Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Letter to N

Dear N,
I was just going through my notes and notice that I never answer your last e-mail. 

Re-reading your last e-mail made me sad too because you accuse me of doing things that I never did and to be the cause of your fears and anger. I cannot reflect on wrongdoing and apologize for something that I know in my heart I did nothing wrong. If someone was insulted, it should have been me with L’s friend personal attacks towards me, so if someone needed to reflect and apologize was others and not me, but I never asked for anyone's apology and I did not delete or blocked anyone in anger, so who’s anger got triggered and lost her balance? I think you are seeing your anger in me, transference is something that is very hard to avoid and of course is never easy to handle, but because I understand it, others anger transferred at me, it does not make me lose my balance anymore. The information you accused me of taking out of a private group, that, I was not even part of, so I could not ever taking anything from that group, but that information was in fact in a public post and that is why I saw it. People that post details of their lives in public posts in order to manipulate people and get pity from others is very unhealthy and when someone stands up and defend themselves against their manipulations they can become very mean and nasty by accusing others of being abusive when in fact they are the ones being abusive with their very sneak manipulations by playing the victim card to get pity to manipulate others.   


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