Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feeling the Loneliness of the Child we Once Were

Hi J,
I have difficulty using my mailbox at my website, so I am using my yahoo account instead to write you back.
Thank you for writing sharing your story. Your experiences give evidence to things I already suspected. I am glad you found my book a nice read! Thank you for reading it! I am so sorry your mother was a very damaged woman and unconsciously took revenge on you for the abuse she suffered as a child, and was not able to be the mother you needed, and it has caused you so much suffering throughout your life. This loneliness you are feeling is of the small child you once were that was all alone in the emotional prison of your mother, but the adult you are NOW, it’s not really alone you have Alice Miller’s books and you have me!
I am not a fan of Stefan Molyneux, so I don’t think he will be asking me for an interview. To me, he is a cult leader preaching to the public with memorized knowledge he took from Alice Miller’s books, but he himself has not had a genuine experience of it. He is a parrot reciting memorized knowledge that he himself has not fully understood and experienced.
Best of luck to you and write to me anytime,

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