Sunday, February 15, 2015

They showed me the Truth of their own Childhoods

Dear Sylvie, I am very sorry to read on your blog that you have been terminated. This is a very painful experience even if you understand - as you do - what is really going on. I wish you all possible support from your friends and from your inner knowledge. It is such an incredible journey you made and you were able to describe in your book. So encouraging. I read your book for weeks, time and time again - but just now I feel it is even too much for me and I lost the contact. Sometimes - not, always - I don't know how I survived because there weren't any helping witnesses in my childhood. The bad and cruel experience you describe with your ex I made several times.  Sylvie, sometimes I think you could be the right person to become a professional counselor or therapist or as you would name it. You have the knowledge, you have real and honest exchange and communication in your life. But however, I wish you a safe place from which you can continue to do good and lovely things.

Thanks for your book and for speaking out and all the very best to you – 

Dear S,

Thank you for writing and for reading my book. I am glad to hear my book is being a helping witness to you.

Understanding that people rather murder others souls and destroy others, so they can keep their own repression and illusions intact to protect themselves from having to face and feel their own painful truths, helps me to get through it, but it still hurts and is a very big reminder of the pain I suffered as a small defenseless child at the hands of ignorant and abusive teachers and older sisters and brothers.

The way they are treating me, they are also showing me unconsciously and compulsively how they were treated as small children and how they have treated their own children.

I am starting a new job soon and now that I am getting away from this toxic situation hopefully this will be water under the bridge soon and I can keep doing my work and continue to be a helping witness to others.

Wishing you the very best to you too and thank you for understanding,


Dear S,
I like to add a few more words to the e-mail I sent you yesterday, to let you know, that when I read your e-mail I was feeling down by the betrayal I suffered at my work and feeling pretty lonely. And reading your understanding words, I didn’t feel so alone, knowing that there was someone out there capable of seeing and feeling and that understands what I am going through was very comforting to me.

I am sorry you didn’t have a helping witness in your childhood, no child should have to grow up all alone in the painful emotional prisons of their parents and because of it, you too have to suffer so much, like me, in your adult personal relationships.

Take good care and again thank you for writing and I hope you find your personal freedom soon.

Much love,


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