Thursday, July 16, 2015

They Are Criminals

Sylvie:  So very sorry to hear of the terrible treatment that you have received. You are a very capable and trustworthy person who has done a very good job at Sxxxxxxxr. There is no reason for you to have been treated in the manner you describe. No HONEST reason that is.
I believe Pxx Pxxx and the Directors have an unholy alliance. I believed that when I lived there. By unholy I mean they have no integrity and their values are those of self-interest irrespective of other people or basic honesty.

I have often wondered what a careful audit of their management of Sxxxxxxxr might discover. 
I hope your current job is working well for you and you can put the Sxxxxxxxr wreck behind you. Not forgive, but direct the anger from that in ways that benefit you.

…It is amazing, yesterday before I received your email I had thought of you and decided to send you an email. We must have connected through some spiritual channel.     Take good care,   Pxx  ( the good Pxx )
Dear Pxx,
So nice to hear from you!

Not, many people are able to see what Sxxxxxxxr and Sxxxxxxxs did to me was criminal. It’s nice to know that are a few people out there able to see that these people have no integrity but preach integrity to others. I have worked with perfect hypocrisy for the last 9 and half years, just like when I was a little girl! Sxxxxxxxs, the company that employed me, core values are: Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness, if they could live by their own core values and give the example, instead of preaching to those below them, they would have much better success, they had no problem throwing me and their core values under the bus, to make sure they would keep a few extra dollars in their pockets. We live in a very sad world.
Take good care and looking forward to hearing from you soon, Sylvie

Dear Pxxxx, I thought you might like reading these words from an ex-resident of Sxxxxxxxr wrote me. As you see, you are not the only one thinking what Sxxxxxxxr board does is self-serving and it borders on criminal, just like you wrote me: “Hi Sylvie, I’m so sorry about all you have been through.  Pxx and the Board are so out of control in here… and so self-serving.  I personally believe it borders on criminal.  Did you get a job at Sxxxxxxxd?  We are long-time friends with the owners (now ex-owners) and the company called Dxxxx for a reference on you (he raved about how great you are).  I hope it all worked out.  Please keep me posted and get in touch if you want to vent. My best, Pxxxx” And this is why they saw me as a liability and they had to get rid of me, because I am too honest, with authentic integrity and it triggered their fears of being exposed, but coming after me, they exposed themselves! And what they did to me was criminal.  Again thank you for your support and best wishes, Sylvie

Most People’s Love is Nothing But a Farce, a Sham, and a Façade

The property manager and members of the board at Sxxxxxxxr tried very hard to make me pay the price for their parent's crimes, they are nothing but cowards. ".Am I saying that forgiveness for crimes done to a child is not only ineffective but actively harmful? Yes, that is precisely what I am saying. The body does not understand moral precepts. It fights against the denial of genuine emotions and for the admission of the truth to our conscious minds. This is something the child cannot afford to do, it has to deceive itself and turn a blind eye to the parents’ crimes in order to survive. Adults no longer need to do this, but if they do, the price they pay is high. Either they ruin their own health or they make others pay the price – their children, their patients, the people who work for them, etc." -- Alice Miller
From the article, Deception Kills Love by Alice Miller

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