Sunday, April 5, 2015

Reasons Sociopaths and Narcissist people make you a Target

Yes, I was the target of sociopaths and narcissistic people at my last job for all of the above reasons.
The property manager insane jealousy was the fuel that lighted up the fire and for the fact, they knew I could see through their facades, and to conceal their abuse, especially towards their own children, and of course, because they didn't agree with me.
Destroying me was her goal and is mad that she was not successful.
  Yes, they tried very hard to make themselves appear the victims and vilifying me, but most of the residents know PP, S board, and S did me wrong.

Petra Helm’s comment below on the quote above could not be truer. This was exactly how i was treated at my last job. They showed me how they were treated when they were defenseless little children. I have compassion for the little children they once were but I have no compassion for the adults they have become. As adults, they have choices to look and search for the answers why they are the way they are. With my book, I had put in front of them the truth they need and they still chose to get out of their way to hurt me. That's consciously choosing evil.
“This is exactly the way how many parents, teachers, and adults, in general, treat children in order to control them and prevent them from showing their emotions, encouraged by many professional "experts" in education. Letting babies cry it out when they reclaim nothing but their basic survival needs, walking away and ignoring toddlers when they throw a tantrum or punishing children with "time outs". As adults, these children often become narcissists who punish people who they can't manipulate or control by simply ignoring them and trying to make them feel worthless, just as they were treated by their elders. One of the meanest and most offensive ways of treating a person, which reveals a lot about the damage and the childhood drama of the offenders and hurts the victim who often tries nothing but to help them see precisely this very problem.” (PH)

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