Sunday, February 1, 2015

I am the Target of a Sociopath

They are sociopaths among us everywhere, they are masters at deceiving those around them and exploiting the weaknesses of those they target, they are also masters making others look crazy so they can appear to be the sane ones.
I recently was the target of a low-level sociopath, but now I am the target of a high-level sociopath and now I really have to be careful.
I wrote the letter below to K asking him to always have a person present when I have to interact with this person.

Hi K W,
Sorry to bother you.
I fixed my little issue at S by creating a system that really works. But now my real problem is M B. He is abusive towards me and talks to me with total disrespect. I find him dangerous and I don’t want to be alone with him. So you either move him to another site, maybe working with a man, or you or someone else has to be present on Mondays and Tuesdays when he relieves me.
CD also has complained to me about him arriving late every morning and when he complained to him about being late, he just told him that he would be okay, this just shows how he is arrogant and disrespectful towards others.
Like I said to Mr. K in the e-mail below, they are sociopaths among us everywhere and they are a lot of different levels of sociopaths and I find the level of M B at high level. I don’t feel safe being alone with him, so I repeat you either move him to another site or you or someone else is present every Mondays and Tuesdays when he relieves me. 
Thank you for your attention,
Sylvie Shene
Read the article: Real Life Villains and Spotting a Sociopath - You Can't Win

Some people don’t read the comments below so I thought I would publish these ones here, because I find them revealing.

Francois: For of full Master on psychopaths/sociopaths I recommend the recent movie: The Foxcatcher.

Sylvie: I have been with the company close to 10 years and this guy only have been with the company for a few months, so I am hoping my history will speak for me, but if K.W. doesn't protect me from this sociopath. I might choose to leave myself because my safety and sanity is more important to me than any job position. They can keep the sociopath for themselves, if that’s what they choose and am sure, they will find out in time what they are dealing with.

Francois: Super Sylvie,

The author of the article on sociopaths/psychopaths did not know anything about Alice Miller.

So, this is an opportunity for you to grow. Why does this man scare you? Make him talk about his "beloved idealized mom".

Maybe you remind him of her...

You did the right thing to advise KW.


Sylvie: He told me I was paranoid and I told him that maybe his mother was a paranoid woman, but that I was not his mother or any other women in his life and of course he screamed at me: don't mention my mother! I love my mother very much! So that’s when I knew I was dealing with a very dangerous man and left his presence shaking. And that’s when I decided I will never be alone with him again. Because we know very well when people idolize their parents, they will unconsciously and compulsively look for vulnerable people to be their scapegoats to take revenge on for the wrongs done to them by their own parents when they were defenseless little children. I will not be his scapegoat and the only way to protect myself is to never be alone with him again.
Francois: Super Sylvie,
Your intuition is educated and better than most people. In case you find yourself alone with him maybe a voice recorder would be in order.

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