Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Narcissists or Sociopaths Want to Destroy Anything that is Good

Comments on the shared picture from the Facebook page Stop the Narcissist Now.
M: But it's all your fault right? In the end, they blame YOU for your own ''naufrage'' and they savor watching YOU suffer and flattened on the ground like a ''crèpe''. They even step all over YOU again and again because they are sadistic assholes. How could they ever know what it feels like to save your own soul when you don't have one, to begin with?Soulless beings always end up alone. YOU won't. YOU can leave everything behind but you can never abandon your soul. This is how I resume it: SOUL=Knowledge is power NO SOUL=Ignorance is bliss. Soulless people will give you the silent treatment, keep you isolated, drag you into darkness so they can control you. Certain death is the only result if you stay with these ''Beauty Stealers". Soulful people, on the other hand, will share their experiences, shine a light on you, hold your hand and help you reach autonomy in a creative way. Infinite possibilities are the resultant forces here. Thank you, Sylvie, for being there and offer guidance so the soulful humans of this world can understand that they are not alone.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Thank you, M, for your encouraging and thoughtful comment. I am happy to be here. Sometimes, I do ask myself, why I bothered working so hard to write my book and risk being attacked by sociopaths or narcissists. But then I get letters from people telling me how my book has been a big support to them and I am reminded that my hard work was not in vain. Most people that write to me do it in private, because they still afraid to do it in public and of course I understand their fears, because if we still are dependent on our abusers in some way, it can be very risky to express our true self in public. Just look what happened to me at my last job, they stole my job, but they can’t steal my soul, but they did try very hard to murder my soul. They were hoping, especially the property manager to discredit me and prove I was a fraud and soulless like them. They never had seen a real genuine person like me and they thought was not possible in this world. We have to have a healed and whole soul before going public with our stories otherwise the sociopaths and narcissist people in our world will take great pleasure in bringing us down and if possible murder our souls.
Every word you wrote is so true!

M: Sylvie, as long as you will spread Truth, Compassion, Acknowledgement, and Love, soulful people will find their way to your book and follow your lead. It takes immense courage to lead the way through an emotional desert. A great leader will respect the pace of other souls and empower each individual through autonomy in order to reach unicity. Alice Miller was your leader as she was for many others. You're holding the torch now. It's a priceless responsibility. Trust me, they will follow...

 Sylvie Imelda Shene Dear M, thank you for your very encouraging words and for posting Martin Luther King's quote! I needed to read that! His words could not be truer! While I was working on my book with my co-writer Ed Sweet, I mentioned to him a few times that I might lose my job for writing and publishing my book, because I was very well aware that most people that acted nice towards me were trying to buy my love and attention and they were not real and my book might trigger their own repression and come after me with avenges. So I was not choked by their actions and when they fired me without a cause and it has crossed my mind also that some crazy person, like a pro-lifer, might really try to kill me. But I would never let that fear stop me from doing what my soul calls me to do. I rather die young with my soul than die old and soulless.

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