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Never Trust a Person that Proclaims to Having Wonderful Parents and Childhood

The property manager at my last job could never talk about childhood and proclaimed her parents and childhood was wonderful. It took nine and a half years to stab me in the back and show her true colors! Publishing my book triggered her jealousy and revealed her true face and she stabbed in the back big time!!!

Yes, parents love to hide behind the "addiction" label. With all the information at our fingertips parents of today can no longer claim innocence like our parents had of not having the right information available. But sadly people choose to reject this very important information and I don’t have much hope for humanity.

“Our parents and grandparents are not to blame for having passed on to us misleading messages because, at that time, they had no better information at their disposal. But we do have them today. We can't claim the same innocence when the next generation blames us for having rejected information that was available to us and was easy to understand. Parents of today can no longer claim the unlimited freedom to be ignorant nor can a responsible government do it. It must take into account the most recent scientific discoveries. Damages in the brain structure of beaten children can already be seen on the screens of computers. Violence to children produces a violent and ill society. True authority dismisses humiliation. Its discipline is based on listening and talking, on trust, respect, and protection of the weaker. It gives children the assistance they need to become responsible adults who will not turn to vengeful actions like wars and dictatorships because they will simply return to others what they once received and what they learned by example: protection and respect.” Alice Miller --Read the full article here

"Your personal attacks on myself have absolutely no effect other than to show a level of lack of any character. More homeless kids on our streets and communities than ever before and most of them girls. Child and sexual abuse, teen suicides, and domestic violence are at record highs. Parent groups who Refuse to go out into their communities and engage teens before it's too late. They blame it all on that magical word of addiction. Yet more and more very young teens of 12-13 years old in middle-upper class communities are turning to heroin and other drugs daily. And of course none of these social issues are going on in their communities and if they did what could that possibly have to do with kids turning to drugs? Definitely not parenting because 'addiction' has become the free pass and scapegoat even though the most extensive 60 years of combined research by the American Pediatrics Association program of Reaching Teens shows a very definite and direct connection. But if parents no longer have the veil of 'addiction' to hide behind, they offer zero programs to reach teens. When you proclaim yourself as a perfect parent yet have to resort to name calling and personal attacks on me throws the myth of the perfect parent out the door. Blaming the heroin or the drugs, the dealers, the cops and everybody else while looking to legislate, incarcerate and educate your way out of this has not made one dent in this ever-growing epidemic. Since you have no effective programs to offer and our prevention programs have a 97% success rate I remain unaffected."

Mor: This is how victims become abusers: not dealing with their own pain, avoiding the discomfort of recovery and then venting their triggers on others, usually children because they can't leave and have no voice in the matter. EVERY victim needs to understand that ALL that stands between them and being the next perpetrator is the amount of recovery work they are willing to do.. Grief is a process, not a license to freak out. 

Sylvie Imelda Shene I agree, Mor, this is how victims become abusers. Behind every crime a personal tragedy lies hidden. No matter how many programs people come up with to teach parents to communicate with their children in a nonviolent way, parents will keep abusing their children in one form or another, as long their own childhood repression goes unresolved, covertly and silently with seductive lies to manipulate children and others behavior by masquerading with the illusion of love or overtly with physical abuse like spanking, beatings, and emotional insults. Never trust a person that can’t talk about their own childhood and always say that they had wonderful parents and a beautiful childhood, most likely this person is living a lie, masquerading with the illusion of love and sooner or later they will stab you in the back, it’s just a matter of time. Just as I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom page, 82 and 83 “Alice Miller wrote a lot about how destructive the impulse to protect our parents — especially our mothers — can really be. She believes that women are permitted to be tyrants in the home, punishing “millions of people who will never accuse them of their crimes because almost every child loves his or her mother and would never, never put her in troubles.”47 Facing personal pain is a lot more difficult than putting mom or dad on a pedestal and blaming ourselves for being a problem to them, or thanking our parents for the cruelty that we’ve come to believe was necessary to keep us in line. 

Alice Miller was frustrated by the fact that the path from being a misled victim to becoming a misleading perpetrator is totally ignored worldwide. She concluded that it’s because “almost ALL of us were beaten, and we had to learn very early that these cruel acts were normal, harmless, and even good for us. Nobody ever told us that they were crimes against humanity. The wrong, immoral, and absurd lesson was wired into our developing brains, and this explains the emotional blindness governing our world.”48 If we could just see with clarity what the false idealization of our childhoods can do to us, it would be easy to admit that our parents were cruel. Because when we refuse to admit it, we do nasty things to ourselves and to others. We repeat the cruelty that was done to us and find insidious ways to justify it, whether through religion, power, status or some other success marker. Dictators, cult leaders, and mass murderers are all links on the same idealization chain. “In order to understand how Mengele was able to remove the eyes and other organs of healthy people, we only have to know what was done to him in childhood,” Alice Miller writes. “I am convinced that something almost inconceivably horrible to outsiders would be uncovered, which he himself no doubt regarded as the best upbringing in the world, one to which, in his opinion, he ‘owed a great deal.’”49

People who idealize their childhoods, or otherwise ignore their pain, have limitless cravings for scapegoats on whom they can avenge themselves for the fears and anxieties of childhood. This is why some people have a lot of children because unconsciously they want to make sure they have an endless supply of vulnerable, defenseless new victims.” 

Unseen wounds
"An important study finds that children who have been psychologically maltreated suffer effects that are equal or greater than children who have been physically or sexually abused."

Few great quotes that describe the property manager at my last job so well! She spent 9 and half years waiting for an opportunity to try to destroy me. She never had me fooled. I always knew if she had the opportunity to cause me harm, she would of, because she always was jealous of me. Never trusted her.

The quote above also describes the property manager at my last job to a T! She didn't like it that I stood up to her. She accused me of things that she was doing. Her hypocrisy was epic.

The words below articulates beautifully the dark ploy of the property manager and members of the board attempted to do to me at my last job:
"Another dark ploy is that narcissists contact your relatives, in-laws, friends and anyone who will listen to broadcast blatant lies about your character. This doesn’t happen in all instances but it is remarkable the lengths these malicious individuals exceed to trash you, put you at fault and lead others to believe that you are “crazy”; you need immediate psychiatric help; you have always been unstable, etc. Even people whom you have trusted —family members—can be flipped to the narcissist’s side, especially if he/she has influence over them and deep pockets."
Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi, Malicious Narcissists Convincing Others You Are At Fault Or Crazy 
Narcissists have a sinister side, especially if they want something that you have and you refuse to comply. This becomes very ugly during the severing of a marital relationship. Many non-narcissistic spouses who have been treated abominably still want to believe that when it comes to ending the marriage, the narcissist will be civil and fair just for the purpose of watching you exit quickly. The plays are opposite–Bring on the army of shark-toothed lawyers and go for the jugular. To protect yourself, study and research in-depth the true nature of the narcissistic personality including examples from real life. Get to know this personality profile intimately. It will be a strong reminder when you start to bend or buckle to the narcissist’s tricks, tactics, strong-arming techniques and charm offensive.

Another dark ploy is that narcissists contact your relatives, in-laws, friends and anyone who will listen to broadcast blatant lies about your character. This doesn’t happen in all instances but it is remarkable the lengths these malicious individuals exceed to trash you, put you at fault and lead others to believe that you are “crazy”; you need immediate psychiatric help; you have always been unstable, etc. Even people whom you have trusted —family members—can be flipped to the narcissist’s side, especially if he/she has influence over them and deep pockets.

Read the full article here 
Facing childhood Traumas Facebook page post

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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Open Letter to Don Lemon

Hi Don,

I agree with your comments about the shooting of the Virginia television journalists killed by a former co-worker that the shooter lifestyle is irrelevant. And I also agree with you that people need to learn to manage their emotions.

I wrote a book with the help of a ghostwriter sharing my life experiences and psychological discoveries, and how to consciously feel and understand our emotions triggered by present injustices. But after I published my book I became the target of a mob of psychopaths at my job of nine and a half years and I lost my job because of it.

I have been documenting my experiences about the injustices I suffered at my last job on my blog Sylvie’s place. I tried to get the media’s attention to my story to help me reach a wider audience to help others deal with their emotions and prevent future tragedies like this one.

Feelings and emotions don’t kill anyone, only actions hurt and kill and if people understand their emotions and learn how to consciously feel them in the right context, they will not be driven by them to hurt themselves and others. I don’t know if you received my letter that I sent you awhile back and I published on my blog as an Open Letter to the Media.  

One of the reasons people resort to violence is because violence works to get the media’s attention to their despair and to listen if society learns to recognize the red flags of their despair and listen to them before they resort to acts of violence in a final attempt to get the world to pay attention. Just I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom, page 137: “Every adult in the world has the capacity to give up these illusions and free themselves from the chains of depression that result from emotional repression. Unfortunately, most adults do the opposite. They cling to the false hope of illusions, only to let current events trigger depressive episodes whose root causes are the lingering pains of childhood that haven’t been dealt with. Everything we become as an adult is connected to our childhood: Our experiences are a chain of events that bring us to the present moment, for better or worse. A criminal is never guilty just by himself. If society at large could ever find the courage to learn from the chain of events that occurred in each criminal’s life from day one, we could prevent many future crimes and a lot of unnecessary suffering.”

Almost everyone at my last job started treating me differently after I published my book. They couldn’t stand the fact that someone who they considered inferior — a guard gate manager — could get a real book out into the world and understand the human condition so much that their own lies and illusions were exposed.

It was a combination of jealousy and fear that led a group of sociopaths to begin a campaign of emotional harassment against me in hoping of getting me to self-destruct. The sociopathic behavior ramped up almost daily, and after six months they decided to fire me without cause.

It saddens me that someone can actually lose their job for exercising their right to freedom of speech. I think what my former employer and co-workers did was a disgrace, and I want as many people to know about it as possible. And maybe will help others deal with injustices and discrimination in the workplace in a healthy way without hurting themselves and others.

If you think you can help me get my story told, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your consideration.


 Sylvie Imelda Shene

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Narcissism Comes from Pain suffered in Childhood

                                           No, I will never look at anyone the same way!

Amy Kamis Tarshis Narcissism comes from pain. Be compassionate to everyone.

Mor: Compassion for a scorpio can get you killed...  That's why it is important we learn the FBI profiling technique.. we need to discard what we were taught [love conquers all, everyone is decent etc] and SEE what is going on around us, not assume we live in a world full of people with best intentions, but learn to spot the lion's tail among the grass.. not their eyes , their smiles or their tales, but their actions betray the predator. It's like fishing, watch for the critical moments when the mask slips.. how they talk to a waiter, how they react to a spillage, how they react to someone bumping into them.. how well they keep their promises... 

Sylvie Imelda Shene Thank you, Mor, for your insightful comment. It’s nice to know that are others out there with their eyes wide open. Yes, compassion for a narcissist or a sociopath can get you killed and not just you! Others also... I have discarded my belief that love can heal all wounds. And now I see people clearly as they really are and no longer fooled by the pretty masks and the veils people wear.

I can see behind the pretty masks and veils. But in the workplace is not always easy to stay away from these narcissists, because in every workplace there are always narcissist people around. I would have been able to stay under the radar of the narcissists at my job of nine of half years if I didn’t have written my book sharing my experiences and psychological discoveries and how I freed myself from lies and illusions. 

But after the narcissists read my book and found out I could see through their pretty masks, veils, facades, and illusions that’s when they started the methodical and very well orchestrated plotting to destroy me because it triggered their fears of exposure. 

Narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths what their fear most is being exposed and will try to destroy anyone that sees them as they really are and might remove their masks and expose them. 

Yes, narcissism comes from repressed pain in childhood and these people become dangerous because of their denial of childhood suffering and the idealization of their childhoods. They rather destroy others than face their own painful truths. I have compassion for the children they once were, but I have no compassion for the dangerous adults they have become. Just as I wrote in my book A Dance to Freedom: your guide to liberation from lies and illusions, page 144 and 145: 

“Thanks to Alice Miller, I came to understand that the widespread repression of early traumas is the great malady of our society. If we look close enough we can see that this repression is responsible for most of our individual troubles, as well as our societal ills. It appears symptomatically in illnesses, obsessions, addictions, violence, greed, deceit and loss of meaning. And it can lead to cruelty, violence, and criminal behavior. So many of us carry on as if all this perverse behavior is normal, while most of us who really want to find a way out go down the wrong path. All too often, we follow false prophets who get us to believe that eradicating individual symptoms is the way to solve our problems. Little do we know that in doing so we always fail to get to the real heart of the matter — the denial and repression of childhood suffering. When I read about these ideas in Alice Miller’s books, I felt as if this amazing woman was talking directly to me! For once, someone was finally able to cut through all the BS pushed on me by people I could never figure out and through techniques that never worked — that could never work. All these people and techniques did was cement and strengthen the walls of my repression, making me feel like I used to feel as a child — that I was stupid and that something was wrong with me. The fact that I couldn’t do the techniques correctly or follow the advice of these people only added to my feelings of guilt and shame. By the time I had fully committed to Alice Miller’s teachings I was already starting to feel what I learned I had to feel — the pain I had repressed from my childhood.”

Yep! This was one of the big reasons i was target by the sociopath that was the property manager at my last job because I am a truly happy and a free person, but she was not able to destroy me and she didn't walk away wearing my skin. But instead, her true self-was revealed.

Keep on being the threat and articulator spreading awareness of Narcissistic Anti Social Personality Disordered perpetrators and the evil that is in their nature to cause harm and fatality to their own families and countless innocent others, animal and human! NPD/ASPD is often co morbid together with other personality disorders, Sociopathy, Narcissists and Psychopathy together in one individual makes them very very covertly dangerous, they want to stay unexposed and undetected destroying lives.. Your awareness and education is a threat to them, anti-social behavioural knowledge is a victims salvation and instrumental in life's survival ... Maintain power over your own life knowing that toxic dangers and evil exists in individuals who could be in any type of relationship with you (parent, spouse, friend, sibling, neighbour) with the dead soulless eyes, aggressive surly apathetic unsmiling faces who have a Narcissistic Anti Social Personality Disorder! NMG

Yes, I'm a threat that's why the narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths at my last job tried every wicked mind game possible to destroy me, but I will never be a victim again and I will do all I can to expose their wicked mind games. Thank you, Donald Warner Parker, for posting this to my Facing childhood Traumas Facebook page.

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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A friend of mine that lives in the community where I used to work, just published the novel Shakespeare's Conspirator. It’s very well written and very interesting! Sadly the plight of many women have not changed much since William Shakespeare's time, if I was a man, would I have the sociopaths at my last job emotionally harass me for over six months after I published my book?!

Trying to make me lose it emotionally, so they could declare me mentally unstable and discredit my work. And try to put me, the little woman, in her "place"?! In every era have been women rebels challenging the status quo; trying to break the mold and free themselves to stand on their own two feet, and just like me, Amelia too, the main character in this novel, was trying to break the mold, free herself and stand on her own two feet. Job well done by Steve Weitzenkorn!

Steve Weitzenkorn Thanks for your kind words, Sylvie.
Also, more info about this really fascinating woman lost to history, visit

Monica Chelagat:"...Trying to make me lose it emotionally, so they could declare me mentally unstable and discredit my work! ...." Spot on  Sylvie Imelda Shene. Yeah, this too is a strategy. I will expose this here on FB as I have some ex-colleagues who might be interested in how the systems works and some may very well know the game. At the time a two or three professional colleagues were requested by senior management to 'find out what my problems were' I met three each one with their specialization in dealing with staff issues. I recall none were interested in my problem except to hurriedly advise me to meet the 'Institution's' staff counselor! I risked a diagnosis even with evidence of the sociopaths mobbing strategies and completely lost the confidence I had. I stop here!

Sylvie Imelda Shene: Yes, Monica Chelagat, with their very well orchestrated and methodical smear campaign was to see me dead, in a mental hospital or in jail. They did everything to get me to lose it and when nothing worked, they fired me over the phone via voicemail. I still have it saved in my phone in case I decide to sue the board, the property manager and the security company that employed me. They said in the voicemail not to report to work the next morning that if I did I would be escorted off the property, they treated me like a criminal, so I would act like a criminal! So they could put their hands on the little woman! They were hoping I would go there make a scene and do something crazy and then they could call the police on me. This was their last strategy! They were so emotionally blind that they couldn't see that I could see very clearly every trap they were putting in front of me to fall into. I am so sorry, Monica, you too went through similar emotional harassment on the job.

Monica Chelagat: Wow Sylvie that was really dramatic. You handled this excellently well thanks to your level of awareness to note what was building up against their deep level of ignorance/blindness, you survived them and did not fall into the traps they collaborated in setting them. Such experiences actually widen your awareness and deepen your consciousness. It is one of the gifts suffering gives to good people. The experience itself is no joke, it takes a lot of energy, opportunity, and money in the case one loses a job but it is more precious not to lose your integrity, it is not worth any money or career achievements on a job that really serves to earn money for a living. It is a challenge you won in the end and learned something more. I was lucky I worked in a big institution and my abusers were an insignificant number but very dangerous to ruin anyone's life as other people who do not know you well may believe them. I consider myself lucky because had they succeeded in destroying me (a constant attempt underneath using various instruments, the power of ruthless directors, abuse of performance reviews, etc.). I cannot imagine the disaster for myself and my poor family had they succeeded! They are heartless poor people. Shame on them.

Sylvie Imelda SheneYes, Monica Chelagat, it was very dramatic. Looking back I still can't believe it how evil some people were at my last job. It was evil in its pure form. Unfortunately this happens everywhere and mostly to women and what is most sad, is that usually is another woman that starts the emotional harassment towards other women, in this case, it was the property manager, that started it, a woman, in my own life, it’s usually, always a woman behind the scenes manipulating men and pulling the strings. It's sad but everyone in this community has been her puppets; and for over thirty years, she has worked there have manipulated everyone to do exactly what she wants. It's very hard to prove emotional harassment because these people are very good at deceiving others with their very well methodical orchestrated smear campaigns, mind games, and manipulations. This experience has planted the seed for my next book and hopefully will not take as long to come to fruition. The title is going to be “Reenactment” it’s going to be based on my experiences at my last job, how they showed me, how they were treated as small children and most sadly, how they treated their own children, and of course they reminded me of my own childhood drama and the pain I suffered as a small child by playing the roles of all my teachers and family members to a T! The president of the HOA, a retired doctor, a classic case of passive-aggressive man, just like my father, played my father's role, it shows that money, education alone and a degree in medicine doesn’t save a person from the chains of repetition compulsion of doing to others what once was done to them as defenseless little children. The property manager just like one of my sisters mastered the art of manipulation to perfection, members of the chair of security, landscape, and treasure, they played the role of my teachers, older sisters, and brothers. Of course, I will change all the names to protect their anonymity, but they themselves will know who exactly I am talking about. These words written by James Warren in his review of my book A Dance to Freedom come to mind: "Unless we confront our own intentions and the sometimes evil effects of those intentions on others, we will never "leave the scene of the crime." We will continually act out our dysfunctions on others." They wanted to bring me to their scene of the crime and make me pay for theirs and their parent's crimes. I lost my job, but I will not be their scapegoat and they will have to pay for their crimes sooner or later.

Most humans' soul have been murdered. They are laws against physical assault and physical murder, but soul stalking and soul murder is totally legal in our society.

The quote below describes Dr. Q, the president of the board so well! He even makes the same facial expression! Yes, he is a child in an old body!!!

I wish in the acknowledgments of my first book I had thanked some of the residents for their love and support and made it clear that I was very aware some of them, they were just giving the illusion of love that could end at any moment and sure enough my book burst their illusion of love and it ended overnight! I thought they would be able to keep up their illusion of love and facades and our working relationship would end some day on a good note, but after my book was published, they were not able to keep going with their facades and illusion of love, because they knew I could see through their facades and illusions and they became too uncomfortable with me that they started a campaign of emotional harassment in hope I would self-destruct and I would end up dead, in a mental hospital or jail. They were pure evil. But that is to be explained in my next book. They would rather see me dead or destroyed than face their own lies and illusions and feel their own painful truths. 

The attached quotes in the pictures below describe exactly what I went through in my last job.

Totally! She recruited a team of flying monkeys taking turns doing her dirty work and she got the new guy and the security company to finish the job she started, this is how cowards work! She is talented! We all know who the real culprit is!? The property manager!!!
Yep! This was one of the big reasons I was a target by the sociopath that was the property manager at my last job because I am a truly happy and free person, but she was not able to destroy me and she didn't walk away wearing my skin. But instead, her true self was revealed.

Monica Chelagat There is a huge population quietly suffering from what you and I went through but we cannot read all. Your second book with this theme will sell like a hot cake more than the first one which may have a more reduced public. A theme addressing adult abuse which will be the basic account of your second book is a subject more people are sensitive to because they have a memory of their own. I am contemplating on working on mine too because I have a lot to share with the many like-minded people.... and they are many. Many people are fortunately waking up as I read a lot on the web and blogs. Keep the flame burning! 
Regarding the inclusion of acknowledgment in your first to thank some of the residents etc. etc. There will come a time when you will need to reprint copies and can add what you need to in the second edition. I hope you will get the wide public to be able to live on your books like Alice Miller did.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Thank you, Monica Chelagat, for your very encouraging words.

In the article 5 Ways The Narcissist's Lack of Empathy also describes the property manager at my last job, she wanted me to be the bearer of her shame and blame. I have no doubt she blames me and says: "she brought on to herself!" But she picked the wrong target because I give it all back to her. 

"TARGETS BECOME THE SCAPEGOAT AND BEARER OF THE NARCISSIST’S SHAME AND BLAME Those who haven’t seen this trait in action, need to understand that this trait makes the narcissist a danger to all of society, not just the victims they can easily blame for having... brought on their own abuse. When a healthy individual behaves badly towards another person, we experience a sense of guilt. If the person we harmed approaches us, we typically don’t deny it, but rather, listen and try to understand the nature of their feelings in order to accept some responsibility. Once we accept responsibility we feel remorseful and go about behaving differently to avoid doing something to another person that we care about, knowing that to do so, will cause them pain, and we are committed to not causing others pain. Narcissists do not experience the same responses. First, there is no guilt felt because the lack of separateness prevents the narcissist from acknowledging the reality that separate feelings could possibly exist. However, they aren’t deaf – and can hear the complaints. The complaints are deflected. The feelings are twisted and put back on the person speaking. The narcissist is absolved of responsibility and thus feels NO REMORSE. They look at any consequences incurred by the target as a result of THEIR OWN choices or behavior (blame/justification) and then go about behaving as if there is NOTHING to apologize for. This invalidation and acknowledgment of reality is a mind screw to the target. The blame and shame for having or causing the feeling is often internalized and the target begins to be the scapegoat of the narcissist’s inability to feel empathy. The narcissist will go on offending – with the expectation that there will be NO CONSEQUENCES. Our prisons are full of dangerous offenders with the same antisocial refusal to take responsibility for their actions and feel remorse."

Monica Chelagat For over 30 years! I sometimes think friends and acquaintances will take me for a paranoia case when I say that my number one manipulator at the root of my problem in the institution did what she did for well over 30 years and God knows what morals she has passed on to her children. It is something much worse than racism, a dangerous figure in a crucial position in a taxpayer/public funded institution behaving as it was a family business. Pure evil Sylvie.

Sylvie Imelda Shene I should have said: she manipulated most residents in the community because there were some residents over the years that didn’t feel good about the property manager. And in the nine and half years I worked there, they all expressed to me how unhappy they were with the property manager and the board, and they even tried to fire her years ago, but they were not able to because she had a powerful flock of residents and members of the board protecting her. It was sad, but for years the president of the board that appeared to be a strong and tough man, but he was totally her puppet doing exactly what she wanted. And I know many ex-residents that they became so fed-up with the property manager and the board that they sold their houses and moved out, promising themselves to never move into another HOA community again. Here are the words of an ex-resident that wrote to me in an e-mail: “…As for P [the property manager] and the psychos in S forget about them. I too have had major run-ins with her and she is out of control and in my opinion criminal. If we didn't have one foot out the door I'd go after her big time. May you have continued success and keep in touch for sure. And call me [by my first name] goofy.” 

And here are the words of another resident that also wrote me in an e-mail expressing how outrageous she felt of what they did to me: “This is outrageous! No one should receive this treatment. I forwarded to T my last response from L [the board president] --- I'll leave it up to the legal minds to try to sort out this mess and I hope T doesn't give it up. I also told him I would like to form a coalition to try to have some influence in the job description for P's replacement. We'll see -- but some changes need to be made here. Good luck to you and keep me posted! X”

I might get all the e-mails from residents together and published them all on my blog anonymously of course, in order to protect their anonymity, because the property manager and the board found out one resident helped me get a job with another company and that she was a big support to me, and they target her and tried to make her life difficult to make her pay for helping me, because what they wanted was to see me on the sidewalk bleeding and dying slowly, pure evil, Monica.

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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