Friday, September 20, 2013

My Letter to P about Martin Miller’s book

Hi P,

Have you seen this? It’s in German! You don’t have to use Google translate like I had to, I am jealous you can read German, because you lose a lot in translation, but I think it was enough for me to see where Martin Miller comes from.  I guess Martin Miller has finished his book! I feel so sad that this 63 years old man still stuck in his childhood and never found his own way in the world and got trapped in the labyrinth of psychoanalysis. It took his mother most of her adult life to free herself from the labyrinth of psychoanalysis. Just like his mother wrote below. With his book he is transferring his childhood confusion into many people that still, like him, are stuck in the confusion of their own childhood and they too, like him, have fell victims of the labyrinth or traps of many seductive therapies that keeps them stuck endless reenacting their own childhood dramas, where they either play the active role of mother/father to others or are endless stuck in the role of the child.
“, is not an accusation. But an attempt to understand deep-seated trauma.” I have learned that when people deny something that’s exactly what they are. The fact he is saying is not an accusation that’s exactly what it is, disguised of wanting to understand deep seated trauma. Anyone that has read all his mother’s books and work through their own repression understands deep seated trauma and how hard it is to resolve it. He is being a great example how difficult it is to resolve deep seated trauma. He is still stuck in his childhood fighting and competing with his mother to make a name for himself by unconsciously attempting to destroy the great discovers and accomplishments his mother made late in life by stepping on his mother’s head to satisfy his own childhood narcissists needs and letting the unresolved repressed emotions of the child he once was take revenge on his mother for the wrongs she did to him when he was a small child by attempting to kill his mother in a symbolic way in the public arena with his book, creating a smoke screen confusing many people already confused looking for a way out of their own labyrinths.

He mentions that his mother’s first three books are the most value, of course he likes his mother’s first books, because when his mother wrote her first books, she had not broken free completely from the labyrinth psychoanalysis, a labyrinth he still trapped in. Alice’s first books she was still writing with the precepts of the labyrinth of psychoanalysis and still had hopes or the illusion psychoanalysis could help people break free. His mother’s last books are much clear and are the books that helped me understand and feel my own feelings within the context of my own childhood and finally break free from my emotional prison no longer be lost in projections reenacting my childhood drama with people symbolizing my parents or my parents substitutes, in my own case my older sisters, and prevented me from being trapped in the labyrinth of many seductive therapies out there.

As Alice Miller said: “…On the other hand, what has radically changed is my hopeful attitude towards psychoanalysis, from which, in 1988, I officially broke away by resigning from the Swiss as well as the International Psychoanalytical Association. I was forced to take this step when I realized that psychoanalytical theory and practice obscure—i.e., render unrecognizable—the cause and consequences of child abuse, by (among other things) labeling facts as fantasies, and furthermore, that such treatments can be dangerous, as in my own case, [and obviously in the case of her own son] because they cement the confusion deriving from childhood instead of resolving it. Ten years ago I was not yet so clear about this, my study of philosophy as well as my training in and practice of psychoanalysis having long prevented me from recognizing many facts. Only when I was prepared to end my repression, to liberate my childhood from the prison of pedagogic notions and psychoanalytical theories; when I reject the ideology of forgetting and forgiving, allied myself with the abused child, and, thanks to my therapy, learned to feel: only then did I gradually discover my hitherto concealed history.” From the book Banished Knowledge, from the edition 1990, vintage point 
“This book [the drama] was written sixteen years ago in keeping with the precepts of psychoanalysis, precepts that I have long since moved beyond and today regard as misleading. I therefore have had to revise the text thoroughly, salvaging those parts I still regard as valid and useful while clarifying certain points more than I was able to in 1978” From the Drama of the Gifted Child, edition 1994, introduction, page,1

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