Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Half Truths

Thought this may be of interest to you.

Hi C,

The article has a lot of nuggets of truth or half-truths to get people's attention, but is misleading, probably written by a psychopath with a lot of intellectual knowledge trying to show that  in the right context can be good in  a psychopaths too, that's a lie, they might achieve material success with their lies, half-truths and by destroying all those that stand in their way. But at the end, they end up destroying themselves, everything else and have a sad end... 

He says psychopaths don't feel fear, yes true to an extent, but only because they have mastered the art of repression to perfection. But if someone like me crosses their path and triggers their fears of exposure, that's when their true colors come out and will gather all their forces  at their command to destroy the person they fear, like we witnessed with the sociopaths at the community where I worked for nine and half years -- that they tried every trick up their sleeve to destroy me. And don't care who else they destroy to get to their target, everyone else they destroy to get to their targets is collateral damage in their eyes.

Keeping their illusions alive and good image at any cost, nothing else matters to them. And yes there's such a thing as pure evil. I have stared it in the face many times! 

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