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Talking About Psychopaths and School Grades

Hi E,
X just called me! But I didn’t take the call and he did not leave a message. I am not calling him back, because I know he is looking for a fight, so he can project his anger at me and have me express his disowned anger and then accuse me of being angry, and then shame me for being angry so he can also transfer his repressed shame into me. He thinks I am stupid, but I am not playing his game, I refuse to go there with him, I tried in 2008 and if he has not learned anything since then, he is not going to and I am moving on. All these years I kept a distance, because I felt something was not right about him and never felt completely safe with him and now I got the proof that my gut feeling has been right all along!

Isn’t interesting that the best way to find out who your real friends are is when you are down or when you are about to create something great. X’s intense repressed jealousy being triggered is a sign that we are about to achieve greatness! And if he had the courage to face and feel his own repression he could be part of it, but instead he letting his unresolved repressed emotions sabotage it, in order to keep his idealized mother and childhood intact, he rather be a sociopath and try destroy me. His jealousy being triggered like this is the best compliment on the great job you did! Because if it was bad he wouldn’t be this worried that my book might make it and to try to destroy me. He is showing all the signs of a sociopath/psychopath. Sociopaths/psychopaths will go to any lengths to achieve what they want, if they have children they will even exploit and use their own children to achieve their means.

While the average person spends a good portion of the day thinking about those she loves (children, husband, parents, friends), a sociopath doesn't have these emotional ties with anyone. Instead, she will spend all that time plotting to take you down and destroy you either literally or figuratively. Even removing yourself from the sphere of the sociopath's influence may only work for a while. You must remain consistent. Do not let the sociopath fool you a second time with his or her charm. Do not believe the person has changed. Most therapists agree that sociopaths cannot be treated effectively. Instead, take steps to protect yourself and your family. Consider drastic solutions like moving, changing jobs and making new friends. Remember that it is all a game to the sociopath. She or he does not care if you're hurt. The only goal they have is winning. The only way you can beat a sociopath is to get away from a sociopath. Accept the harsh reality. Sociopaths do not change. Perhaps you've come to the conclusion that you are dealing with a sociopath. You've read the key symptoms and they describe this person perfectly. You've read the True Lovefraud stories, and you recognize the behaviors. So what do you do now? Accept the reality that a sociopath will never change.”
Psychopaths Masters at Deceiving

These words by Alice Miller could not be truer: "...because he is, like every psychopath, not at all interested in understanding himself, only in controlling, misleading and manipulating others. Obviously, he was also successful in deceiving his lawyer when they talked who now believes, as an inexperienced layperson, that Fritzl belongs into a psychiatric clinic but not into jail. It would be very naïve and calamitous to follow this idea because it would mean to deliver Fritzl a giant stage where he could masterfully deceive the stuff and fellow patients and thus harm them."

AM: Thank you so much for your important letter. The short report of the Independent explains FULLY the behavior of Joseph Fritzl. In an eerily precise way, he has staged what happened to him as a child: His mother was his SOLE RULER, because his father was not there for balance. She has beaten him daily, she owned him completely so that he did not have helping witnesses where he could have noticed how badly off he was, the more so as she obviously provided conscientiously for his food. He was forced into total obedience and had to bear daily the constant violations through his mother, had to be grateful, too, for the provision of clothes and food, could maybe fulfill small wishes in secret and was proud of his slyness and inventive zest for lying and disguise. His life happened hidden in secret, like it does now in the power of the police force. In the same manner, he has organized his daughter’s situation in order to hold up the denial of the suffering of his childhood. His lawyer talks about his “good sides,” just as Fritzl would probably talk about the “good sides” of his mother that enslaved him as completely as he now has demonstrated it to the whole world. Fritzl has shown the world what can happen later to a child who was TOTALLY deprived of his freedom by his single mother “educating” him wih fists by herself, a child who has no witness, who has to be grateful to his, who may never contradict her and who for years impounds secretly wishes of revenge until he can satisfy them years later in a series of rapes of women without ever getting enough. Because revenge does not grant satisfaction and demands again and again new restagings. Even vacations in Thailand were necessary for this purpose. If one would ask Fritzl now, what his childhood was like, he would probably praise his mother and her care and not yet have realized that he grew up in a prison where his muscles, to be sure, were obviously well nourished, but where his brain was comfused and poisoned through the contempt of his dignity. I can hardly imagine that this single, power-hungry and brutal mother did NOT use her small son for her sexual wishes and thus only increased the confusion (what is love and what is meanness?) in his brain. In this way, perversions develop, which pose riddles for us if we don’t have the courage to take seriously the childhood histories.
The deduction of the crimes from the denied childhood-situation is in no way meant to alleviate Joseph Fritzl’s guilt and to invoke pity. As an adult, he is fully responsible for all his crimes and deserves the greatest punishments for committing them. His masterful skillfulness in deceiving and manipulating the police and other authorities as well as his extreme sadism show that he proceeded methodically. So he exhibits strong psychopathic traits. There are hardly any signs for a positive prognosis through effective psychotherapy by acknowledging the truth about his childhood because he is, like every psychopath, not at all interested in understanding himself, only in controlling, misleading and manipulating others. Obviously, he was also successful in deceiving his lawyer when they talked who now believes, as an inexperienced layperson, that Fritzl belongs into a psychiatric clinic but not into jail. It would be very naïve and calamitous to follow this idea because it would mean to deliver Fritzl a giant stage where he could masterfully deceive the stuff and fellow patients and thus harm them. Read more here 

I agree with the words you wrote to a degree. I think I have express a little bit how I feel about homeschooling once in an email talking about the author L. A C. I bought her book when I just met her on Facebook a few years ago, but I did not finish reading it and I threw it in the garbage. 

She preaches home schooling as the answer to protect children and I am sure home school might be the best course for some children, if their parents are healthy and balances the child's life with social activities with other children, but when parents are unhealthy a child going to school might be the only break from parents’ insanity and the chance to explore other ways of being. 

I have seen the worst cases of child abuse by parents that home school their children. 

Anyway I have seen all the red flags that this women is very sick, I never tried to confront her directly, but my posts must have made her feel uncomfortable and she unfriended me like a year or so ago.

 She adopted a child, he is now a teenager and I can see all the signs she having incestuous relationship with her son hiding behind the umbrella of “attachment parenting” if is not physical, is without a doubt emotional, and you can see this young man is confused beyond measure. 

Women that can’t have children usually are against abortion, it is like they want other women to have the children they can’t for them to unconsciously use and exploit to satisfy their  own unconscious needs.

I have many friends on Facebook that promote homeschooling and they think homeschooling would be the solution to protect children and to creating a better society and I don’t agree with it, to me, they are just a big cultish.

The most important years of a child’s life is the first three years and if the child came into this world in love and in truth then this foundation of love and truth will guide and carry him/her throughout life and that is why I very rarely click like on their posts, because every child needs are different and if children enjoy going to school and likes the external push to keep him/her  get motivated, like in your case, then they should not be robbed of it.

In my case, I think I would have profit from homeschooling and given the freedom to learn at my own pace, as long I was allowed to play with other kids outside, which with my sisters I was not allowed to play outside with other kids, unless I sneaked out!

Grades can be useful when used to evaluate where a child is in his/her leaning process and where will need more help and assistance, but should never be used as a source of value, because the value of a child should never be measure by a grade.

And sadly in our society grades are mostly used by parents and teachers to give value to a child and this is why I think grades can be more harmful than helpful.

Children are all equally valued no matter how well they do in school and how they choose to contribute to society, as a plumber, doctor, writer,  mechanic, electrician or nurse, etc. all contributions are equally important!

Sadly in most cases grades are used to value the child and make him/her feel superior to others and this is contributing, feeding and enabling psychopathy in our society.

I's good grades where used to prove that she had more value than her younger sister and I would say to her younger sister literally -- that she was a zero on the left and didn’t count  -- and now I has psychopath traits and her daughter D that just finished law school that I"s older sister E paid for it, also has psychopath traits and if she ever gets into a position of power over others, is going to screw a lot of people like her mother has and like most politicians do, and how funny D loves politics! And belonging to the party on far right, like the tea party here, she considers her-self conservative!

What lie! I am more conservative then she will ever be! They are psychopaths that think are better and deserve more than others, because they had good grades and did well in school.

Education alone without self-knowledge is very dangerous and is nothing but a big illusion and sad our learning institutions teach everything, but self-knowledge, sometimes I think the learning intuitions make sure they keep people busy and distracted learning empty useless knowledge, so young people don’t have time to explore who they real are and get the most important knowledge of all, self-knowledge, because if people acquired self-knowledge the power of people in power positions would crumble like a house of cards.

I feel the learning institutions give people a diploma/ticket to go out into the world spreading their psychological virus and deceive, manipulate and screw as many people as they possibly can. 

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