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Comments on a Facebook Post About a Book on Oprah's Book Club

Sylvie Imelda Shene If Oprah notices them, it means they wrote books with old recycled half-truths and seductive lies and illusions. Oprah loves to promote half-truths that allures people in and seductive lies and illusions that make people feel good temporally and superficially. Oprah is a cult leader that promotes other cult leaders. She is a big illusion!

L. K.: Sylvie, while I agree with you about Oprah, you can't discount all of the books she has promoted. This is a lovely memoir written honestly with great courage.
Oprah is exploitive, self-absorbed, disingenuous, and over-rated. Some of the work she does makes the world a better place. I was horrified with Obama gave her a national award.

Sylvie Imelda Shene L, I am glad you can see Oprah is exploitive, congratulations! She was exploited as a child and now she has reenacted her childhood drama on the stage of the world by exploiting the whole world under the disguise of help. I don’t doubt this is a lovely memoir and written with courage, but the author must have fallen into the same illusions or traps that Oprah has fallen into that promise healing and salvation, but actually perpetuates our blindness, reinforces our repression and the fears of resolving it, if the author had become close to shattering Oprah’s illusions, she would not be promoting their book. Some of Oprah’s work all it does is a bandage, a temporary and superficially fix that blinds the public and reinforces the public’s repression that the future generation will have to pay the price for it. “I constantly witness many people going public with their sad, tragic stories in an effort to manipulate people into feeling sorry for them and feeding their adult compulsions and perversions. They don’t want the truth. They only wish to avoid their own pain. These people are exploiting the wounded children they once were, just like their parents or parent-substitutes exploited them when they were defenseless little children. They keep themselves and others endlessly stuck in their childhood dramas, where they play either the role of the victim or the perpetrator.” From my book A Dance to Freedom page, 174
Remember the book A Million Little Pieces by James Frey that was selling the same illusions Oprah also sales, but his story was not even based on real events and facts. Oprah only promotes authors selling the same old recycled illusions. When that book came out I was going through the channels and saw him on Oprah, I listen to him for a little bit and I could tell he was full of BS. If Oprah really had resolved her own repression, she too would have been able to see that he was full of BS. Oprah is passing to the world her psychological virus and the abuse she received in her childhood, but she is passing it in a converted way and under the disguise of help. All Oprah has done  in her life was to reverse the roles, now she is the all-powerful, just like her abusers were to her, she could not have confronted her abusers when she was little and now no one will be able to confront her either, because she has too much power. What is very sad is that her and people like her make a lots of money deceiving themselves and the whole world. It makes me sick to my stomach.

L.K.: I think Oprah's ego has much more to do with her faults than childhood abuse. The support of problematic influencers is required in most fields. Oprah is not someone mentioned on C's Facebook page. She was at a film festival. You are making too much of one photo.

Sylvie Imelda Shene The book was chosen by Oprah Winfrey for Oprah's Book club.
If the author had become close to shattering Oprah's and society's illusions, her book would never have been in Oprah’s book club, period. Oprah wants to keep her illusions and repression intact and for that, she needs to keep the public blind and will never promote a book that will truly enlighten the public.

L.K.: I don't think it's that complicated. Sometimes people act with little insight. She's more cluelessly and selfishly exploitive not excluding good things for people.

G.B.: It's so much simpler than that L. Oprah is a businesswoman who sells what people buy.

L. K.: That's true, but she puts peoples needs after her own ambition. She did an interview with a famous author who chose to marry a gay man that was so hurtful, the author whose name I can't remember talking about it on an NPR program. She infamously insisted on doing an interview with Jacee Duggard despite JD's objections. Sylvie, W had helped a lot of people and is a great work. Oprah might read the New York Times. It still stands alone. Isn't it possible that Oprah got it right? Not all of her books were poorly chosen.
Truthfully, I'm not crazy about some of Toni Morrison's work and she will always be revered. Traditionally thinking did not allow Toni to base her analysis on reason.

Sylvie Imelda Shene G., Oprah is a cult leader that promotes other cult leaders, period. Oprah like all cult leaders learned early on that the public loves very well-articulated half-baked concepts and very seductive lies and illusions that ring like truth, and they have exploited the public’s weakness to maximize their profits to feed their own addictions, especially the addiction to money and power. If their followers had not been deceived and exploited by their own parents or parents’ substitutes when they were defenseless little children, they would never fall for cult leaders symbolizing their parents deceiving them in the same way. People that are born from love and raised in truth will recognize the lies in our society. Everything we become and happens to us is connected to childhood. And this is a fact. Cult leaders have mastered the art of manipulation, so they can keep their own repressions intact and manage their own fears. I would love to be at Oprah’s deathbed because old age and death are the best triggers to awaken childhood repression and fears, and no matter how much money and power a person has will no longer work to keep their own repression intact, it will come up to the surface like a volcano. “Since the beginning of human history, priests, teachers, gurus, psychics, doctors, philosophers, and psychologists have all duped people into thinking they could provide real assistance, when it was never possible because the healers were also victims of their own childhoods.” From my book A Dance to Freedom: Your Guide to Liberation from Lies and Illusion, page 131. I am sure Oprah will never have my book in her book club because it exposes hers and her followers' very well-articulated seductive lies and shutters all their illusions and that’s the last thing in this world they want.

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