Thursday, November 23, 2017

From Harvey Weinstein To Charlie Rose, Are Daily Sexual Misconduct Revelations The New Normal?

"Almost every day since sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein were published, another woman has come forward with accusations about awful things that were said or done to them by men in positions of power. The latest high-profile case is that of Charlie Rose, who was fired from CBS News, and his contract with PBS was terminated after the Washington Post reported eight women who either worked with or wanted to work with Rose accused him of sexual assault and harassment." 
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Will the women of Portugal and the media there find the Courage also to Report the prestigious Dr. Julio Machado Vaz Sexual Abuse? I'm sure without a doubt I'm not the only woman he sexually abused. Read more HERE

"A former producer for veteran journalist Charlie Rose's canceled PBS show says that racism and sexism were "inherent" to the behind-the-scenes atmosphere at the show.

Producer Rebecca Carroll, who now works at Shonda Rhimes' production company ShondaLand, tweeted Wednesday evening that Rose would regularly belittle her and that she was punished for speaking out about "casual racism" at the show.

"As a young black woman starting out as a producer for the prestigious Charlie Rose show, I had to gauge every day whether to respond to casual racism or sexually predatory behavior," Carroll tweeted.

"I spoke out about racialized or micro-aggressive racism and was punished for it. The predatory behavior was ignored or accepted or laughed off -- it was inherent to our daily culture," she continued." Read more HERE

Me too I was punished at my job of nine and half years for writing a book about the effects of childhood repression in our society. Speaking the truth and exposing the lies of malignant narcissists or sociopaths can be very dangerous.

This is why it's so hard to get the mainstream media to pay attention to my story because mainstream media is run by malignant narcissists or sociopaths. Also, this is why I was the target of a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine of half years -- after I published my book -- because my book removes the pretty masks people wear and triggers their fears of exposure.  They rather destroy others than look in the mirror and face themselves.

Hi E,

Thank you for editing for me the letter to the local news producer.
I have not heard, yet from Mark Rodman. The silence from the media is deafening, they are so afraid of the truth of connected stories and are all about protecting the status quo.
Yes, people can be very weird, especially in the media. These words by Alice Miller are so true: “… Rather than take the risk, they prefer to forgo information that might be of life-death importance for coming generations. So in order not to have to call their own parents into question for a single moment, they cling to outdated, destructive opinions. …Clearly, the prospect of confronting one’s own personal history, in this case, is an alarming experience. And, as always, the fear of facts is stilled by a fascination with intellectual terms and abstractions aimed at concealing and masking the truth—the truth of facts that appear so threatening… At every attempt to share the new discoveries I made with the public, I ran up against the most determined resistance on the part of the media. It is true I can go on publishing these discoveries in my books because my publishers are already aware of the growing interest in this topic. But there are other people who have important things to say, and they are dependent on the press. They and their readers rely on essential information not being torpedoed. All too often, however, the media buttress the wall of silence against which all those who have begun to confront their own childhood rebound.”
I have to figure out a way of how to break through the media’s very thick wall of silence. It seems the media only pays attention when there is violence and spilled blood, in our society most people feed on violence and are like vultures looking for dead bodies, especially those in the media. The media only pays attention to violence for pure sensationalism and ratings. It seems violence is the only language they understand and pay attention to, so it going to be hard to penetrate through the media’s wall of silence.
Also read the Open Letter to the Media of June 27, 2015
I got the response below from the producer:

“Dear Sylvie,
I apologize for the delayed to your letter. While we appreciate the offer to tell your story, as a matter of editorial policy we do not cover individual employment disputes.
Thanks for thinking of us. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Mark Rodman”
Below is my response to the producer’s dismissal letter:
Dear Mark,
Thank you for replying to my letter, but I don’t think you understood what I was asking you for.
I’m not looking for coverage to get back at a particular company for firing me unjustly—my message goes way beyond that.
My goal is to raise awareness of the dangers unresolved childhood trauma inflicts on our whole society. The sooner people understand that if they work through their deep repression—and the resulting compulsion to repeat the damage that was done to them by hurting others—the less likely we’ll have to live and work with sociopaths. Our world will be less consumed by the awful things that make news every day, from celebrity sexual harassment charges and ideological fighting to terrorist attacks and nuclear threats from the world’s dictators.
Alice Miller was a courageous thinker who understood what it takes to heal humanity. Her teachings healed me, and my goal is to spread her message to as many people courageous enough to listen.
Maybe what I have to offer isn’t a hard news story, but I’m hoping you can help me find an appropriate lifestyle platform at your station. Or perhaps you know some journalists who want to explore a proven way to change human behavior for the better.
Alice Miller ran into great resistance from the media, so it’s no surprise that I’m running into the same problems. All I need is one champion, who will understand the power of her incredible message of hope. If you can’t be that person for me, perhaps you can introduce me to someone who will.
I’d love to discuss this with you further at your earliest convenience.
Sylvie Shene  

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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