Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Trump Administration is Cruel Beyond Words

Trump administration leaves menstruating migrant girls ‘bleeding through’ underwear at detention centres, lawsuit claims

Seeing on Facebook the sharing of the post in the link above  It comes to mind these words Alice Miller wrote in her article "The Origins of Torture In Endured Child Abuse" about the American soldiers in the Iraqi's prisons

"Many people have claimed to be appalled by the acts of perversion committed by American soldiers on ADULT people, Iraqi prisoners. Amazingly, I have never heard of any such reaction in response to the occasional attempts to expose similar practices committed towards CHILDREN as for instance in British and American schools. There, these practices come under the heading of “education.” But the cruelty is the same. The world appears to be surprised that such brutality should rear its head among the American forces.

After all, America presents itself to the international public as the guardian of world peace. There is an explanation for all this, but hardly anyone wants to hear it.

It is definitely a good thing that light has been cast on the situation and that the media have exposed this lie for what it is. Basically, it runs as follows: We are a civilized, freedom-loving nation and bring democracy and independence to the whole world. Under this motto, the Americans forced their way into Iraq with devastating results and still insist that they are exporting cultural values. But now it turns out that alongside their bombs and missiles the well-drilled, smartly dressed soldiers are carrying a huge arsenal of pent-up rage around with them, invisible on the outside, invisible for themselves, lurking deep down within, but unmistakably dangerous.

Where does this suppressed rage come from, this need to torment, humiliate, mock, and abuse helpless human beings (prisoners and children as well)? What are these outwardly tough soldiers avenging themselves for? And where have they learned such behavior? First as little children taught obedience by means of physical “correction,” then in school, where they served as the defenseless objects of the sadism of some of their teachers, and finally in their time as recruits, treated like dirt by their superiors so that they could finally acquire the highly dubious ability to take anything meted out to them and qualify as “tough.”

The thirst for vengeance does not come from nowhere. It has a clearly identifiable cause. The thirst for vengeance has its origins in infancy when children are forced to suffer in silence and put up with the cruelty inflicted on them in the name of upbringing. They learn how to torment others from their parents, and later from their teachers and superiors. It is nothing other than systematic instruction by example on how to destroy others. Yet many people believe that it has no evil consequences. As if a child were a container that can be emptied from time to time. But the human brain is not a container. The things we learn at an early stage stay with us in later life."
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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Humanity is Doomed

Amazon fires: Record number burning in Brazil rainforest - space agency

I see tragedies taking place everywhere because the majority of people can't deal with their own painful personal histories... as long the majority of people rather go on acting as if personality pretending to be good -- tragedies around the world will keep happening until humans are extinct

Reading about the tragedy taking place right now in Brazil's rainforest brought to mind the words below Alice Miller wrote to one of her readers:

Alice Miller: You write: “My main point in the allegory is that by necessity none of us are passengers anymore. Everybody’s crew.” I agree with you. But to become aware of the fact that our obedience learned in childhood doesn’t allow us to think freely needs probably more than many hundred years. I am not sure if the tortured planet leaves us the necessary time to understand this fact, to protest against it, and to become a conscious, responsible member of the crew."

No one can ever accuse me of being an obedient child! Thank goodness I had the courage to rebel against the system from a young age.  

Friday, August 9, 2019

I See Lies and Hypocrisy Everywhere

“If we hate hypocrisy, insincerity, and mendacity, then we grant ourselves the right to fight them wherever we can or to withdraw from people who only trust in lies. But if we pretend that we are impervious to these things, then we are betraying ourselves.” Alice Miller
Free from Lies: Discovering Your True Needs page 55

Alice Miller's answer below to one of her readers comes to mind:

AM: Your question is very important, but it contains the naïve assumption that we can manipulate our feelings without letting others pay the price for it. In reality, we cannot do so. You are saying here what everyone says, what we all have learned from our parents, in school, in church and even in most of the therapies: “One has to turn the page.” It is, without doubt, nice what is being suggested to us: to tell the hatred that it should go away and never ever return. We want to turn the page and live in peace.
Everyone wants this, and it would be nice if it worked. But unfortunately, it does not work. Not at all. Why? Because rage, like all other emotions, cannot be controlled and cannot be manipulated; IT dictates us something; it forces us to experience it and to understand its causes. It can return every time when someone has hurt us, and we cannot prevent that. Because our body cannot “turn the page” and it demands from us that we listen to it. What we can do, though, is suppress our rage, with all its consequences: Illnesses, addiction, crimes. When we do not want to feel our justified rage, because we already have forgiven our parents even the worst abuses, we will soon find out to our surprise that we passed on the same pains, which we endured from our parents, to our children or to others. If we are truthful, we will not claim that we acted “for their own good” (like that beatings are “a good means of education”). Unfortunately, this is what most parents say; this is why our society is so hypocritical.

On the page “articles” you can find my text about hatred, which should be able to help you understand better what I am trying to explain here. Also, the book “The Body Never Lies” can help you to understand more.

No, our body cannot turn the page until we consciously feel and understand all of our feelings within the context of our own childhood. And yes, until we do this others will have to pay the price for it, especially our children if we have children.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Only Children are Abandoned

Let's make it clear if you are an adult and you feel abandoned when another person leaves you -- you are stuck in childhood without realizing it -- because only children are abandoned -- adults are left not abandoned -- If we are able to understand and consciously feel this feeling of feeling abandoned within the context of your own childhood -- you will grow yourself up into a conscious adult -- and you will never again suffer when people leave you or ignore you.