Friday, February 20, 2015

Proof of one of the Sociopaths’ Plotting

Since I wrote this blog, a new wrinkle in my story unfolded March 11, 2916 that by odd coincidence was my birthday, it came to my attention that my old boss, KW, a branch manager for the security company that employed me, robbed a bank in Chandler and killed himself in a standoff with the local police. Here is proof I was dealing with sociopaths of the worse type! They treated me like a criminal, but look who are the criminals! And isn’t interesting that the media never revealed the bank robber’s name! I’m sure they are protecting the security company he worked for, it would not look good for a security company that one of his top managers was robbing banks on the side! Read more here

From: Sylvie Shene <>
Date: Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 4:22 PM
Subject: here is proof that I am being harassed on the job
To: "KW (work)" <>

Hi K, 
I have more proof I am being harassed on the job. Today it came to my attention that the new guy MB called others co-workers at home to see if they had anything bad to say about me. It proves that the new guy MB has been plotting against me to steal my job. You can ask other co-workers for yourself if the new guy MB called them at home trying to get information about me, that he could use against me, this is total harassment. Anyway this is how I found out, this co-worker asked me if he could give four hours of his Fridays shift to CD and I told him that downtown office would have to approve it also and if he didn’t mind waiting a little bit, because I was dealing with a lot of stuff right now and he says: I know! The new guy MB called me at home to see if I had anything bad to say against you and I told him that I didn’t have anything bad to say about you, that all these years I worked here, you only have been kind to me.

This is exactly what sociopaths/psychopaths do, just like the article I sent you says: “1. Know your enemy: Sociopaths manipulate, lie and scheme against you. They think nothing of spending 10 hours a day on the phone, or in person, telling anyone and everyone lie after lie about you. Your reputation may be in tatters by the time they are done. According to therapist Martha Stout in The SociopathNext Door, sociopaths have no remorse. They do not feel sorrow when they destroy your life.”

I am the victim here and haven’t been able to sleep well because of the emotional harassment I have been through on the job. And yesterday when I was being interviewed by the ladies at HR, I felt like they were accusing me of wrongdoing and the problems were caused by my actions, which could not be further from the truth, but this is what the sociopaths do, they twist everything around to make them look good by destroying their target so they can steal their job or money or whatever their target have that they want for themselves. What of proof they want?! A dead body?

The only wrong I have done to the new guy MB or anyone is of being too kind, nice and wanting to help all of my co-workers. He has no idea how good he had it there if he had worked with me, instead of working against me.


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