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Comments on my YouTube BB Video

This guy AL made comments on my YouTube BB video offering to help me make more videos and help me promote my YouTube channel, but of course, like most people out there, he was not real and when I told him that reading my book was a prerequisite, he deleted all his comments with my replies, but today going through my old notes I found a few of my replies to him and one of his comments that I will share below.

I need to confess that when I said in the BB video audition tape I had become a big fan of the show I was trying to get on the good side of the producers because I thought was a great way for people to see I'm real and share with the world the truth that can set one free.

I used to think if people got the right information at the right time it could make all the difference, but now I don’t think it matters much, because most people rather be distracted than face and consciously feel their own painful truths.

Just like happened at my job of nine and half years that as long they thought or had the illusion I was inferior to them, they acted like very nice people, using me as a pawn to fool me and others into think, they are nice people with their illusion of love, but after they read my book they knew I knew and their illusion of love and kindness ended overnight and they started the very well psychological warfare to try to regress me into the state of the wounded child and hoping I would self-destruct, they wanted me dead, in jail or mental hospital. To them, my destruction was better than looking in the mirror to face their painful truths and feel the pain to become real. 

After I published my book I was treated like I had committed a crime! But exactly a year later we saw who was the true criminal, but now is a big cover-up by the FBI, US Marshals, and the Media.  

It took me almost a lifetime to liberate myself from all the lies and illusions of our society and now that I am 60 years old! I just want to be left alone to enjoy my freedom and not deal with phony people anymore.

I wanted to believe in people and thinking they were many people, like me, out there that really want the real naked truth, no matter how painful. But thanks to publishing my memoir I came to see the real face of humanity and for that, I’m glad I went through all the trouble to publish my book! Because now I really know the truth about most people that they rather kill you and be killed than face their own painful truth.

People love to talk about the importance of mental health and removing the stigma, but it’s all a lie. If it was true I would not had become the target of a mob of sociopaths after I published my memoir A Dance to Freedom, especially by those proclaiming to be in the mental health industry, that have tried so hard to regress me to the state of the wounded child and bring me back into an emotional prison. Most people are born, live and die in an emotional prison. 

I really feel for anyone that their childhood has left them so wounded that an enlightened witness in the book form is not enough and they literarily need to lean on someone or institution for help.

Because the chances of finding a true enlightened witness in the health care field are very slim. Most “helpers” are helping themselves looking for followers to endless stay dependent or in the state of the child and are not one bit interested in encouraging your autonomy or your growth -- into a mature conscious adult -- and if you cannot create a safe space for yourself and the strength and courage to stand alone to face your childhood repression to consciously face and feel the repressed feelings of the child you once were -- and allow old wounds to heal -- if you are dependent on others to help you-you might wait all of your life and never find a true enlightened witness to give you the support you need and you might never be able to break free and endless stay trapped in the emotional prison of your childhood.

What was I thinking that Big Brother producers would be interested in real liberated people, like me, for the show, they want repressed people unconsciously and compulsively reenacting their childhood dramas for them to exploit. People like me triggers their repressed fears and the fears of being exposed. It was interesting to see Julie Chen and Les Moonves this last season become the reality show themselves!

Al, thank you for your comment. It's constantly in my mind that I need to do at least one more video because I like to keep my promises -- so I will do at least one more video one of these days.

Making the BB video was a little difficult for me because I would keep mispronouncing my words and I would have to start over. It was very tiring to shoot the video.  I’m extremely dyslexic and it doesn’t only affect my writing. It also affects my speech. Sometimes I think about getting a teleprompter to help me with the making of videos. But to tell you the truth I think humanity has passed the point of no return and I have given up on humanity. I don't think it matters what anyone does -- it will not make much difference in our world.

These words by Leo Tolstoy could not be truer: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” This is the problem with our society. No one wants to look in the mirror and face themselves.

I would like to reach people that are in the same place I once was -- searching for the truth -- that can set us free - waiting to hear the naked truth from someone else -- and validate their perceptions that they are not crazy! No one should have to wait as long as I did to hear the naked truth from someone else.

Alice Miller was such a witness for me and now I have written a book sharing my journey of how I liberated myself with Alice Miller books as my enlightened witness and if people want to find the truth that can set us free, they need to dig hard for it as I did -- because the liars of this world will work very hard day and night to block the truth and keep in the dark the real state of affairs.

I'm glad Big Brother didn't call me because I didn't really want to be locked up in a house full of repressed people telling their true stories with their unconscious and compulsive reenactments. To tell you the truth NOW I'm at the point in my life that I just want to be left alone to enjoy my freedom. It has been a long journey! 

Yes, most therapists keep themselves and others stuck in an emotional prison -- the therapist playing the role of the parent and their patients endlessly stuck in the role of the child.

Most therapists have mastered the art of manipulation to perfection -- to regress people to the state of the defenseless child -- and keep them in an emotional prison to use and exploit for transference effect to temporally alleviate their own repression.

if he was real and really wanted to help me he would not have deleted his comments with my replies! And if he had read my book first -- he would never -- have written these words: "If I could take all the pain away I would, but if it makes you stronger"

He would know I'm no longer in pain and I don't agree with society's slogan: what doesn't kill you make you stronger, because those of us that have worked through our childhood repression knows what doesn't kill us make us weaker -- and until we have resolved our childhood repression --  we will be endlessly chuckled into the chains of compulsion repetition. 

just like I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom: Your Guide to Liberation from Lies and Illusions page 107 and 108:

"The typical methods people use to search for answers — which are really ways to run away from the truth — are futile because our real, repressed story continues to attempt to make itself heard no matter what we do. Alice Miller believed that our true plight, the root cause of all our repeated problems, will keep trying to gain our attention in more extreme ways until we finally take notice. Alice Miller describes addiction, for example, as a way for someone in despair to get rid of his or her memory. But this method of self-medication is unsustainable. “This ‘solution’ is no longer needed if the goal is exactly the opposite, if you want to remember, if you want to feel your plight and to understand its reasons, if you slowly become aware of why you were so afraid of acknowledging the reasons,” she writes. “This can happen once you decide to stop running away, to stop betraying yourself, to allow the truth to enter your consciousness. You decide to do so because you finally understand that everything else is useless and because you no longer want to watch your life go by before having even begun to live. You decide to stop betraying yourself because you understand that only you can give yourself the love and care you never received and that you can’t do that as long as you deny the truth.”59 They say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but I think they have it all wrong. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, more repressed and more vulnerable to illness and disease.”
AL: If I could take all the pain away I would, but if it makes you stronger then it's still a positive outcome and then as a friend I'd offer a promise to share it with you so you don't have to face everything all alone. There is no law that says you have to struggle alone and definitely nothing that forces you to carry the weight on your shoulders, the real crime here is third parties (parasites and vultures) extorting money from people in need of this help and support in guise of caring and compassion when they clearly have none and no heart. So I'd create a bubble in my heart just for you to be safe and well... knowing I expect nothing in return and I do it here for you when/if you need it without any reservations. 💕 Sylvie: Thank you for writing. I don’t like to tell people to read my book, but it's prerequisite…

Read my blog Experienced Knowledge about my experience with emotional harassment in the workplace.

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