Thursday, December 14, 2017

There are Predators Everywhere

Tom Hanks Talks Sexual Harassment Allegations Plaguing The Entertainment Industry

I was the target of a mob of the worst kind of predators in a community where I worked for nine and half years! “The bad stuff can happen on a movie as well. There are some people who go into this business because they get off on having power,” he said. “And the times they feel the most powerful, which is why they went into the business, are when they are hitting on somebody who’s underneath them, [and] I don’t necessarily mean completely sexually. There are predators absolutely everywhere.” Read  more HERE

Yes, the sociopaths at my job of nine and half years did all these things, after I published my book to try to make me go crazy to declare me mentally unstable and discredit my book, so they could go on with their facades, lies, and illusions as usual.

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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