Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Experienced Knowledge

Hi S,
Thank you for writing.

You are very welcome, being helpful to people, all beings, not just people, is my nature wherever I am at.
They terminated me without giving me a reason. But I know the reason. I triggered P’s jealousy and she manipulated the very weak and very emotionally blind present board and all plotted against me. Some Rs wanted me to take P's place when she retires this Christmas, I always said I didn’t want her job, besides going in and out and gossiping and plotting against others, she does nothing! But I guess she could not handle just the thought of me taking her place.

Just like I wrote to Mrs. A a few weeks ago:
"Hi Mrs. A
I am pretty sure I am being a target of a sociopath at work and I think you know who I am talking about.  I triggered her jealousy and now she is going to use her last year at work to manipulate things to make me look like I am crazy and unstable and make her appear to be the bigger and saner person. I am going to try to be careful and watch my back and keep my distance from her and see if I can survive her last year. Otherwise, I might have to look for another job.

Below is an article about sociopaths if you have time to read it. I am her target and once a sociopath targets you, you can’t win and the only way to keep your sanity is to stay away from them.  This is why she didn’t share your e-mail with all the board members and just shared it with the one in charge of security,  because in this way she has fewer people to persuade and keeps more control. The board member that is in charge of security right now is totally emotionally blind and will never see through her games and will play him like a mouse.
 I see the games people play so clear!

Thank you for listen and see you tomorrow,


I am not sure if I will be available to take care of your house this summer, but let’s talk when you are about to leave.
Best wishes,


P.S if you like to know more of all the scoop on what went down. You are welcome to read my blog posts below, this is another reason P and the X Board were uncomfortable with me, because they know I see through them all. I have too much-experienced knowledge.
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