Friday, February 6, 2015

Silencing and Suppressing others to Manage Repressed Fears

Yesterday G asked me how I was doing and how the board was treating me and I told her that I have been told by X Board and S not to discuss anything with anyone and she told me: every time you are in a situation where people tell you not to talk, it means they fear you! And I said: totally I triggered their fears! In a way, X Board and the Security Company are reenacting their childhood drama and reminding me of mine, but the difference now is that I see clearly what’s going on and I am not as defenseless I once was. Just like I wrote on my book page 59: “It only occurred to me after reading Alice Miller that my family was also scared of me. I was a threat to them because I came close to shattering their own illusions. The only choice they had was to try and control me so they could avoid their own pain — the pain they feared the most.”  Now again I am too close to shattering X Board and S’ illusions and I triggered their fears, so now to manage their repressed fears are trying to silence and control me by throwing a bunch sand or bullshit at me to blind me, but I can see so clearly that I just smile at it.

It also occurred to me the Security Company was also happy to get rid of me, just like M B, they too saw that I don't any longer have the X board support like I once did, so they thought they would join M B in his plotting and put a new person in charge paying her/him much less and save $5 or $6 an hour, so they can keep more money for themselves.

Thank you for your help and for being my friend.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


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