Saturday, April 5, 2014

Alice Miller the First Person to Stand on my Side

I like to share here a letter that someone wrote from a discussion I was in on a “non-spank” tread on Amazon trying to ban me from the tread. The pro-spanking people try to break me and they did everything possible to trigger me to lose it emotionally, but once you truly have faced and felt your repression you see through people’s games and is not possible to break you anymore. It’s annoying and irritating, but they can’t break me anymore. Anyway they went as far as writing to Alice Miller complaining to her, that I was abusing her copyright and when I saw it on her website, I felt a fear of maybe angering Alice Miller, but once I started reading her answer you can imagine my relieve that Alice Miller stood by my side and was not annoyed that I wrote things close to things she had written and I quote long texts of her.

November 2, 2009
Dear Ms. Miller,
On a "no-spank" thread on Amazon, one of your readers has copied and pasted pages upon pages of your work. One of the copies was of a webpage you allow people to copy and re-post in its entirety, but most of the content seems to end with an "all rights reserved" copyright. In some cases, the person is even copy/pasting the works of your fellow authors and attributing your website, which might not exactly rub them the right way.
We've been concerned about her zeal for copy/paste of copyrighted works for some time, but responsibility dictates that since the poster has failed to see the legal and moral issues, we should at the very least alert you of this.

Alice Miller’s Response:
“Thank you for your letter and the link. I opened it and found a discussion led very respectfully by Sylvie Shene who seems to understand much about the dangers of spanking that produce beside other things ignorant parents in future. Of course, the Internet allows everybody to show themselves, their emotional insights as well as their emotional blindness (like "I was very much beaten but I turned out very well"). But I didn't find an example of anybody using my name for a text that I have NOT written. Did I miss anything? If you did find this kind of abuse, of disrespecting my copyright, please let me know."

This letter is no longer available at Alice Miller's website, I belief the coward that wrote it, asked her to remove it, because I had copied and pasted it into the thread with the following comment and a link to it: To the person that wrote to Dr. Alice Miller, did her answer put your concerns to rest?  It's so funny to witness to the extent the pro-spanking people go to, to stop me from sharing the enlightened information here, they tried to break me, but that did not work, because you cannot break what's not breakable anymore!  Would not it be easier to put me in your ignore list? What are you afraid of? Afraid your children might come here? Become enlightened and be able to see through your lies and illusions. This just shows how conniving some pro-spanking people are. The next morning I clicked on the link from the thread to see if it was working and the letter was no longer available at her website. This person did not like Alice Miller's response and he/she asked her to remove it, because when people clicked on the link could see for themselves their desperation. Later they accused me of fabricating this letter myself!
All my life I have stood alone against the liars and cowards in this world and it felt so good to have Alice Miller stand on my side, I never had anyone before stand on my side like that, and I have no words to express how happy I felt to know I was not alone anymore.
Alice Miller was the first person to stand on my side.

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