Sunday, August 16, 2015

It was an attempt of a Psychological Lynching

Actually, since writing this blog exactly a year later my ex-boss, who the property manager recruited to do her dirty work, killed himself in a standoff with the local police after robbing a bank on March 11, 2016, that by coincidence was my birthday! So, the property manager does have blood on her hands after all, because I know without a doubt, if she had not started this psychological warfare against me, he would still be alive – he was her collateral damage – when people start wars someone always gets hurt or killed!!! I was her target to destroy, but when was one of her helpers to lose his mind and self-destruct, everyone involved became silent, and now is a big cover-up that involves the FBI, the US Marshals, and the media. It's a shame he was not strong enough to stand up to do the right thing and let himself become a puppet of the property manager -- he paid a high price for it. Puppets never have a good end. If it was me, the little woman to commit a crime my name and face would have been splashed all over the news stations! And then all probably go on TV talking about how disturbed the little woman was -- to discredit me and my book -- and make a name for themselves by standing on my head. And all probably say that you need God in your life, my ex-boss was a Mormon, a man of God, but he was the one to lose his mind, but now is a big cover-up. I could see their dirty games and traps so clearly.
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It totally was an attempt to murder my soul. They go to church and they pray, but then they have no problems mistreating their own children at home and other people in the workplace.

Sylvie Imelda Shene shared a memory from August 8, 2014.
One of the few residents at my last job that wrote me a card thanking me for writing my book and telling me how spectacular my book was! But after the narcissists or sociopaths came after me, she joined them and became silent. I used to watch her house in the summer, but I never heard from her again! The repressed fears made her too afraid to stand by me.

Sylvie Imelda Shene August 8, 2014 I just received in the mail this thank you card. Thanking me for writing my book. I am touched

  • Sylvie Imelda Shene, Of course, she didn't understand. The repressed fears of the child she once was at the parents of being abandoned and rejected, now, transferred into the narcissists or sociopaths. As a child she could not have survived without her parents, but now as an adult, she could have survived without the narcissists or sociopaths, but instead she let her unresolved repressed fears silence her and stand with the narcissists or sociopaths to protect her from having to face and consciously experience those fears within the context of her own childhood.
  • Ester Santos Sometimes the character with low self-esteem is more willing to cover up the enemy rather than challenge it as a way of denial. Cowardice and Sad.
  • Sylvie Imelda Shene Yes, it’s cowardice and sad. It was very sad to witness. She sent me another card in the mail and when she got back at the end of the summer, she came to the gate saying: I bet you get a lot of compliments from everyone on your book!!! She didn't understand the depths of my book, but she knew I have written something good, truthful and profound. I tried to explain to her that my book was triggering people’s own childhood repression and taking it out on me, trying to make me their scapegoat and making the workplace hostile for me, that they rather destroy me than face their own painful truths. She wanted to hold on to her illusion and fantasies that the property manager was a good person and all the residents in the community are all good people and she didn't want to believe me. She didn't want to face the fact that a lot of people act just as if personality, pretending to be good people, but in fact are wolves in sheep’s clothing. And when all went down, she had no courage and like a scared little child that needs the parents’ approval, NOW, she also needs the narcissists or sociopaths’ and their flocks’ approval and it was more important to her than make a stand for what is right. She was witnessing the psychological lynching of a person and stayed silent in the crowd letting it happen. They go to church and they pray, but then they have no problems mistreating their own children at home and other people in the workplace. Only a few residents called me apologizing for what the narcissists or sociopaths did to me and only about three or four had the courage to call and e-mail the narcissists or sociopaths letting them know what they did was wrong. And one got on the phone and called a friend to help me get another job right away with another company. This quote by Martin Luther King Jr come to mind:
  • Here is her other card that she sent me:
  • Sylvie Imelda Shene And here is the one card I got from a resident after the attempted psychological lynching went down, thanking me for my friendly greeting over the years and that they missed me. A few others called me or emailed me to thank me for my friendly service over the years also.
  • Sylvie Imelda Shene And here is the card from the same residents in the last comment sent me after they read my book. A few more residents complimented me orally on my book, but most gave me the silent treatment and looked at me stonefaced. And the narcissists or sociopaths started plotting the psychological lynching to destroy me:

    This is what the property manager and a few members of the board try to do to me at my last job. Wednesday afternoon I was house sitting in the community and I run into a resident that told me: PP "the property manager" is an evil person. And I told her: I know! She and a few members of the board are full-blown psychopaths.

    Yep! Their goal is to feed of you until they suck you dry and then they discard you like a used object. Randomly they will give you the illusion of love to keep you hooked and to keep you exactly where they want you to be, playing the role of the scapegoat for transference effect, to temporarily and superficially alleviate their own childhood repression, so they don’t have to consciously feel their repressed feelings within the context of their own childhood in order to protect their “loving parents” or parents substitutes.

    To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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