Thursday, June 20, 2019

Last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg trials says Trump's family separation policy is ‘crime against humanity’

This blog was triggered by the sharing of the article in the link below on Facebook
Last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg trials says Trump's family separation policy is ‘crime against humanity’
He asks: 'What could cause more great suffering than what they did in the name of immigration law?'
"The last surviving member of the Nuremberg trials prosecuting team has said Donald Trump committed “a crime against humanity” with the recent family separation policy.Ben Ferencz, 99, made the comment during a recent interview with outgoing United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. The lawyer said it was “painful” when he heard about how the Trump administration had separated more than 2,000 children from their families after they had crossed the US-Mexico border." Read more HERE 

Yes, these are crimes against humanity... as long people with the aid of hypocrisy, compartmentalization, and rationalizations keep voting into power people like Trump -- we will never be able to stop these atrocities from keep happening.
"Now that we have seen how easy it is for intellectuals in a dictatorship to be corrupted, it would be a vestige of aristocratic snobbery to think that only "the uneducated masses" are susceptible to propaganda. Both Hitler and Stalin had a surprisingly large number of enthusiastic followers among intellectuals. Our capacity to resist has nothing to do with our intelligence but with the degree of access to our true self. Indeed, intelligence is capable of innumerable rationalizations when it comes to the matter of adaptation."
I also was the target of propaganda at my job of nine and a half year and we witnessed how all the corrupted people were protected and still, are being protected. What happens in communities -- it happens in the stage of the world.--- to prevent from corrupted people reaching the highest office of the land we have to expose corruption from the bottom up, but like we witnessed the corrupted people at my last job still are allowed to go Scot free from the crimes they committed against me.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

You are never alone if you enjoy your own company

Dear J,
I hope you are hanging in there.
I’m hanging in here. As long I’m not being targeted by assholes in the workplace it’s all good! :-)
In one of your last e-mails you asked me if it wouldn’t be nice to have other people free from repression to hang out with, yes, of course, it  would be nice to meet other people free from repression, but I don’t think is possible!!! 
Everyone I meet is repressed to a degree and some are very dangerously repressed. I don’t like being for a very long time with anyone that is repressed. 
No matter how much time I spend alone it’s never enough alone time away from repressed people.
Everyone I meet is trying to avoid feeling the painful truths in their lives and no matter who they are if you spend too much time with them, they will try to make you their scapegoat sooner or later in one form or another. Avoiding from feeling our painful truths causes blockage and they will endless need new scapegoats to temporally and superficially alleviate the pent up repressed emotions of the child we once were.
I don’t have words to express how wonderful it feels to be free from the repressed emotions of the child we once were. I feel so light and free to deal with present circumstances that show up in my life without the repressed emotions blinding me, throwing off balance or overwhelming me and clouding my judgment! I never thought was possible to feel this good while we are still alive.
Before resolving my repression I used to think only death could stop the pain and free us.  When you’re free of repression life is wonderful even if you are all alone! 
You are never alone if you enjoy your own company!
It comes to mind the article I shared with my man friend the other day. via text message:
Sylvie: This article says unmarried women without children are happier. I'm proof of that! I know why! Do you know why?! Never put a ring on it! :-)

M: You don't know for sure you are happier without children?
Not ever having them?

Sylvie: When you see clearly the innate psychological patterns of people's unconscious compulsions to repeat or reenact the painful dramas of childhood. I know I would not have been happier having now adult children mad at me and making demands on me just like my childhood caregivers used to do. 

I'm free from the chains of compulsion repetition! 

People that have children before resolving childhood repression will treat their children the same way their own parents treated them when they were defenseless children and when their own children grow up, they will meet again their abusive parents or childhood caregivers in their adult children. It's an endless vicious circle very few people break free from! 

Hugs from Arizona,