Saturday, December 2, 2017

Review of Alice Miller's Books and Some Great Videos of Her Work

I was googling my name yesterday morning I came across this German website  

The author shares reviews of books that helped him with his own personal development. 

I'm happy to read my book also gave him a  lot of inspiration!

Books about personal development

"It's hard for me to name a specific book. From every book by Alice Miller, I took something with me and learned something.
Allice Miller talks about uncomfortable issues that have huge consequences for our society. It focuses on the widespread child maltreatment and its effects. Unfortunately, the truths about child abuse are still denied or not perceived by many people.
When reading Alice Miller's books, I had many aha moments. I now understand my fellow human beings and their motivations much better. But above all, I understand myself better. The help of Alice Miller is a gift that I can not put into words.

"If you do not know Alice Miller yet, I recommend you this book. The book as a preface to Alice Miller's books.
The author explains, taking herself as an example of how we are influenced by our past - and how we can rid ourselves of the negative effects.
This book shows that Alice Miller's thesis is not an abstract theory but actually works. This book gave me a lot of inspiration and a positive future perspective. I hope it can do the same for you." Read more HERE

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