Friday, August 31, 2012

My comment on a forum about psychopaths/sociopaths

From my experience with psychopaths/sociopaths they all had trauma in childhood and even before birth while still in the womb and some also had a very traumatic childbirth. But if they had parents capable of  genuine feelings and true love, they would have been able to heal the trauma of a difficult birth. 

Even though I have compassion for the child they once were, I don’t have compassion for the adults they have become, because as adults, we all have a choice to open our eyes to see and feel. 

Alice Miller called Hitler a monster and she too could feel compassion for the child he once was, but had no compassion for the monster he became. The reason psychopaths can sometimes be hard to spot is because they have memorized good knowledge and mimic us, so we think they are like us, but without genuinely experiencing it at the personal level, they are like robots, they become perfect machines going into the world deceiving themselves and others, they are telling lies coated with disconnected truths to allure people into their trap, so they can use and exploit them, the only reason they want to educate themselves and get knowledge is not to help themselves and others, but to use what they have learned to manipulate others to help them in their schemes to fool everyone and get over others without feeling any remorse, they don’t care who they destroy in the process, as long they get what they want, it’s all about getting what they want.  

Barbara Rogers was very good at her game and that is why she was able to fool Alice Miller, but in the moment she was caught and Alice Miller confronted her, she attacked like all psychopaths do and take with them those that are not able to see through them and believe their lies.

You saying that I am projecting my emotional qualities into the psychopaths, maybe is true to some extent, we all can project ourselves unconsciously into others, but we could say that maybe you are also projecting your denied emotional qualities into the psychopaths, because people incapable of genuine feelings would make them perfect target for people that can’t bear to feel their own painful excruciating repressed feelings of the child they once were, it goes both ways, nobody is perfect, we all were once defenseless children at the mercy of ignorant adults and we all like it or not  have been affected by our own childhood to an extent, some more than others.,28551.15.html#lastPost

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