Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Labels are not Helpful

Hi E,

Reading this article Dismissing Attachment and the Search for Love describes many people we know. I loved this article because it describes many people's emotional state without calling them, sociopaths or psychopaths! It's very well written with compassion and without labels. 

Since my experience at my job of nine and half years with people incapable of love and truth  --  I have a tendency to call them sociopaths -- which they are -- but labels are not helpful and I need to try to stop calling them sociopaths. 

But then someone comes along who really cares and says, “I love you.” And now all of that suppressed yearning wants to rush back from the suppressed past. But our dismissing friend cannot tolerate being so vulnerable and needy, so he feels angry at that reaction which threatens his hard-fought security, and he needs to push it away. So he pushes away the one who offers him, love. ...If he starts to run away, tell him how much you care, but don’t run after him. Remember, a starving and scared dog may very much want to be rescued... but that doesn’t mean he won’t bite you."  Read more HERE

Soooooooooooooooo true!!! This is why Marty run! Very good article! If you have time you should read it! 

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