I hope that you can continue your work if you have this difference in mind and can also explain it in your forum.”

I wrote a book that shows how I used Alice Miller’s enlightening information to resolve my own repression and free myself from my own emotional prison. I’m enclosing a copy of A Dance to Freedom: Your Guide to Liberation from Lies and Illusions.  I hope you like it!

I lost my job of nine-and-a-half years for writing and publishing a book that tells the truth and exposes the lies and illusions of our society that keeps everyone repressed and feeds the violence we constantly witness in this world.

No one should lose their job for speaking out and exposing the lies that keeps millions of us repressed.

I was treated like a criminal at my job, but exactly a year later after being emotionally harassed and losing my job, my boss, an ex-sheriff,  the true criminal that was projecting himself at me, shot himself in a police standoff March 11, 2016, after robbing a bank. But it’s been a big cover-up by the FBI and US Marshals. 

The media never revealed his name, a white man, and an ex-sheriff. But if it was a poor little woman or anyone from any other minority group, their name and face would have been splashed on all the news stations. If a white man commits a crime it only gets media attention if it kills a lot of people, and even then, white criminals are never called terrorists and thugs like the criminals of others minority groups.

I tried to get the media’s attention to my story but the silence from the media is deafening. You are welcome to read my letters to the media at my website

I hope your tears were genuine and you really care. Hopefully, you can help me share my story with the general public. Not because it’s my book or my story, but because it’s urgent for society to understand the damaging effects of childhood repression and how it turns people into sociopaths and psychopaths who do everything from intimidating women in the workplace to using the political system to prop themselves up and keep others down. 

Alice Miller knew what she was talking about when she recognized the damage parents can do to their children. The world is in dire need for a conversation about what we can do to stop the madness.

Thank you for your attention,

Sylvie Shene

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