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Germanwings Plane Crash

GermanwingsPlane Crash

Co-pilot’s mental illness is without a doubt connected to his childhood, but I have no doubt that sociopaths in his present life maliciously and purposely regressed him into the state of the helpless child, and they triggered the repressed overwhelming strong feelings of the child he once was, and without a true enlightened witness in his present life to help him understand what was happening to him and the real roots of his despair, helpless and powerless; the repressed emotions of the child combined with the emotions from the present betrayal by the sociopaths in his present life, it drove him to do an evil act, but the truly evil people are the sociopaths in his present life that drive vulnerable people like him to do the evil acts for them. I have no doubt the sociopaths in his present life are in secret enjoying his destruction and all the destruction of the innocent people he took with him.
Recently in my last job I was the target of a mob of sociopaths that tried every trick in the book, with elaborate schemes to regress me into my childhood wounds so they could declare me mentally unstable and have a reason to fire me, but because I resolved my childhood repression and no longer blinded by the repressed emotions of the child I once was, I could see very clearly through their schemes and mind games and they were not able to regress me, they reminded me of the pain I suffered as a child, but they could not regress me and when they run out of tricks they just fired me without a cause. 

Sociopaths are cowards and pure evil because they manipulate others with their mind games and schemes into doing the evil acts for them and they block the healing truth that can free a person from their childhood emotional prisons, they are not interested in healing themselves and support others healing, their goal is to covertly and behind seductive lies and the illusion of love and help to destroy as many souls as possible.

Sociopaths or narcissist people their goal is to drive their victims to destructive acts and don’t care about Collateral damage it might cause to innocent people, even if they themselves are hurt in the process, actually they hope they too are hurt and the public is watching, so they can play the victim role and manipulate the public to their side. 

They love to play the victim role to get others sympathy and manipulate them to give them what they want. They are masters at doing this, just like Marie France Hirigoyen said in her book Stalking the Soul: “...When the victim loses control, the abuser simply injects a small dose of provocation and contempt to obtain a reaction and later reproaches her for it. If, for example, the reaction is anger, he makes sure that everyone sees it. On occasion, an outsider might even feel compelled to call the police. One even sees cases of abusers egging their victims on: “poor thing, you can’t expect anything from life; I don’t know why you haven’t jumped out the window!” It’s easy after that for the abuser to make the victim a mental case. The victim needs to act, but because she is blocked by the hold over her, she can only find her freedom in an extreme gesture. To an outsider, any impulsive action, especially a violent one, is considered pathological. The person reaction to provocation seems responsible for the crises. Guilt in the eyes of the abuser; she appears like the aggressor to outsiders, who don’t understand that she can no longer live trapped in a horrible situation. Whatever she does, she can’t set herself free: if reacts, she is responsible for starting the conflict and is she doesn’t react, the deadly stalking of her soul continues. 

As he drives his victim to destruction, the abuser gets that much more pleasure from pointing out her weakness or unleashing her violence. He makes her feel debased and unworthy. Depending on her reaction, she is described as temperamental and neurotic, alcoholic, or suicidal. The victim feels defenseless and tries to justify herself as if she were, in fact, guilty. The abuser’s pleasure double: he bamboozles or humiliates his victim and subsequently rubs her nose in her humiliation. While the victim dwells on her guilt, the abuser benefits from the situation, making sure to cast himself as the victim. Justification becomes impossible when nothing is said and no reproach is made. Desperate to find a solution to this horrifying impasse, the victim may be tempted in turn to use innuendo and manipulation. The relationship then becomes ambiguous: who is the abuser and who the victim.   The ideal outcome for the abuser is to succeed in making the other “evil,” which transforms the evil into something more normal because it is now shared. He wants to inject the other with what is bad in him. To corrupt is the ultimate goal. His greatest satisfaction lies in driving his target to destructive acts or, in a larger framework, leading several individuals to finish each other off.” Read more here 
I read that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz’, was seeing a psychiatric doctor and taking medication. Going to see a psychiatric doctor was his biggest mistake. What he needed was a true enlightened witness to help him see and understand the real roots of his depression and despair and give him support to consciously feel the repressed feelings within the context of his own childhood.

Usually, you don’t find a true enlightened witness within the so call “mental health professionals” in most cases, they are the most repressed people I know hiding behind their degrees, seductive theories and illusions deceiving themselves and others and aggravating their patients' conditions.

When society is going to wake up that in the long run medication doesn’t help people resolve childhood repression, but actually makes it worse. Just as Alice Miller says in an answer to one of her readers about the Virginia tech shooting. “The Virginia Tech story is a flight from the own history with the help of drugs. They only help to flee and not to see. I am so glad for you that you dared to feel.”

Totally! The co-pilot took the final flight from his history by taking his own life and taking with him 150 passengers.
The quotes below from the Facebook page Stop the Narcissist Now are so true!

Yep! This was one of the big reasons I was targeted by the sociopath that was the property manager at my last job because I am a truly happy and free person, but she was not able to destroy me and she didn't walk away wearing my skin. But instead, her true self was revealed.
Hurting and destroying others lives is their painkilling drug. It's an addiction that keeps their own childhood repression intact. Just like I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom page 118: "... as long our pain remains repressed we will unconsciously and compulsively do to others what was once done to us."
Yes, this reversed illusion was their plan. I could see so clearly the illusion they were trying to create and that's why I'm here to talk about it! I guess they didn't believe me when I said in my book A Dance to Freedom: Your Guide from Lies and Illusions. That I don't fall for illusions anymore! Free at last! They wanted to discredit me and my book, but they just gave more evidence that what I wrote in my book is the whole truth based on facts and evidence.

All malignant narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths love to play the victim card and make appear their real victims as the abusers, but when their targets are able to see clearly the games they play and articulate the real situation of what really is taking place; the targets of the malignant narcissists cease of becoming a victim. 

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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