Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sociopaths or Evil People what they Fear the most is the Light

The words written below on the Facebook page Boys Deserve Better sharing the link to the article: FLORIDA: Belligerent Judge Seeks the Circumcision of a 4 Year Old. Articulate the psychological mechanisms I went through in my last job.

It's sad to live in a society that the law goes after a mother for protecting her child. We live in a very sick society when the law protects abusers and wants to silence the victims. The psychological mechanisms expressed below were exactly what I went through in my last job, where the abusers were protected and I was attacked and they did everything to destroy me and silence me. Yes, evil people what they fear most is the light. And I was hated at my last job for shining the light on them.
"Why was the judge complicit in trying to keep this case under wraps?

It is said that only those who do evil hate the light, and avoid it, lest their deeds should be reproved. They clench their fists and gnash their teeth when anybody dares shine light on them. It is those who speak the truth, and fear not the truth who don't fear the light. Lo, they come to it and stand in it that their deeds may be made manifest.

The judge also ordered the media not to release the name of the child, and also asked reporters to be "sensitive" about identifying the parents, "Not in deference to me, but in deference to the protection of the individuals involved."

Just whom does the judge want to "protect?" And why? Certainly not the boy. The boy and his well-being are his least concern. He's talking about the "protection" the father who would be surely hated for his actions. And he is most definitely talking about himself, who would be seen as nothing more than an enabler of the deliberate violation of this child's basic human rights.

They all know they are engaging in deliberate child abuse through forced genital mutilation, and they do not want the light of scrutiny shone on them.

That is why they wanted to have concluded this case in secret."

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